Thursday, 1 November 2012

Posting this from the little gazebo in my college. Huhuhuhu.

Well, it has been a very long time since I last posted anything in my blog. Heck, I'm sure it has collected enough dust to drown Ursula and her royal fatness. Google who she is.

University life has been really, really hectic. During the first month of my stay in university, I had no time to just relief my rectum of its poopoo. Yes, all the running-around did make me fall sick. Thankfully I haven't fell sick as badly as my other friends. Some of them were so ill that they really need medical attention. Certainly, God has been with me all the way. All my illness were gone in less than two days. Most of the time, I'm just ill because of exhaustion. Oh yes, exhaustion is a word that you'll encounter a lot in university or probably just UPM.

Right now, literally, I'm sitting down at the gazebo in my college (yes, colleges are actually nicer names in replacement for the oh-so-boring term "hostel"). Doing a little revision with my friends around me, some seniors are doing their Business Ed revision at the table behind me. Life has been a little better ever since last week. :)

Made lots of friends (who doesn't?). Sadly, in my block, no one has a level of insanity that can rival mine. This is rather pathetic... Thankfully, there are girls that are as mad as I am. Mad Hatters for the win. Posting this to remove the dust from my long-dead blog.

P.S: I do miss lots of you who read my blog but I have no time to chat or catch up with you guys. Probably do some catching-up when I'm back home for semester break WHEE. Miss me? Let me know please. <3 p="p">


Monday, 21 May 2012


Okay, so I am here to rant and complain about all my frustrations. Well, this is the whole point of having a blog. It exists partly because of its purpose as a form of media that allows people to vent all their TENSIONNNNN and FRUSTRATIONSSSSS, just to stay sane. Well, most people still remain sane, while most don't after a long time.

This time, my complaints come from my work! I mean, who doesn't complain about their work, much? The only people who don't complain about their work are probably only social workers. Well, this unhappiness that is welled-up inside me came from today's incident.

Let me start off with the marking session of the test papers. 19th May 2012, I fell sick, down with a fever and terrible sore throat. Yes, FML much, a start to the weekend with illness. Perfect date. That did not really stop me from marking the test papers. Honestly, it was a struggle.

20th May 2012, continued to mark them papers. Such a drag, for a sickly nut to mark and be sick. The pain in my throat, driving me nuts. Head throbbing from the headache. ZzZzZzZZ

21st May 2012. I returned them tests papers to the class. As I've expected, there are some who come around complaining about the papers, why aren't their answers accepted, etc. I thought I told them to just follow what I have advised them in class. Students, as you know, don't listen the first time. So, I told them a few times. Unfortunately, some of them decide not to listen even after you nagged your jaws out. For the record, listening is a voluntary action that is primarily detected by the auditory system. So, it was their choice NOT to listen. If you don't listen, you do mistakes and that is just what they have done. They said: "Teacher, if Madam X marks the papers for us, she would have given us marks!". I said: "Who is marking your papers now?". 

What's more upsetting is, I can hear some students saying "I was afraid that HE will mark our papers,". That doesn't sound offensive in English, but it does sound a little insulting when you actually hear them say it in Mandarin instead.

Before returning their papers, I have already prepared my minds to such events, should they ever happen. I would have never expected this from any "good" class, but this was what happened in my class, a so-called "elite" class. Disappointing much.

All these was not a really sour thing to me. Among these students, there are some who are actually happy and appreciative of what I've done. Thanks to these few students, I did not feel that sad after all that has happened.

This Friday is my last day in SMK Raja Abdullah. Certainly, such events inspire me to be a better person in life and has definitely taught me a thing or two about life. Am I sad, really? No. I'm not God and I don't get paid to make anyone happy, I am a teacher.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Yes, a sudden update after a long hiatus.


Things have been pretty busy with school lately. Well, with all the exams going on, you just can't walk around and teach like you used to. You enter the class, the students talk, you tell them to keep quiet, you sit down, they start talking again. Invigilating exams is way more tiring than normal classes, GOSH much.

School politics are so much more real when you're really incorporated into the organisation. Today's issue is about the polco-polco dance. Apparently, Muslims can't dance to it because the dance steps resemble a cross. OKAAAAAAAY... So what say you about kuda kepang, another traditional dance that "summons" the spirit of horses and causes them to possess the bodies of dancers. Syirik, no? Confusing much. Some teachers are planning to do the polco-polco as a farewell treat for the school's principal, until some "pious" teachers went about saying that it is "haram" to Muslims. You can go dance your kuda kepang, nobody will stop you. Pity those teachers who planned everything, only to get their plans scrapped.

I don't know what to say. I'm... SLEEPY.


=CHIcken WINGs=

Monday, 9 April 2012


Okay, so it has been almost a month since I last posted anything on this already-rusting blog. Probably need to send this to remove the rust and get it sprayed with anti-rusting agent. Or I should just go ahead and change to a more plastic blog. Barbie dolls, anyone?

Before I go all oo-la-la and crappy over my recent goings-on, this blog does not necessarily reflect fully on what I truly am. Sleepy people talk like as if they are drunk. Symptoms of aging as some may say.

