Monday, 28 December 2009

Perhaps the last post of the year.

Am quite satisfied with this year. QUITE. AHA! Ending this year with the 101st post since starting to blog in 2008. Did not even realised that I wrote the 100th post at all. Watching East of Eden while typing this blog. Great show to watch. Korean drama series. Blah.

The Youth Christmas in church was awesome! It was a waste for those who missed it, but there's always a next year [hopefully]. Am happy Yan Zheng enjoyed it too.

Has been an up-and-down year for me. Neither too happy or too sad. Hoping that the following year will be great and a happy year. Might be dropping by in Seremban tomorrow. Go enjoy with cuzzie before I come back for Watch Night service. Yay.

For those who made my year great. I'll always remember you in my heart. Thanks! Sarang-haeyo!


=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 24 December 2009

It's almost X'mas and New Year's but I don't feel it.

Yes, Christmas is in another 1 and a half hours more. The only thing that I feel like doing is get a close buddy, then go booze until I'm drunk. [Not good to do that, though.]. There's nothing special to me at all. I all so EMO, and I don't know why. Sucks. It's better that way, anyhow... No gifts. No "I love you-s" and "You love me-s". No laughter. I all so lonely and bored this Christmas. Don't really know if posting this even does anything to me at all. Whatever. =.=

To all people enjoying the Christmas spirit/feeling out there, enjoy it. It sucks to be in my position, really.

As I said earlier, just in case you haven't bought anything for someone, maybe you'd like to give an album. I listened to Adam Lambert's debut album- For Your Entertainment, Lady Gaga's follow-up album, The Fame Monster, and also Rihanna's Rated-R. No, I don't have the albums. Wished I had them. Anyways. Review. [I'm not a pro music reviewer, mind you. It's just some thoughts and opinions. =|)

For Your Entertainment- Adam Lambert
As you all know, Adam Lambert's style is very rockish. The whole world knows. Many of the tracks from this album are influenced by this rock-pop combination. Some of the intro of these tracks may give you the Michael Jackson vibe in the beginning, but all the tracks in this album has a style of it's own. Yes, the style may be slightly repetitive... But there are some tracks that do stand out, and make a great piece of music for the ears, apart from the screaming. [I love the screams though.]

Music Again, a track from this album, has this very retro meets rock kind of feel. It's not as screamish, and it's really... Cute?

Songs worth mentioning: Music Again, Aftermath, For Your Entertainment, If I Had You

The Fame Monster- Lady Gaga
Follow-up album from her first album, The Fame. Lady Gaga certainly shows her versatility in this album, though she may not be the best-of-the-best in every style, there is. However, the style and music on this album surely has the vibe of Lady Gaga. Speechless, a love ballad, is certainly one song worth listening to. And with Beyonce collaboration in one of the tracks in this album, Telephone, it's sure to keep your ears entertained for a while.

Songs worth mentioning: Bad Romance [one-hit single on music charts], Telephone [featuring Beyonce], Speechless

Rated-R- Rihanna
Hmm. This album is not as good as her previous album, Good Girl Gone Bad. It lacks variation. But, as mentioned by the singer herself, this album is more of the serious side of herself. o.O The tunes of the album are somewhat the same. Very slow, serious and edgy tunes. No pop-like tunes, techno beats and all. There were, however, two songs that is not so much on the serious side. Mad House and Photographs [featuring] are milder tunes, not so much as serious as the other songs in the album. Mad House is certainly something you would like to listen to, if you're dead bored and wanting to do something random. [Try it out when you're bored, go listen to Mad House. The intro phrase is RANDOM] The value of this album is more for a collection rather than something you would like to listen to on a long drive.

Songs worth mentioning: Russian Roulette, Photographs, Mad House, Fire Bomb

Someone you love is a fan of the artistes mentioned above? Get them an album. It's not TOO late. Torrent download? Not wrong either. The CD just lacks the quality-printing of a CD-printer.

=CHIcken WINGs=

*P.S: I realised something that my friend said on "broadband". Mine's Streamyx. HAHAH! Can't even handle simple copper wires, you're telling Malaysia you want to handle FIBRE OPTICS? OH MY F*CKING SH*T, that's the best joke this year!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

It's time to love. Stop thinking about yourselves.

Angel Conscience: Why are you doing this? Should you not do things that might get you further into trouble. You know this is going to spoil your relationship with other, right?
Devil Conscience: ARH! Shut up you "Angel" [with sarcasm]. Well, he's just thinking of doin what he likes, am I right, Chi Wing? Come on, what could hurt SO MUCH? Go on.
Angel Conscience: My, my, Devil. You are one evil little creature, aren't you. Chi Wing, you might think of doing it now, knowing that it might fail you. No matter what may happen, God is always there for you. Remember that.
Devil Conscience: I admire you're skills in twisting words, making them sound so beautifully crafted, as beautiful as crystal-clear ice sculptures. It's better you just shut up! HEHEHEHEH! Nothing you say is going to work out fine!

And there it goes, the battle of right-and-wrong.
Been blur lately. Should I tell? Or should I not? Thinking too hard here, is not a bloody option.

X'mas is around the corner. Like these past few years, I'm not really indulging the in spirit of X'mas as much as I am supposed to [how much, really?]. Don't really know why. To me, it's only a reason to celebrate the birth of Jesus, 2009 years ago. That's it. No more than that. It only signifies that our shame, pain, sin and ultimately, eternal death, have been destroyed in the hands of God. But do people really, REALLY, care about others during this so-called festive season? I think not. NAUGHT! I have been thinking lately. It's the festive season, so is it a right thing to say to others "I love you" or "I miss you" or maybe just a simple hug? In this present time, many people see those phrases as almost-forbidden phrases. If you say it inappropriately, it may convey a different meaning. You get the idea. So it sucks a lot when you have to think not twice, but thrice and quadruple times before you want to utter those phrases out. Furthermore, love loses it's real meaning, now that SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Friendster, blogs and whatever SH*T there is, makes it so much easier to say "I LOVE YOU". Don't you see? Now many people don't really trust each other much anymore, even when those words are passed using technology? To me, technology killed all the love and care in the world. As much as I hate it, I still use it. Why? Everybody is no longer using the old-fashioned way anymore. Full of BS, eh?

Last year I enjoyed a good time at the orphanage during Christmas. On the other hand, I loathed it for a reason, I believe I should not mentioned too much about it. How much have you given back to the needy people around you, this X'mas? How much?

This year's X'mas hasn't passed yet. I hope there is still time for miracles to happen. I believe hard in miracles. I believe it's coming.

Not really wanting to continue this post. Just a way to vent out all my frustrations for this month. Love ya'll peeps. Hugs.

Check my X'mas artworks via the link below to my Facebook album.

Would like to review three albums soon. For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert, The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga and Rated-R by Rihanna. The next blog post, check back soon.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 18 December 2009

OOO! Woots!

Am back from church. My legs are aching like hell. [I have no idea why at all does my leg hurt] Back aching, and my eyes are drooping while I'm actually typing this. Haven't got a good night's sleep last night, 'cause of the mean ol' green tea. Caffeine. Ouch. Made me sleep at 2 in the morning and wake up 8.40 in the morning, 50 minutes before my alarm should be ringing. WTH. Great. Have been a wee bit busy these past two weeks. It's as if there's so many things to do. I'm really hallucinating all these things, really. Came back from Christmas skit practice. Decorated the church, bling it up for Christmas. Really looks much nicer now. Feeling like uploading pictures, but am too afraid the Internet line might betray my will to do so.

