Monday, 28 December 2009

Perhaps the last post of the year.

Am quite satisfied with this year. QUITE. AHA! Ending this year with the 101st post since starting to blog in 2008. Did not even realised that I wrote the 100th post at all. Watching East of Eden while typing this blog. Great show to watch. Korean drama series. Blah.

The Youth Christmas in church was awesome! It was a waste for those who missed it, but there's always a next year [hopefully]. Am happy Yan Zheng enjoyed it too.

Has been an up-and-down year for me. Neither too happy or too sad. Hoping that the following year will be great and a happy year. Might be dropping by in Seremban tomorrow. Go enjoy with cuzzie before I come back for Watch Night service. Yay.

For those who made my year great. I'll always remember you in my heart. Thanks! Sarang-haeyo!


=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 24 December 2009

It's almost X'mas and New Year's but I don't feel it.

Yes, Christmas is in another 1 and a half hours more. The only thing that I feel like doing is get a close buddy, then go booze until I'm drunk. [Not good to do that, though.]. There's nothing special to me at all. I all so EMO, and I don't know why. Sucks. It's better that way, anyhow... No gifts. No "I love you-s" and "You love me-s". No laughter. I all so lonely and bored this Christmas. Don't really know if posting this even does anything to me at all. Whatever. =.=

To all people enjoying the Christmas spirit/feeling out there, enjoy it. It sucks to be in my position, really.

As I said earlier, just in case you haven't bought anything for someone, maybe you'd like to give an album. I listened to Adam Lambert's debut album- For Your Entertainment, Lady Gaga's follow-up album, The Fame Monster, and also Rihanna's Rated-R. No, I don't have the albums. Wished I had them. Anyways. Review. [I'm not a pro music reviewer, mind you. It's just some thoughts and opinions. =|)

For Your Entertainment- Adam Lambert
As you all know, Adam Lambert's style is very rockish. The whole world knows. Many of the tracks from this album are influenced by this rock-pop combination. Some of the intro of these tracks may give you the Michael Jackson vibe in the beginning, but all the tracks in this album has a style of it's own. Yes, the style may be slightly repetitive... But there are some tracks that do stand out, and make a great piece of music for the ears, apart from the screaming. [I love the screams though.]

Music Again, a track from this album, has this very retro meets rock kind of feel. It's not as screamish, and it's really... Cute?

Songs worth mentioning: Music Again, Aftermath, For Your Entertainment, If I Had You

The Fame Monster- Lady Gaga
Follow-up album from her first album, The Fame. Lady Gaga certainly shows her versatility in this album, though she may not be the best-of-the-best in every style, there is. However, the style and music on this album surely has the vibe of Lady Gaga. Speechless, a love ballad, is certainly one song worth listening to. And with Beyonce collaboration in one of the tracks in this album, Telephone, it's sure to keep your ears entertained for a while.

Songs worth mentioning: Bad Romance [one-hit single on music charts], Telephone [featuring Beyonce], Speechless

Rated-R- Rihanna
Hmm. This album is not as good as her previous album, Good Girl Gone Bad. It lacks variation. But, as mentioned by the singer herself, this album is more of the serious side of herself. o.O The tunes of the album are somewhat the same. Very slow, serious and edgy tunes. No pop-like tunes, techno beats and all. There were, however, two songs that is not so much on the serious side. Mad House and Photographs [featuring] are milder tunes, not so much as serious as the other songs in the album. Mad House is certainly something you would like to listen to, if you're dead bored and wanting to do something random. [Try it out when you're bored, go listen to Mad House. The intro phrase is RANDOM] The value of this album is more for a collection rather than something you would like to listen to on a long drive.

Songs worth mentioning: Russian Roulette, Photographs, Mad House, Fire Bomb

Someone you love is a fan of the artistes mentioned above? Get them an album. It's not TOO late. Torrent download? Not wrong either. The CD just lacks the quality-printing of a CD-printer.

=CHIcken WINGs=

*P.S: I realised something that my friend said on "broadband". Mine's Streamyx. HAHAH! Can't even handle simple copper wires, you're telling Malaysia you want to handle FIBRE OPTICS? OH MY F*CKING SH*T, that's the best joke this year!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

It's time to love. Stop thinking about yourselves.

Angel Conscience: Why are you doing this? Should you not do things that might get you further into trouble. You know this is going to spoil your relationship with other, right?
Devil Conscience: ARH! Shut up you "Angel" [with sarcasm]. Well, he's just thinking of doin what he likes, am I right, Chi Wing? Come on, what could hurt SO MUCH? Go on.
Angel Conscience: My, my, Devil. You are one evil little creature, aren't you. Chi Wing, you might think of doing it now, knowing that it might fail you. No matter what may happen, God is always there for you. Remember that.
Devil Conscience: I admire you're skills in twisting words, making them sound so beautifully crafted, as beautiful as crystal-clear ice sculptures. It's better you just shut up! HEHEHEHEH! Nothing you say is going to work out fine!