It has almost been one full month working in SMK Raja Abdullah as a replacement teacher. So far, I've learnt quite a number of things that I can't really recall. But one thing that I've learned is time management and punctuality is something that I have in me. Which is pretty much useful to me. I'm so punctual to the point that the students complain to me that they do not like me to be too punctual. Gee, and I thought being punctual was a total virtue in the working world... Paradox, paradox.

While teaching one of the classes last month, I realised that I needed a tablet (not the ones you take when you're ill and when your body's homeostasis fails you. YES, AVIN, NOT THOSE. XD) to teach properly. Pictures paint a thousand words. I can keep telling them how beautiful the Great Barrier Reef can be, but without pictures, words don't really mean much. As such, words are so cheap nowadays. You can literally say "I love you" without having to pay a single cent. Probably you'd have to pay with your face a little (in Asian context), but other than that, words are indeed cheap things you can find on the stale, wet, old streets of Chinatown. So, to those reading this blog post, if you have a sudden urge or a divine intervention, do give me your tablet or there's always something called GADGET MARKETS. :)

So far, teaching has been a really nice job. Way better than my job as a salesman in the first month. My pay for the first month was BULLSHIT. Did I say that? Yeah, BULLSHIT. Clear enough. :) The perks of working as a teacher is that the teacher is always right. (Yes, for 3 months teaching there, I AM ALWAYS RIGHT.) Of course, the greatest satisfaction is seeing your students grow not only academically, but also as an individual, holistically, from all aspects. 

There are a few classes that really made me happy and they still do, when I teach them. 4A, the first class in Form 4, does their homework at lightning-fast speeds, without a lot of hoohahs and boohoos. 4E, one of the not-as-good-as-average class, jokes and makes noise all the time, but they respect me and try to follow the lesson as much as possible. Recently, they changed and have become a little better in class. HAPPY. 5I is a bunch of playful nuts. Honestly, I feel sad for them. They could change their present but if they had took a stride to strive for the best in the past. Fortunately, they are trying their best to change their future now. That leaves only one class that I don't feel much happiness when I teach them. I can't really explain why, but probably it's the aura they exert when I enter their class. PFFT. Aura, right. Sorry 5B. It's not that teacher doesn't care, it's probably 'cause teacher cares too much and you guys just disappointed me. Teachers are humans and they have emotions. Bear that in mind.

Looking forward to more things to learn from my stint there as a substitute teacher. So far, I'm not kicked around like a ball. Good~! :) Hopefully this year's birthday will be a blast. A few things on my wishlist that I do wish I'd get. Come to think of it, it'd be impossible to get even one item on my wishlist. Only God knows. Oh well. *shrugs shoulders*


=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

-Insert suitable title here-

So, yes. I haven't been blogging or posting anything since I-don't-know-when. It is also about time I posted something random, though not many drop by here anyway. My blog is just like a tiny corner in a shopping complex where many don't drop by. Only those who are interested know where to find me. :) Just the kind of attention I need. Hey, who needs millions of followers when none is really actually close to you?

So, I'll backtrack all the way to the day I received my STPM results. For those who do now know what STPM is, it is a government-based examination which is equivalent to A-Levels, if not more difficult (that is to my opinion). The initial feeling of scoring a CGPA of 3.58 out of the total of 4.00 was a little blur and dumbfounded. Subjects that I have expected to do well, did not turn out great. Whereas subjects that I did not anticipate good results out of them, for them I did well. Pretty odd I must say. Alas, emotions aside, life has to go on as well.

Wishing all my friends all the best with university placements. May you achieve what you guys want in life. In the end, don't forget where you come from, your roots and what people around you shape you to who you are.

This time, I'm back to school, not as a student but a teacher. So far, it has been good and really much an eye-opener. Not to be mistaken with a can-opener. 

Need private tuition? Contact me at ;)

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 2 March 2012


Okay, so I just started working as a temporary teacher quite recently, working at SMK Raja Abdullah. Well, first impression was that the school reminds me a lot of SMK Sinar Bintang, is that right if I call that school my alma mater? Whatever. Still, the level of discipline and courtesy of the students are not up to par with students from SMK Jinjang, my Form 6 school, so to say.

2nd day at work and I am already feeling the lethargy dominating my body. Still, this pressure is way better than my previous shitty job.

Praying for good STPM results, which is due to be announced in a very short time. Damn it.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 16 February 2012

When was the last post again?

Okay, it's been almost two weeks since I last posted anything. That is a big sin (an unforgivable one, in fact) if you call yourself a blogger and yet you leave your blog idle for more than 48 hours. The Devil of the Blogs will have your soul tied up in Tartarus for eternity. Pardon me, moi is speaking gibberish.

So, there has been ups and downs and certainly some random yet significant things to rant about. Before I start writing my biography here, my dear readers, can you kindly just post your name and write something random you know about me, in my comment box or just comment on this post. I want to know how many people actually read my blog posts. HAHA, if you don't post your name there (that "where" that I've mentioned in the sentences above), then I shall regard you as a... A... Nevermind. Headcounting purposes.