Emotions have been on a high-low ride this month. Blur. Angry. Happy. Pissed. A whole spectrum of emotions. I'm mere human, and I can't be perfect. Sometimes, people think that I'm God and can do ALL thing perfectly. D'oh. Come to church this X'mas, I'll show you who my boss is. xD

Am still in a wonderland of blurness when it comes to getting a job next year. Seriously, I NEED A JOB NOW. And yes, I'm starting to miss a few buddies of mine already. Come on, I'm a bloody sensitive soul. Missing Sheng [Dick Shen], Caleb [Carrot], Fish, Celine, Zheng [Yan Zheng] and my little kiddos from Form 3 Joe [MJ], Hui [Xiong Hui], Siew Wei, Hong [Chan Hong] and my ex-assistant Sifuttguai [Guo Lng]. Those people were really nice buddies~ SALUT!

I'm hoping Santa knows my wishes this year...


I hope you're listening...

Err... I'm ending this post now...

I think you know... Right?

Err, so yeah, HAHA...

BAI! [To my readers too~ BAI~]

=CHIcken WINGs=

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I'm back from a busy life. =.=

Am back from a whole month of busy SPM. Not that I can't go online, it's just that Mum doesn't allow me to online 'cause of all the studies and all. Haha, hoping that I will score well in my subjects. Well, I have been kinda' emo for the past few days. It's kind of because of many things that do not favour me happening in such a short span of time. It's mad. I broke down under the stress. But am grateful that God has been with me all these will. Love it. Christmas is around the corner. A new year is coming. Wow. Am I supposed to be optimistic about this? I don't think so. Not much.

Wishing for many things this Christmas. Whee. But not that it's going to come true. But the thing that I really wish I would get most is... Being loved by all this Christmas. I don't think that it's such a difficult gift to give and also to receive~

Well, late wishes to Dick Shen, Kok Sime and Mey Eun for their birthdays. They had to celebrate their birthdays during SPM. ;D God bless ya'll. ;D

Now that school's really done with, am hoping that all my buddies will do well in their lifes. To my buddies, uf you ever need help, am just a call away.

Off to bed. Hoping for the best to come.

Oh by the way. I need a job. Anybody's having any vacancy anywhere?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

It's so weird using a laptop to type. Will type more with a standard desktop keyboard soon. Whee. Streamyx has been bullsh*t the past few days. Going to complain to them tomorrow.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Yeah, whatever. [It's time to love | Healing]

Am in the middle of SPM now. Should be facing my book, memorizing every single detail from my Biology book. Yeah, every sadist like me just love to hold and mingle with some lovely prussic acid [It's cyanide gas, layman term]. SPM experience has been really an eye-opening experience for me. No, I don't want to sound like some college student who has just got down from the plane and starts to tell how much he/she missed home. It's just that I did not really take SPM as something very serious [I mean not academically speaking.]. Many things happened after school's done with. Like... Hmmm... Many people actually started realising that this is it. No more school. What about friends? How are things going to be different? What will happen? After all these while of friendship [Some, more than friendship, "foe"ship, "love"ship, whatever ship you call it.], everything that has happened, ended right at the moment the school end. Yeah, sure, many people say that keeping in touch with Facebook, MSN and handphone is still good enough. Well, to me... It's just all that different to me already. This did not hit me until 2 weeks I left school... I started realising who I really missed, who my "real" friends really were. Now, I do treasure more than ever. ;D And yes, SPM and school ending made some relationships heal too. *winks* Not mine, some other classmates punya. *giggles* Why I say so? Desmond smiled to Marilyn before Add. Maths for SPM started. Those who know, sendiri faham-fahamkanlah apa yang I cakapkan ni. And for some relationships, it's into the trash I say. Some people don't really treasure relationships you try to keep with them. So, why keep a big ship of a liability. SINK THE SHIP! WHOOOOO! ;D Many things have happened. But, this is all I have to say.

BTW, God IS great. *winks*

=CHIcken WINGs=

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Mid-SPM Stress Release Post.

SPM. 4 subjects done. I should be revising and sleeping now, since it's like almost 2 in the morning. NO! Have to blog. God has been gracious, especially during SPM. The Saturday before my SPM week, had a minor accident while on the way home from Stadt, Metro Prima [went there for dinner]. There's this lady driver who came out of a junction without looking a she sped out of her lane and WTF she banged Mum's station wagon, from MY side. OK. It didn't occur much to me that it was a blessing to be OK. Mum told me that I was lucky she [the driver who almost made me end up in the hospital] did not speed any faster, or else I might be in the hospital ward taking SPM from a bed. =.= That's not my idea of conducive environment.

Been having problems with SPM too. With all the SPM subjects going on, staying in school till late in the afternoon and all that is making my back ache like crazy. This stupid aching sensation in my back started since early this year. It's very irritating and all. ISH. Need healing from this pain! RAWR!

Today, wasn't really happy. Some people just love to spoil other people's peace and happiness. Well, to the person I'm mentioning, YOU SUCK! And, yes, you're so pathetic you're not even worth mentioning on this post at all. Go get your pacifier and suck it till you're bloated with stupidity. ;D

Hoping to get back to church soon. Missed Youth and Sunday service this week. And, it was weird that I don't miss school at all, not even until now. After every SPM paper, the thing I did was to faster evacuate the school compounds. Hate school, and some people in the school. BLEAUGH! SHOO, SCOOT!

MUAWAHAHAHA! More nonsense as soon as SPM is over. Anyone keen to gila after SPM?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 20 November 2009

Super mini micro tiny microscopic short post.

Writing this mini post. Will blog soon. SPM should not be a reason not to blog. Will blog soon. As soon as I finish washing the toilets, my shoes and wiping the grilles in my house. People, stay tuned to what I'm going to post on soon. Just for fun~ Have fun people~ HA!

+CHIcken WINGs+

Friday, 13 November 2009

School's done. What now?

Today's the official schooling day. Yes. Can't really believe that 13 years of schooling just ended like that. Whatever. I'm not going to miss school a lot. I've been looking forward to this day for the past 13 years of my schooling life. YES!

I was just having a leisurely time in school today, waiting to get out of that danged sh*t-hole. For the past few weeks, some of my friends were having problems. Mind you it's not really like SPM stress kind of thing. It's more of personal problems and all. Pity them. Today had a prayer session and I'm kind of happy to see that many of my friends are feeling much better. I don't really know how I can actually empathise with them, but hopefully they're feeling much better. If God's for you, what can be against you?

Came home today. Emo. Just thinking what to do, now that school's over and all. Was about to go online when *GASH!* I went like... SH*T! Cut my hand again. With the same book. =.= Is it just me, or I simply don't understand "Once bitten, twice shy.".......

To all my SPM-ers and friends, good luck. Stay healthy, and have adequate rest. God will bless you man~ Love all of you. =.= [What the hell am I saying?]

=CHIcken WINGs=

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Lame week. So lame you can't see that it's lame.

Lame week. Yes. This week hasn't been productive. Short to say, I want to finish SPM, get my scholarship [hopefully], go college/university, get a job, and forget many people who don't matter much to me. That's cruel and selfish... What to do? I can't pity them too much. Whatever for them. Some things have to be mutual. You can't be friends and relatives [etc] if it's only one side trying to hold a relationship tight. If I forget you, maybe you're just not trying hard enough. =.=

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 6 November 2009

Racism is so last century.