And there it goes, the battle of right-and-wrong.
Been blur lately. Should I tell? Or should I not? Thinking too hard here, is not a bloody option.

X'mas is around the corner. Like these past few years, I'm not really indulging the in spirit of X'mas as much as I am supposed to [how much, really?]. Don't really know why. To me, it's only a reason to celebrate the birth of Jesus, 2009 years ago. That's it. No more than that. It only signifies that our shame, pain, sin and ultimately, eternal death, have been destroyed in the hands of God. But do people really, REALLY, care about others during this so-called festive season? I think not. NAUGHT! I have been thinking lately. It's the festive season, so is it a right thing to say to others "I love you" or "I miss you" or maybe just a simple hug? In this present time, many people see those phrases as almost-forbidden phrases. If you say it inappropriately, it may convey a different meaning. You get the idea. So it sucks a lot when you have to think not twice, but thrice and quadruple times before you want to utter those phrases out. Furthermore, love loses it's real meaning, now that SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Friendster, blogs and whatever SH*T there is, makes it so much easier to say "I LOVE YOU". Don't you see? Now many people don't really trust each other much anymore, even when those words are passed using technology? To me, technology killed all the love and care in the world. As much as I hate it, I still use it. Why? Everybody is no longer using the old-fashioned way anymore. Full of BS, eh?

Last year I enjoyed a good time at the orphanage during Christmas. On the other hand, I loathed it for a reason, I believe I should not mentioned too much about it. How much have you given back to the needy people around you, this X'mas? How much?

This year's X'mas hasn't passed yet. I hope there is still time for miracles to happen. I believe hard in miracles. I believe it's coming.

Not really wanting to continue this post. Just a way to vent out all my frustrations for this month. Love ya'll peeps. Hugs.

Check my X'mas artworks via the link below to my Facebook album.

Would like to review three albums soon. For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert, The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga and Rated-R by Rihanna. The next blog post, check back soon.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 18 December 2009

OOO! Woots!

Am back from church. My legs are aching like hell. [I have no idea why at all does my leg hurt] Back aching, and my eyes are drooping while I'm actually typing this. Haven't got a good night's sleep last night, 'cause of the mean ol' green tea. Caffeine. Ouch. Made me sleep at 2 in the morning and wake up 8.40 in the morning, 50 minutes before my alarm should be ringing. WTH. Great. Have been a wee bit busy these past two weeks. It's as if there's so many things to do. I'm really hallucinating all these things, really. Came back from Christmas skit practice. Decorated the church, bling it up for Christmas. Really looks much nicer now. Feeling like uploading pictures, but am too afraid the Internet line might betray my will to do so.

Emotions have been on a high-low ride this month. Blur. Angry. Happy. Pissed. A whole spectrum of emotions. I'm mere human, and I can't be perfect. Sometimes, people think that I'm God and can do ALL thing perfectly. D'oh. Come to church this X'mas, I'll show you who my boss is. xD

Am still in a wonderland of blurness when it comes to getting a job next year. Seriously, I NEED A JOB NOW. And yes, I'm starting to miss a few buddies of mine already. Come on, I'm a bloody sensitive soul. Missing Sheng [Dick Shen], Caleb [Carrot], Fish, Celine, Zheng [Yan Zheng] and my little kiddos from Form 3 Joe [MJ], Hui [Xiong Hui], Siew Wei, Hong [Chan Hong] and my ex-assistant Sifuttguai [Guo Lng]. Those people were really nice buddies~ SALUT!

I'm hoping Santa knows my wishes this year...


I hope you're listening...

Err... I'm ending this post now...

I think you know... Right?

Err, so yeah, HAHA...

BAI! [To my readers too~ BAI~]

=CHIcken WINGs=

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I'm back from a busy life. =.=

Am back from a whole month of busy SPM. Not that I can't go online, it's just that Mum doesn't allow me to online 'cause of all the studies and all. Haha, hoping that I will score well in my subjects. Well, I have been kinda' emo for the past few days. It's kind of because of many things that do not favour me happening in such a short span of time. It's mad. I broke down under the stress. But am grateful that God has been with me all these will. Love it. Christmas is around the corner. A new year is coming. Wow. Am I supposed to be optimistic about this? I don't think so. Not much.

Wishing for many things this Christmas. Whee. But not that it's going to come true. But the thing that I really wish I would get most is... Being loved by all this Christmas. I don't think that it's such a difficult gift to give and also to receive~

Well, late wishes to Dick Shen, Kok Sime and Mey Eun for their birthdays. They had to celebrate their birthdays during SPM. ;D God bless ya'll. ;D

Now that school's really done with, am hoping that all my buddies will do well in their lifes. To my buddies, uf you ever need help, am just a call away.

Off to bed. Hoping for the best to come.

Oh by the way. I need a job. Anybody's having any vacancy anywhere?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

It's so weird using a laptop to type. Will type more with a standard desktop keyboard soon. Whee. Streamyx has been bullsh*t the past few days. Going to complain to them tomorrow.