So, alright, here it goes. Honestly, I cannot recall anything beyond Monday, 13 February 2012. Really, there isn't really anything much worth telling. Earlier this week, I went for an interview (yes, another one) for a job placement at SMK Menjalara as a substitute teacher. YAY, finally. I've been waiting for this job for quite a while. So, YAY!

Now for the sad piece of news. I'm pregnant. XD Nah. Well, my previous blog post did mention something about me working with E Info Network. Well, I contacted my boss to ask about my pay for the month of January. His reply was, the company cannot pay anything to workers who do not achieve their monthly sales target. So basically, I get NOTHING for working like a dog, last month. I'm only going to get my commission in April of only about less than RM 200. Well, with that kind of pay scheme, it's no wonder so many workers are leaving the company. Want me to be a part-timer for that company? No thanks, go to hell. I pray that you will finally realise your mistakes and hopefully it will not be too late for you. (not directing this to my boss, this is for my boss' boss.). Seriously, nothing?! I had to pay my own petrol, parking and toll. No claims. No basic whatsoever? Looks like your employee retainment scheme is nowhere near existence. o0o

Oh, and I hanged-out with Ah Wai, Ah Yu, Wen and Cheng on Valentine's! Looks like it wasn't a damned FA Valentine's after all? Hanging out with them sure did cure a little of my emo-ness. It's not like being rejected numerous times can actually make you immune to the pain of being rejected. Those who claim it can happen go suck on bullshit.

Perhaps it's time to care for the ones that really care for you, not spending precious time on those you care for but they don't give a damn of what is going on with you. PERHAPS SO.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


So, yesterday was my last day at Great Vision Sdn. Bhd.. No, I did not get fired. Instead, I resigned, mainly because the headquarters is way far from where I am staying and of course the effort and investment I put into this job doesn't bear very great income. So, I quit. (Well, I'm still attached to them but I'm doing it as a part-time job). Well, personally, this job has taught me the know-hows of sales and certainly, I've gained benefits in one way or another from it (one of them being "you must bring face masks if you were to do outdoor sales". Why? People love to smoke and they have no clue what smoke smells like to non-smokers. Obviously, it stinks.)

Last week, while on the job at Sungei Wang, one particular person kept smiling at me, when he walked past my company's kiosk anytime he went to the toilet or went for lunch. I think he works at Andrew Christian. Charming smile! That was something interesting that happened during my stint there. Oh, I picked my nose too and some random lady saw me doing that and her expression turned pale for a moment. I never knew looking at people picking their nose could be so traumatising. I'm gonna' pick my nose more often from now on. (I know I'm disgusting, thanks!)

Oh, did I mention that yesterday was my last day on the job? HAHA. Yes, and in 2 days time, I'm going for another job interview. Maxis it is, this time. I no longer plan to do sales, but let's just see what kind of goodies do they offer their workers. It doesn't hurt to go for the interview, I'm going to laze around at home if I don't go for the interview anyway. :)

Hoping for something random to happen. Make me smile, please. :)

I'm going to get your handphone number. Regretted for not doing so! :(

=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Work? Labour?

So, yes, I've been working since the 2nd of January 2012. I thought I should give this job a shot, since I've gone for interview already, what could be too hard, right? I mean, STPM is way harder than any job at entry-level. So, I ended up being a salesman, the very thing that I DID NOT WANT to be in the first place. Hallelujah.

I thought to myself: Things are about to get worse. Of course, I kept an open mind about this matter. Knowledge gained during my stint as a salesman could save my ass many years down the road, should I be retrenched from my job in the future. Touch wood, I hope that will not happen, God forbid it.

Today, I had a very stunning experience during my work time. As in, literally stun-ning. I was there standing, promoting my products (as for those who do not know yet, I'm selling products for P1, short for Packet One, a subsidiary company of Green Packet Berhad). I was standing in my teeny-weeny kiosk, hoping and crossing my oh-so-flexible fingers that I could just sell one unit, at most. Then, a frail, old lady walked pass my kiosk, holding on to my kiosk to support her weak body while trying to walk to a spot about 3 feet away from my kiosk. She reached the spot, taking twice the time any youngster would take. I would say I sympathise with her situation. It seems to me that she is waiting for a family member that had gone shopping in the supermarket (Oh, yes, my kiosk is located just outside the supermarket). Suddenly, this old lady, with a seemingly weak and worn body, took a ciggie out of her pocket, slipped the ciggie into her mouth, produced a matchbox laden with matches from her pocket, lit up the match, then the ciggie. Oh, then she started puffing away happily. I went: What the hell?! Why did I even symphatised for her?! =.=

Work has been an eye-opening experience. Way better than my post-SPM job, but of course both jobs did show me a different perspective of the world. Things don't always go the way you expect them to be. It's better to just let go of your expectations and shape them as you go down the road.

And FYI, I still miss you everyday. I want to tell you that I miss you and I love you, but I guess it would not matter anymore.

Lots of love,

=CHIcken WINGs=