I overheard someone saying that entering matriculation college in Malaysia is a waste. Saying that's it more for Malays and it's kind of hopeless. But to my opinion, it's more of who you are. It's totally dumb and racist saying that matriculation college is for Malays. I know of a few people who aren't Malays that entered matriculation college and came out well. See? Furthermore, if you can see nowadays, many people are using racism this, and racism that. It's totally outdated and so last century to use racism to cover up your own weaknesses. It's lame. We're living in Malaysia. Grow up already. To other people out there, Grow into a MALAYSIAN if you call yourselfa Malaysian. Not happy? MIGRATE!

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 30 October 2009

Lazy bum here gets blogging again.

Have not been blogging for quite a while now. Don't ask me why. I just didn't have the reason why I did not want to blog. Guess it's because I'm outta' juice this whole week. There so many things happening. This week alone has been a mad week itself. =.=

Attended Prefects' Annual Dinner last Saturday. That makes me miss Youth Service for the third week in a row. Yeah, the third week in a row. Does anybody miss me? I don't really know. Whatever. Anyways, Annual Dinner was great. It was better than last year. Maybe I felt that way because last year I was busy planning annual dinner till I was so sick of it. This year's different. It's hell lotta' better. Honestly, I'm going to miss so many buddies I have in the Prefectorial Board. There's so many to name. Gonna' miss them a lot. Well, of course there are some that I DO NOT WANT TO MISS AT ALL. Faham-fahamkanlah.

On Monday was another damned school day. School has been a drag for me. Some kinda' boring piece o' sh*t. That day, that damned day. One bloody teacher confiscated my drawing for no reason. After confiscating, she even tried to provoke me. WTF. I haven't got into trouble before, so I 'laser' the teacher back with sharp words. Take that, b*tch. The conversation is something like this:

*I lay my head on the table after finishing English summary.*

*Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher comes along*

Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher: Eh, what he doing ah? Sleeping ah?

Marilyn: Nola teacher, he's just putting his head on the table.

Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher: Eh, why you must jaga him ar?

*Sits up straight. Me. Yes.*

Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher: Finish your summary already ah?

Me: Not enough points, how to finish? [There was really not enough points. The bloody answers at the back of the book is also piece o' sh*t answers from the dump.]

Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher: Then, you're not going to do anything about it ah?

Me: What you want me to do? [Sarcastically]

Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher: Oh, looks like someone got off the wrong side of the bed today.

Me: Of course, especially when SOMEONE made me wake up the wrong side of the bed. [Again, sarcastically.]

*Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher walks away, no longer daring to provoke me. Take that, b*tch.*

She confiscated my drawing prior to this conversation. What's wrong with drawing after I've done my work. The bloody summary didn't have enough f*cking points to write, come on! I can still recall the question in my head.

Write a summary about
*what tools does [whoever's name] use to sculpt the ice-sculpture, and
*what steps does he take to create the ice-sculpture.

Use information from lines 14 to the last line.
Write your summary in continuous form [not note form]
Your summary should not be more than 120 words, including the 10 words below.......

Stupid piece o' shit, the answer scheme used points from line 12. So does that explain why I'm so pissed? Some of them weren't logical answers. DAMN IT.


Then comes Wednesday... I thought Monday was bad. Wednesday is also almost as lame.
I burned the whole day in school doing... NOTHING. Yea. [SARCASM intended here]

Thursday sucked sh*t. Wanted to go jog around 6 p.m. It rained. Cancelled plans with my friend. It rained only for 30 minutes. Great. Internet was damned to hell bad at night. Disconnected 70% of the time while I was online. Thank goodness there are some songs that I can listen to destress. TECHNO IS DAMN GOOD.

Right now, internet is still bad. Perhaps Streamyx is sapping customers of their money without providing their so-cslled good service. Connection has been unstable from 7 in the morning till now, around 3.25 p.m. If their reason is "Streamyx is currently undergoing maintainence works", I say they suck sh*t 'cause their connection has been down for quite a while now.

CG later at night. Great time to relax. Screw this stupid week. So full of BS-es.

Recently, there's a student in my school that just passed away. It's a sad thing [to most people, I'm not sad- I'm sadistic] for such a young chap to die like that. Passed away due to leukaemia. His cancer relapsed this year. Made me ponder on something. One question.

Ask yourself this.


Would like to get to know you so much better.... ^-^

=CHIcken WINGs=

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Just got back from the Prefectorial Board's Annual Dinner year 2009.

Like every year, the Form 5-ers are celebs. This year's Form 5 senior gifts are photo frames made and decorated by our own Form 4 Board Members.

The whole thing was great. The food was much better than last year's food. A million times better. Too bad for me, I found a place that serves bad food last year. Too bad for last year's batch of Form 5-ers.

So far, life has been OK for me. Not too bad, and not too good either. Just a plain mix of both to balance things up.

Just got my official SPM trials results. Did rather badly compared to the last time. I got 8A1's, 1A2 and a B3. Damn it. Must be playing too much interner lately... ;D Got to buck up already, the mother of all exams is on the way in like 3 weeks.

Anyways, many of my friends are going to face exams pretty soon too. GOOD LUCK! May God's blessings shower upon you guys. Pray for me too please~

BTW~ The girls at the annual dinner were HAWT!
And... The guys at the annual dinner... They were as HAWT too!

=CHIcken WINGs=

Monday, 12 October 2009

EMO POST [again]

October 10th. 2009. =.=

Have been feeling pretty run-down lately. I'm not really sure why I have bben feeling this way. Most very likely because I have nobody to relate my problems to. I do have friends which I can tell my problems to, but somehow obstacles will obstruct whenever I want to release the pent-up emotions of mine. In school, teachers will walk around bugging us to do homework like a typical bugger. At home, the dog which my sister rears is a bloody pain. In church, I have only a few people which I can trust. It's kind of tough and tiring when you always have to learn to hold on to your tough and patient side. It's pretty much easier to break down and just cry. Even a little hug from someone can break your frail heart. Unfortunately, people don't know how you feel. Some DON'T CARE how you feel.

It's my turn for LCD duty this week. LCD practice was OK this week. Just plain OK. Thank God. And then I had to wait for Youth Service to start. Practice session ended around 4.20 post meridiem. Went to wait at the upper floor where there reest of Youths are waiting. Sat on the bench. I thought it would be nice to have someone to chat to, tought I'm such a bore I can practically kill you by boredom alone. Sadly, everyone was in the worldof their own, and I thought that it wouldn't be nie to shove your way into somebody else's conversation. That'll be rude. I sat on the bench, reading Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Pretty EMO then. Joash spoke a while to me. Service started after I read a page of the novel. Right on time. =.=

As Joash was sharing the message, he made a statement: Everybody has a/ sacrifice(s) to make in their service to God. I pondered upon that statement, a while. Does sacrifice even mean happiness? Serving God should be done with a joyful heart. But somehow, while serving, sometimes it's hard to enjoy it because some other people will make you feel unhappy while serving God. It's not nice. Really. Sometimes, the feeling of upset makes me want to stop serving. The zeal and passion to go to church to enjoy God's presence it's just not there for me to feel anymore. I'm drifting away from God in some part of my life. He still loves me, He still calls me back to be with Him. There are so many problems with myself. My personality. I feel as if I am shameful of myself and as if I don't deserve His love and mercy. This is such a wrong emotion to feel. Wrong. He is my Daddy, why is there the feeling like this? It shouldn't be. Why distant myself from Him? Why? So many bloody questions that need answering is still nestled in the heart of my mind.

McDonalds was for dinner. With the Youth. Had a meal of Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Was great, was pretty bored staying all cooped up at home for almost the whole week. Not to mention having stupid study workshops in school. Damn bored. Had funny conversations with Anna, Brian, Anndrea, Joanna, Shekinah and David. I never realised that David was such a cheeky person. Really. Cool! They cheered me up a little. They made jokes of people shown on the cups of McDonalds. What? Check your McDonalds cups. Played at the fountain facing the Sunrise building. EL OH EL!

Headed back into McD's after that. Sabrina Ajak-ed me to sit at her table along with ***. Sabrina and *** were talking about friends and all, in the church. *** mentioned to me that some misunderstanding among our members with *** occured. It's hard to avoid these situations, even in the church. Gradually, in the conversation, *** told me that coming to church and Youth Service is just to fulfil her religious obligations. *** doesn't have the sense of belonging in church nor in the Youth service. *** also mentioned that sometimes alienation and loneliness is what accompanies *** church. I could empathise with her as I have felt that before. Sometimes, I still feel this way. I felt this way when my life in church has taken a rough ride in the past year of 2008. The band had a "rearrangement". People doing LCD were somehow affected. Most of them quitted, or somehow left church to go somewhere. That time [last year], Ben and I were the only ones left. Ben quitted not long after that. I was left alone to man the LCD and lyrics. Slowly, I took over the LCD. Every week for around two months, I was doing LCD. I came to church not being able to feel God's presence because I am tied to the computer. Lately, I am slowly gaining confidence in God again. I am still spiritually dry, but God's mercies never fail. Uncle Mike found another person to help me out, too. Jerald, thanks! *** mentioned about another person among the youths also... err... I don't know hos to describe. It's weird to mention here. Guidance and love for that brother, too. It's a lot of burden of myself after relating my feelings to them.

Officially, I'm still down in the dumps. Not quite bad, but still EMO. Again, His mercies will NEVER end. He's still here for me. I'm thankful. Brothers and sisters, pray for me. Thanks~

Till here for this post.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Do you know that I miss you a lot?
Why is this feeling so weird?
............... Would you just say something?

Thursday, 8 October 2009


This post starts way back ever since last Sunday. My school had a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in school, organised by the Chinese Society of the school. It was great, except for the warm weather and the rather small stage with the poor quality sound system. Other than that, all was pretty good. ;D

This picture: Weng Yee and Kit Yee, comittee members of the organising comittee.

Some people whom I expected would turn up did not make their appearance, not even a cameo... Nerissa, where are you? And some other friends that I hope to see, well, weren't there. At least, CARMEN made it back to school! Missed SB alright!

That night, I realised how camwhorish I am. That's not a good sign... But a little wouldn't hurt right? ISHHH~ Here's Xiong Hui 'n me.

Here's me with Yan Zheng, one of my closer buddies ;D

AH! This picture! If you hear laughter, you know who is already there-lo... Yan Zheng 'n Xiu Yeong.

OooOOooO, GREEN LANTERN. That's all for the festival. That was a Sunday. SUNDAY.

Owh, took picture with Fabian, the long-disappeared buddy of mine. Waiting for Celine to drop me the picture from her magical camera. xD


Monday... Ish, have to go to school after a nice celebration at school. What a wrong combiantion. Spent half the day with some BM workshop, and then the other half the day in school was used for BI workshop. Utter waste of time. Really. No joke. No more mentioning about workshops!

After school, I went to see a buddy of mine. He says he has things to tell me. Went to see him and "yam-cha"ed together. Well, this buddy of mine has lots of problems... Mostly 'cause he has some family problems, affects his personality too. He's a nice person, really. He told me that his Mum and Dad has some problems. His Dad, well, has another party involved in their family. That's as much as I can say. But the point is, it's so unfair for good people like him to face so much problem that's out of his grasp, his capabilities. Furthermore, he's sitting for his school public exam this week. Stress. My prayers are with you buddy!

WEDNESDAY: Yesterday. Was. LEGENDARY. Had to go to school in the morning 'cause... There was school. Boring. Did Add. Maths until recess. It's not like I wanted to do it... We are made to do it. Too bad.

Recess time. This is Boon Sin. ;D

The whole school is dominated by us Form 5-ers and all Form 3-ers [they're sitting for PMR].

This is CALEB! Another close buddy of mine~ ;D

Went out to watch a movie with Celine and Kok Sime later on. I did something naughty today, too. I, [errr], menghilangkan diri from school after recess. ;D
About the title of this blog post... Let me tell you more. It's based on this incident when I was on my way with Celine and Kok Sime to the movies.

I was waiting for a bus at a bus stop [where else?] to pick me up to Metro. While I was waiting, there was this one lady who came to the bus stop, presumably waiting for a bus too. Then she talked to me and asked me where I was going. I sais, to the bank [nak withdraw money]. She told she was going there too. And she asked whether if I could walk her to Jusco Metro, which was pretty near to the bank. She saud she was sick and dizzy, so I said "Yeah, sure."

[At the bank]. At the bank, as I was lining up, I saw the lady in front of me already [WOOTS?! How'd she get here so fast?!]. And then, she told me her story of how she was turned off by [CENSORED] BANK to open an account. [Translate this phrase into Mandarin] "I come here twice already want to open account. If they don't want to let me open, I don't want to open liao la. So ma-fan". I don't want to be mean, but, she was starting to bug me. Celine, who was with me, told me something about that lady by typing a message on her phone. ISH... Pity this lady, but, STOP BUGGING ME. ISH...

Moments after I withdrew my money, I still had to walk her to Jusco MP. Yes, she failed to open the account for the third time. So, on the way to Jusco MP which was 10 minutes walk away [at her pace], she told us HER story of how she disliked [CENSORED] BANK since she was a kid and BLABLABLA... Hmm... I was nodding all the way. Celine was also nodding all the way, just to pacify her emotions. ISH...

She did not walk with us all the way to Jusco MP. She went to ANOTHER bank to settle things. Phoo...~ Went to Jusco MP finally! Kok Sime was already there 'cause he had to get the tickets. And we told him the story of our ordeal with the lady. Well, luckily the movie was great, amidst the stupid day. So much for now. Another few more days to call it a week. My buddies sitting for PMR, good luck! Jogging tonight! YESH!

=CHIcken WINGs=

Saturday, 3 October 2009


Mum just finished mentioning all the Ivy League colleges in the States. Apparently, it's a cluster of colleges that have very good academic qualities and [some stuff that Mum mentioned 'bout them]

Got my SPM trials results this week, 'cept for my EST, which teacher is so reluctant to mark. Guy teacher normally takes a longer time to mark test papers. Whatever. Fared well in my exam, judging the fact that I didn't study much. Went to Youth Camp have to enjoy 110%, NO STUDY!

BM: 79%
BI: 89%
Maths: 86% [Ishhh....]
Add. Maths: 62% [ISHHH....]
Sejarah: 83%
Moral: 77% [Ishhh....]
Biology: 75%
Chemistry: 85%
Physics: 79%

Peh, not bad laa. 4A1 4A2 1B3. xD

Laa, yesterday had some emo-problems again. Celine suddenly mentioned 'bout a friend who has changed since something special happened. I also realised that the person has changed, big time. It's pretty obvious, though. Some other friends could live with it, but certainly some friends would prefer the orginal version of a friend, not some kind of revamped-attitude one. Nevermind-ba, if it's God's will to be this way, why not just see how it goes? xD

Well, has been a so-so week. PMR is next week... Good luck to my friends, especially Joe and Chan Hong. ;D

Till here~

=CHIcken WINGs=

Sunday, 27 September 2009


Ish. The days of lazing around on the bed, enjoying the time of not waking up so early in the morning for school is going to be over soon in just a few hours. HOW PATHETIC! This is utterly ridiculous! xD I think it's just the same for other school-goers. Anyways, to all my buddies taking SPM and PMR this year, GOOD LUCK! Trust in the Lord and you WILL do well. Have been pretty EMO the last week. I had plenty of fun, but also had a fair share of my EMO moments. Nope, not fun. Not a little. Been thankful that God also walked with me, eventhough there were times that I did not really take note of His presence. Sometimes it's a very beautiful fact to know that sometimes with our pain-in-the-a** attitude, God still never fails to be together with us. In fact, I think he loves it if we behave like that. It shows that He really loves us xD

Been missing a few friends. Really. Sometimes on random occasions, I just remember them all of a sudden. A-la deja vu kind of feeling. =.= Owh! Missed Church Camp too. I was in... BUKIT GAMBANG RESORT CITY! Was there with my bunch of cuzzies and spent around a third of the Raya break there. But... The food... OMG! I've got to salvage on horrible food! It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that good to make you wanna' go for millllions of rounds. Owh, my mum's cell group is proposing to have a getaway there, for the year-end holidays! Great! I'm having my SPM then. [Mid SPM actually...] Hope I'll be able to enjoy even if it's the mother-of-all exams. SCREW YOU SPM! ;D

Nothing much left to say actually. I don't talk much. I'm much a boring person, sometimes nerdy. =.=

Good luck with your week everybody, 'make it work' ;D

+CHIcken WINGs+

Thursday, 24 September 2009


Oh so lazy to blog. A little tired since came back from holidays. Gonna blog this weekend. I hope. ;D

Thursday, 17 September 2009


The rain is so unfair... I mean it's good that the rainy weather is clearing up the mother-dirty sky that's polluted with a**-full chemicals released by some a**es that don't learn anything from Moral class, Biology or Chemistry. Mother-of-a**es, wonder what they're doing in school all these years...

Was planning to jog the day before [16 Sept 2009] around 6, but then the sky became a blanket of darkness. Eat up my good day. I had to call off the jog session with my friends... Postpone to the next day then, 'cause we can go after tuition... ma... You know what? The sky was the same as the day before, and it was even DARKER than the day before. Sucks!!! It's so dumb!!! I mean, two days in a row??? Come on Mr. Sky, you got to be kidding! I haven't jogged in ages and man, I'm growing sideways!.........................................................................................................................................

There's so many things to say but I don't know where to start... Hmm.... I want to watch Tim Burton's Alice in The Wonderland next year... I want to get an iPod nano [I so like the yellow and green one]... This is for jogging purposes [listening to songs while running helps to cover the distraction and all]... Needing a new pair of running shoes... I NEED A NEW PHONE... It's better that I blurt it all by mouth! ..... =.=

Friday, 11 September 2009


Hmm, I know how blogs are so boring without pictures. But then... I've got no nice pictures to upload anytime soon. In the midst of the SPM trials. Ended History paper today. Am happy that it is over, at least no more history... I've got something great to tell about the history paper. I've not studied completely my History Studies, and I went on to take the exam half-prepared... OMG. But while in the class taking the exam, the things I need to write and all the answers just flooded into my brain. i knew God was helping me answering this exam, which is so cool. How often is it that God helps you take exams, right? XDD

Got some dumb photos of me with Marilyn. Will upload when she tags me on Facebook. Prepare to be stunned xDD

People, hugs and kisses man. xDD Take care till the next post of mine. God bless ya'll

=CHIcken WINGs=

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Youths @ FCC: : TOUCH Camp 2009, Cameron Highlands & The Great News [?]

26th-29th of August 2009 can be considered one of the best outings and friend trips that I've had this year. It was mighty fun. Really. REALLY. The Amazing Race part was fun, the sermon was also great... [I couldn't concentrate much 'cause I was swayed to slumberland by the lovely weather], the weather was also good. We had fun even in the evening the sky threatened to shower over us. God is the Almighty and the Great Provider. No worries indeed. Congrats all the commitee members who made this a great trip. Indeed it was great.

Recently, I got a letter from AFS, infroming me that I have been shortlisted for the cultural exchange programme to Japan for a year. ONE YEAR! OMG! So it now depends on the Japanese side to make their decision on the placing of the candidates [i.e: I am already qualified to go]. Most people may think I'll be very happy... But I'm not. I'm stuck in the middle of a big fat dilemma. I have to make a decision, to either go to Japan for a year, come back and do lower Form 6 with my sister's batch of students, OR, stay back, stand a chance to go to matriculation college, then upon completion, I get to go to a public university, or maybe ecen get PSD scholarship to go overseas. DILEMMA! I was so stressed then. My cousin, an AFS returnee [she went to the States under this AFS cultural exchange programme last year], told me that I should go as this scholarship is rarely given out. Sigh. A few of my friends told me to go, too. As I was in this dilemma, someone gave me a piece of advice that meant a lot to me. Not Someone, just someone. After consideration, I am NOT going. If I go and I have to return halfway through, I have to repay RM 25,000... And it's going to tarnish the image of AFS Malaysia. Ouch. If God can give me this scholarship, He can give me even more, more than I could hope, think, dream and fathom of.

Exam's also around the corner. I am in the middle of SPM Trials when I'm writing this. Am doing so well so far. I MAKE A BAD ADDITIONAL MATHS TUTOR! xD God luck to all my friends in their trials. ALL MY FRIENDS ARR! ;D

=CHIcken WINGs=

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Can't be blogging for almost a month... Trials... Not that I can't go online, Mum doesn't allow me to online so often as the SPM exam is coming... Will blog about Youth Camp- TOUCH Camp 2009 when I'm back later. PICTURES too!

=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I've been dead again. [For almost two weeks]

See the title above and you know that I haven't been blogging for almost two weeks. Must have been busy again. Those old, boring school seminars that's supposed to MAKE us score an "A" for the upcoming SPM and Trials... ? Had replacement class the last Saturday, which is so totally boring. Really. 6 people from my class went to school that day, including me. =.=

Anyways, didn't blog so soon 'cause I needed to study too. Trials. Whatever. Past few days ago, went back to Kuantan for the holidays. Thought it was going to be fun, but then it was pretty so-so. Still, got to eat lotsa' stuff back there. xD Camwhored crazy pics with ma' sister to, which is still better compared to complete mother-of-all-boredom. xD

To all my friends, the Trials are fast approaching. Take care of your health. Don't catch H1N1. It's so irritating. Study hard, too! xD I'll be gone for this week. Don't miss me! xD LOL. Good luck all! ;D

Things I NEED!
*MONEY! [I don't have to list the rest already ;D]

=CHIcken WINGs=

Saturday, 15 August 2009

I'm back! [Not that I'm dead]

I have been seriously dead for the past few weeks. Blame it on my sickness the past few weeks, about two weeks ago in fact. Had to skip Youth group for that. So horrible... Some friends even got paranoid when I wore mask to church. I think they're paranoid... [I THINK ONLY LA....]. Understood. H1N1 craze. Blah~

And the past week, WOAH! Haven't been all so good to me. I had to suffer the pain of soar throat from Monday until Wednesday... It's bad. And annoying. It's so distracting that tuition seem to be a torture for me. Too hard to focus... xD But thank God that He was here with me, and friends who have prayed for me too. Thanks! xD

This week with friends... So-so ride. Just didn't like some "people" to complain too much, though doing nothing much. Get a life I say [Oh so pimp-ish]. Well nobody likes bad stuff, bad nobody likes... well... People like this too.


Needing a few things right now....

*Need a hoodie!



*New bag... Really

*Belts with BIG BUCKLES!

Oh, my friend introduced to me a pen that is really nice to write with. It's a ballpen. It's RM 4.90. It's tad expensive, but it's GOOD. REALLY! PROMOTE!

=CHIcken WINGs=

Take care, NOOBS~

Saturday, 8 August 2009

MOTHER, bloody photo uploader.

Wanted to upload pictures to the blog and... WASEH! Uploaded twice and on both occasions during uploading, the internet disconnected! WTHOMGNROFLMAO! So, I decided not to upload on this blog post, save it for the next blog post. Anyways, I don't really have much time to upload, gotta' be going for church in an hour's time.

This week... The beginning of this week is as sucky as it can get. MONDAY! Come on, Monday blues, crazy! All is okay in the morning assembly. After the assembly, we all got to go back to class, eventhough the prefects needed to stay back [we're retired prefects, RETIRED]. Oh it's SO GREAT when the discipline teachers [okay, only a biatchy one wanted us to come down]. Upon coming down, we "kena" sound from the headmistress. Saying that we hadn't attend the "KURSUS KEPIMPINAN PENGAWAS" the last Friday. Well, I have many friends who were non-prefects witnessing that the teacher only said "PENGAWAS TING. 3 & 4 dikehendaki menghadiri kursus kepimpinan di dewan sekolah pada hari ini". Dick Shen [post-head prefect] even asked teacher for confirmation. Really, does the teacher not want to admit her [ahem. clue there already] mistakes and say sorry to us? One of the "ahem" scolded be because I drew some cute things on my mask [H1N1 prevention step for me, which made me think whatever the "ahem" said was bloody BS]. It's okay if you say it nicely, but she had to say "Don't draw anything on your mask, this is not a private school,". You don't have to say "this is not a private school" to me, it's implying that I'm so poor that I do this in a national school. Biatch. Want to take a look at the drawings, head down to my Facebook and take a look. So innocent.

This week itself, too, I had problems with my so-called friends. Don't want to write about it, in case they are readind. They will put all the blame on me even if they are wrong. Freeloaders.

Well, the bad stuff aside. Puan Haslina belanja-ed us the AJKs of Rumah Merah Pizza Hut this week, which is like super the fun. At least made my tummy happy, xD.

Chatted with Joe, revelead a secret about me, OMG! So funny~ Joe, no way I'll tell you who~ xD But thanks for listening~ ^-^

Finally today, SICKED! WTH... Looking forward to getting better, and going back to church later. Been missing church for the past two weeks. OMG xD

TTY soon. =D

=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Haven't been updating my blog. Don't know whether if anybody is even reading my blog... That is not the main thing right now anyways. ;D Wait up for the latest blog post. Sure to make you stun up the wall XD

Friday, 31 July 2009

H1N1, stop "bugging" my life, LITERALLY!

Stupid flu. Bug. Bug. BUG! Go home to wherever pigs' ass you belong. Stop bugging my freedom!

This flu thing has been bugging my life since the start of this week. Mum's school had to be quaranrined. 5 tested positive out of 10 samples taken. By the grace of God, my family has been safe so far, and will always be safe. ;D But, Mum has to stay at home the whole week and is not allowed to leave home, anyway at all. So horrible! It's as bad as getting sick! Today, there were two suspected cases in my school, I mean, WTH? Do I have to be quarantined too? NO WAY! As bad as it is, the school days have to replaced once the quarantine period is over. Damn.

A little insight on this little brat virus:
1. Flu, or influenza viruses, are named according to the 2 different protein coatings and structures they have. "H" being the hemagglutinin type and "N" being the neuraminidase.
2. This virus are endemic in humans, some birds and bovine creatures. So, you might get the idea why scientists are getting worried like hell over this disease. The current H1N1 are endemic in swines only (i.e: It spreads among only among the swiney family). But once it combines the protein structures with the deadly avian flu and the common flu, it becomes a killing machine. Just imagine like it has got an upgrade to jump everywhere!
3. The 1918 Spanish flu is the H1N1 virus, though differing in terms of method of transmission. The Spanish flu killed approximately 60,000,000 people. Look at the number! ;D
4. Read Wikipedia for more information. It seems that the highest group of people being killed during the Spanish flu were young adults. Head to Wikipedia to find out why~ ;D

BAH! Just shortly said, this thing is bugging my life.... xD

Well, picture time! Look at this picture, who doesn't check the dictionary before they name their product? OMG. Git? =.=

How do you spell Celine? Is it (a)Celine or (b) Cellion xD

The mother of all McDonald's eater, FCC YOUTH!


LOLs, recent evetns in school hasn't been really fun to me. Most of the time it was boredom. Was offended one day in this week. Noob people. Noob. Noob. Huh?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Has been pretty busy the past week. Luckily everything was in hand and not many things went wrong. Thank God for all His provision and blessings upon me the past week. It could not have been any better! ;D

Last Saturday (26.07.09) was PAD 2009 (Parents' Appreciation Day 2009) in church. Was a good one. The only thing was the time constrain. If there was more time given to us... It could have been better. Nevertheless, I thought it was great. I mean, like Youth appreciating adults, and adults realising the talents and works that the Youths are doing to make not only the church, but the areas around church, be filled with the presence of God. Great PAD back there on Saturday. ;D

The following day... Didn't go to church. OMG. xD. Thanks a lot to Jerald who replaced me even he's recuperating from his injury. =D

Was at The Star's-RHB Mighty Minds competition at Berjaya Times Square. This is the final state challenge of this competition before they go for the nationwide competition. For the Form 4 and 5 category, there were two categories, Blue and Red. The Red category (I was in the Red category), comprises of around 47 teams. On the other hand, the Blue category consisted of around 53 teams. In total there were around 90 plus teams taking part in the competition.

Halfway through the competition, saw the bunch of girls from church! OMG, shopping after church is like a so fun thing to do. Gave me moral support and asked me to "belanja" just in case my team and I won. =D Judges judging our stuff below. =D

Well, we got into the finals after the first round of 20 objective question answering. ;D For the final challenge, we had to construct a manually-operated trash picker. We were given lolly sticks (the big fat sticks that doctors use.. you get the idea), hooks, the satay sticks, three chopsticks, masking tape, cellophane tape, pin, big straws, spring, and some strings. Stationery was provided too. ;D
Our product? See picture below. ;D

We owned 3rd place with that! HAHAHA! Kin Jun was great on this! May Suet did great too! Am happy! Most of all... we beat SMK Kepong Baru at this! And at least we made it to the top 3 too.

Both the first and the second placing were won by convent schools, so I guess our so-young school made it far this time.

1st-Wesley Methodist

2nd- Methodist Boys School


So sorry for KB..... NOT! ;D

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 24 July 2009

Random photos for the week. Enjoy! Lazy to write la~ Haha~ But has been a great week. God has been great~! ;D
=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

| WHAT'SA PROBLEM? | ;D I'm feeling acidic. Wanna' get burned?

RAWR! Feeling so acidic today. Wondering how many times I've used this term today. Somebody's gonna' get burned today! Burned around two people today. Don't play with acid guys, not safe. So many kiddos today trying to be funny, knowing really well that it's not really funny to fool around at the wrong place and the wrong time. Pity them.

Sigh, what can you do? ~ ;D

Haha, recently stopped thinking too much for ma' friends. Don'r have to be so concerned about them. Not nice-la, after you end up being called a kay-poh. Better not nose into people's business. Many people say you should be concerned about the wellbeing of your friends... I say... CRAP! Hmm, it's not like I didn't try caring much. It's just that when you really try, and they end up like... "Hey, it's my business, so I'll handle it, don't worry 'bout me,". I mean, come on, what are friends for? A Ming dynasty vase for decoration? REALITY CHECK! ;D

Hahas, don't wanna' be crapping so much, just wanted to spill some acid here so that I can finish pouring all my acid away. Or not I might have to spill it in school. Not nice. NO!

BTW: Blessings come your way when you try your best, and especially when you give it all to God. Today, there's this KDU sponsor thingie. What the counselling teacher told us was, students who are in the first place in every class are entitled to a (is it "a"?) free movie ticket to watch Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince, sponsored by KDU. How good is that? Tell you the truth, I just relaxed during the whole Mid-year exams. Only prayed, and briefly read through my books. Look at what I got! Praise be to God~ ;D


=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 17 July 2009

| C.H.I.W.I.N.G | is pondering

Been pretty busy lately.

Haven't been able to look at the small things.

All the small, yet so significant things.

How dumb of me.

Not trying to sound emo.

Just looking back...

Realised so many things had happened.

The mixed emotions. Sad. Happy. Angry. Disappointed. Ecstatic.

Full of flavour.

But I didn't learn how to enjoy it. Rushing. Chasing. Everything.

Will I learn to see the larger picture?

God will show me the way.

Chi Wing is pondering.

What, when, why, which, who, how.

=To friends who are close to me... =D Jusr wanted to say to you guys that I really appreciate you guys. I don't want to get caught up in everything that I'm doing so much that I fail to see so many things that we can enjoy together. Sometimes I may be a pain-in-the-as* (Well, who never been one before?), so just take it as something part of me :) But really, I LOVE YOU GUYS A LOT! Great big hug for all ma' close friends~! ;)

=Caleb Teng. Left for the US today. Though not close, will be missing him. Something abstract to describe. Kind of sad that I didn't get to know Caleb that well. Things come and go, and sometimes, I have to accept it. God bless CALEB TENG yar! =D

=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The absolute need to release heat energy in me!

MAN! The week has been cruel so far. SO FAR. Haven't touched today's newspapers. Just finished typing History notes. Not that I want to type, was being forced by teacher to write it. Damn. What can I do but do it then?

Hmm... Having said that, there's so many other things that are left undone. Gotta' move at double speed. Been sleeping early these few days outta' exhaustion. Didn't even brush my teeth the night before. Whoops. Who gives a damn when you can sleep on a nice comfy bed without having to worry about the next day.

Today having the oh-so-happy mood to study Biology in school. It so happened that today, there was a History paper: tips on answering session. Great, all my motivation to study crushed. Need to re-plan. Noobcakes.

Was at school the whole day for almost nothing, really. ZZzZzZzz

Well, stop all the rants. I'm hungry. Well, my current wants... Let me see what I should get real soon...
~A laptop!
~Nokia N97
or~Sony Ericsson W995 (stupidly, its a slide phone. What's wrong with Sony designers?)
~A thumbdrive with 128GB storage (it's NEW!)
~A meet-up-with Takashi Murakami, one of the creative designers under the Louis Vuitton brand name. OMGee!
~Finishing ALL assignments, and not taking in anymore after that.

OMG, so many things to achieve in a relatively short time. Any time to spare, dear reader?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Saturday, 11 July 2009


Nothing much in this post. Read my previous one. This is just a rant. OMGee, the urge to get all the things done! Somebody lend me a helping hand! WARH!!

Friday, 10 July 2009

This week.

Some crappy stuffs that I drew with ballpoint pens and gel pens while classes were too boring or the teachers weren't in class for any apparent reason. TATOO! XD Been pretty busy lately. Today got a reply from my group leader regarding the design of the invitation card for school's Mid-Autumn festival on the 4th of October. Anybody want to come? Sunday, at SMK Sinar Bintang. Tickets are RM10 per person. =D SMS or put a message in the chatbox alright? *laughs*

There's been many things happening in the entertainment world, which is so LOL. Sometimes. Around three weeks ago, the world was taken aback by the death of Michael Jackson, and former Charlie's Angels Farra Fawcett (did I spelled that correctly?). Hmm... The incident really showed the world the true colours of many people. Some turned out to be monsters, while some people defended Michael's eccentricity. Only one thing for sure is the world lost an epitome of peace and care. It's only fair that people put themselves into his shoes. =D Then, I read about an article saying that Evanescence, my favourite gothic-rock band, HAS BEEN DISBANDED! WTH! It went this way. After releasing their award-winning album, Fallen, back in 2003, they stopped their music production. Somehow, the guitarist-lyricist said that there wasn't anymore chemistry in the band. Amy Lee, lead singer, decided to go her own way. It so happened that Carly Smithson (again, did I spell that right?) from latest season of American Idol, took her place as lead vocalist, and renamed the band (We Are) The Fallen. They released their first single, Bury Me Alive back in June this year. Whatever happened to Evanescence..... NOOOOOOOOOOO! Carly can't beat Amy when it comes to goth rock. =D

On another matter: Boredom is a powerful weapon. It brings about destruction.

Watch this video my little brother and sister from my class on how to kill boredom. =D

Lastly, don't ever release your PMS stress on me. I'm innocent... HAHA!

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 3 July 2009


So funny. Really is funny. Forgotten to write 'bout this in the last post. I tak kena NS. Last Tuesday at tuition, everybody was making such a big fuss 'bout it. To me... I just kena stun. NS? Come on, it's not like you're going to be slaughtered in God-knows-which-slaugterhouse.

To all my friends who are going to join the National Service, have fun, and enjoy all the time you have there. Some camps may be boring while some will be really great. If I'm unlucky and there's a second round of selection, I'll be with you guys! WAKAKAKA! Only thing that is I'm not able to work after that. Damn. But still, God bless and have fun. To all SPM-ers... NO TIME TO PLAY ALREADY ARRR! SPM FEW MORE MONTHS, BUCK UP! XD

=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Latest post. Kena paksa tulis. =D

Haven't been actively blogging for the past three weeks. Some friends thought I sopped blogging. I think... =.="""

Been pretty busy since holiday ended. Lots of project to finish. PEKA, Moral Projects and all. *Huffs and puffs~*

Now for a random post to keep you busy. (You must be free, if not you wouldn't be checking on blogs. Anything that suits you. =D)

Last Sunday, after church, visited a book exhibition-cum-clearing sale at Atria shopping centre. That shopping centre was once famous for housing many hobby shops. remote control cars, card games, anything. But now, it's as dead as... Nevermind, can't think of a word for comparison.

Today is the beloved Jian's birthday. Jian, we all love you! God bless and have fun alright? And cut down on vanity, 'cause you're killing our cams! WAKAKA! Hope you loved the paper birthday cake, too~ =D

Kok Sime caught on camera. You can't run from me! XD

The vain one- Jia Yi. What you're looking at? XD

Oh, one more story. This is what Celine told me about her dream. She had this weird dream like... Err... She didn't tell me when. But in her dream, she dreamt about a guy who proposed to her (is that the right word to use?) to be that guys girlfriend. And the funniest thing is, Celine only know that guys name, and nothing more. Furthermore that guy is a year younger than Celine, only 16. =.= When she told me, I "kena stun". Speechless. And then... I ROFLMAO-ed. I mean what can be more weird... And funny. I promised Celine not to tell anyone who the guy is. So, my lips are crossed. XD In relation to her dream... When she was walking home one day, not long after the weird dream incident, the guy which I talked about grabbed her umbrella and walked Celine home. HOW WEIRD IS THAT?

*This part has been removed due to violations of Celine's rights. She will chase me with an AK-47 and blast me off to outer space with her electron-core high-powered velocity accelerator rail cannon blaster.

To all friends who know Celine, post this as your personal message on Windows Live Messenger:
"Celine, it's not a dream. Just accept your fate. =D"

With the smiley alright?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Saturday, 27 June 2009

The two weeks of MIA.

Hmm, so many people realised that I haven't been updating my blog for almost 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS! Have been OMG busy, really. This week itself I have to events that I have to be a part of (26th and 27th June). 26th June was school open day and 27th was school Canteen Day. RAWR! Well, recap from last week... Yeah, last week's Wednesday.

Wednesday, 17th June 2009: Went to SMK (P) Pudu for an AFS scholarship interview. Look at the picture above. It's the "YES" or "NO" doors of DOOM. Went there early in the morning. Arrived roughly at 7.45, about 15 minutes before the time stated in the letter. Better be punctual, right? Ivory tagged along. Met up with Wei Qi there. Made new friends there, from many schools around the KL area. Lemme' see, there are students from SMK Seksyen 5, SMK (P) Jalan Ipoh, SMK Seri Ampang, SMK Seri Bintang Utara and a few more which I have forgotten... The interview went well, didn't stutter and was really relaxed. Thank God for that. =D And friends who have wished me good luck, I LOVE YA'LL! And one more thing... I didn't know that SMK Seri Ampang was a boys' school all the while...

Thursday, 18th June 2009: Normal schooling day. School. Sekolah. Xue xiao. Hock tong. Whatever you call the "Place". Physics tuition class. The most impossible wedding story of all time. Jia Yi told me about this story. It was her friend's sister's friend's experience. This girl, well, she had no boyfriend. Not because she is weird or anything, she just hasn't got a boyfriend before. So, she opted for speed dating set up by some matchmaking company (company?). So, the day for the date came. She wore a white-coloured gown (Aparently, she was having her period that time... pretty wrong choice there...). They both were having dinner when suddenly she had to go to the ladies, well, for, you-know. She accidentally wet her gown and it was STAINED. While walking back to the seat, she turned her back away from the guy to avoid embarassing herself. Unfortunately, the thing she didn't want so much to happen just occured. The guy saw by accident. When she sat down, the guy asked if he could be excused for a while. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes.... She started to tear... Suddenly, the guy came back with a bag of clothing of different choices. He even bought sanitary pads for the girl. Different types too, 'cause he didn't know what brand the girl uses.... Yes, you guessed the ending. I mean I told you the ending. They got married immediately after that.

Sunday, 20th June 2009: Daddy's day! WAKAKA! Performed for Dad in church together with Joe, sister, Anna, Jacklyn and Esther, under Joash's coord. Loved the performance. Hard to describe with words. XD Went to One Utama at night for "makan-makan". Had Kenny-Rogers. We were at MPH before that. Bought Hillsong: The I Heart Revolution. Nice! =D To kill boredom, I took some "perasan" pictures. Mind you I DON'T do camwhoring. It's just that it's too boring! XD This is Three Eyes of Doodolls. So cute! WAKAKA! *So gay...*

This is the picture of Xiu Yeong's birthday food box. Damn much food.

Temenggung Jugah, Lyn Yie's style. This is Lyn Yie + boredom= Temenggung Jugah.

The picture is dark. Hard to see. Kok Sime and Jia Yi bising-ing. XD

This is what happens when BM classes become too boring. It becomes, "YOUR MOTHER!" =D
Courtesy of Jian and myself.

Random photo. This shows the underside of the Biology lab table in school.

Thursday, 25th June 2009: This is the unseen part of Jia Yi's history..... HER KAD PELAJAR! WAKAKAKA! So different then. All of us are different then. Makes me feel old now. There's actually an occasion where an orphan at an orphanage called me Uncle.... =.='''' Die-lo...

Saturday, 27th June: Why is Kiara good? Got police station. Got McDonald. Got Dessert Bar and Baskin Robbins. But... Segambut BETTER! Segambut got police station also-la! Segambut got... KFC! Segambut also got... 7-11! Segambut nearer to Desa Parkcity too! XD Went to McDonald's Kiara for dinner with the Youths. Thanks May for the dinner~! BWAHAHA! God bless you and Joash that every dinner you have, you can't finish the food. Walao, a lot-nya! XD

To Joseph/ Joe: HAPPY B'DAY!

=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 11 June 2009


Super the happy!
Been blessed these few days... Or most likely weeks I think.
More blessed than normal that is. *Smiles~*
Today: Got the interview letter for next year's exchange programme to Japan and US!
Actually, I thought I wasn't going to get it 'cause it's so late and I've not received any letter yet. But today, WHAM! IT CAME!

Last week: I bought the bag which I really, REALLY wanted!
The bag costed RM80 which is totally expensive. The first time I saw it Mum didn't buy me that bag 'cause it was way expensive for a bag. But the Tropicana Life in Kuantan is having sales and that bag I wasted was 20% off the normal price. So, I got it finally!

Then: I have got many opportunities to show my talents soon. When school reopens, going to help Teachers' Club to organize a Haunted House game for Hari Kantin. Whoo! And that's just part of the whole big thing. Gotta' buck up for SPM though. Hope mid-year exams gives me good results. XD

=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Yes, that's my current emotion and state of mind. Bound by time and many other commitments. That drawing of mine is for the Mag. Inc contest sponsored by The Star newspapers. [My group members: Whaddya' think 'bout this?] Man, I need to speed up, Haven't been able to revise my studies. Only did a few Add. Maths questions about trigo. Damnit. Went back Kuantan, had no net access. Not that there are no cafes in Kuantan, but there wasn't time for me to go to one. ALAMAK! There's still many things to finish. The one that's still bugging me and still on my mind is the prospect of having to finish the Youth camp logo. Need to finish fast. I've been dragging the task for too long... Man!

And yes, we know what Dick Shen and Mey Eun are up to. Was having Physics class like last Thursday. They were sitting beside Jia Yi, and whatever they were doing were... Heheheh... Cute? and a hint of funny. We answered all the questions Sai Mun gave us. Only then we realised there's a weird noise coming from the couple... No need to elaborate "bah" I guess~ *Winks~~*

While in Kuantan, visited the beach with uncle and his wife, Mum and Dad, and another aunt and her friend. We ate McFlurry while strolling along the beach. How cool's that? But the beach side was rather warm that day. So HOT! My aunt's friend said that taking photos at beaches isn't a good thing to do. She said ghostly apparitions can appear. She said a friend had an unexpected "encounter" in a separate beach. She took a photo of her daughter in mid-afternoon at a beach. Upon looking at the picture.. She saw "something" appeared in the photo. Creepy. My dad had an experience too. That "thing" that appeared in the photo that my Dad took with his friends was very, very clear. It was that "thing". *Shivers* Many more things to do this week. I CAN DO IT! To other friends that are slowing down due to stress... YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

=CHIcken WINGs=