Friday, 23 January 2009

This week's update: : 12-23 January

This week's atmosphere: Bored with tonnes of homework. LITERALLY A LOT!
This week's mood: A little p***ed, angry?, sleepy
This week's motto: Ignorance is bliss.

The week before Chinese New Year... The week which every Chinese is looking forward to. Well, the whole Chinese New Year mood was all good before the teachers started showering Chinese New Year wishes in the form of "beautiful and marvelous" homework. Great, no more peace for Chinese New Year. My sleeping and eating time back in Kuantan has to be cut short just because I have to finish the homework given... Well, with all the Chinese New Year mood around... Nobody is going to do homework anyway~ Sama-sama mati~ All for one and one for all~

Hmm, activities done this week. We had experiments for all the three Pure Science subjects.
For Physics: We had to investigate what influence the distance of between the coherent source of waves have to do with the distance between the antinodal lines.

The joke was this: Teacher proposed a question to all the groups. "If some people were to stand near the source of sound waves (we were doing sound waves), some could hear and some couldn't. What would you do? (if it was like a cinema or so)

Funny answers were:
1.This was the best answer! Love your answer Jia Yi! Make everyone line up i a row and that's all~ Imagine a cinema like that..... Lovely!
2. Make a difference in hot and cold air so refraction can happen... (didn't knew that sound undergoes total internal reflection...)
3. Put lots and lots of speakers. >.<>

For Biology...Lame experiment. TSA/V experiment. Not worth writing about...

Chemistry! Effect of the size of reactant in proportion to the rate of reaction. The only group in the whole 3 Science classes to only make this experiment work was our group~! Wahahaha! but we polluted nature OMG! So much carbon dioxide! Oh yeah!

Have pictures of the biology experiment but didn't get my thumbdrive from Jia Yi... Ponteng...

Then on Thursday night, we had a Chinese New Year a-la fest in school. Hoe Hwa acted as a girl character from "The Journey to The West". He was hot! (NOOOOOOO!) LOL~ Hmmm, the only thing I knew was we all screamed a lot. GG already my throat~! NOOOOOO!

Tomorrow leaving back to mum's hometown. Food, here we come! Kg. Peramu and Seng Kong Kopitiam! Heaven!

More updates soon~!



Sunday, 18 January 2009

Weekly Life update 11-18 January

This week's atmosphere: Boring, flat with only a little tinge of fun.
This week's mood: Emo, bored, sleepy, stressed, and a little high.
This week's motto: Don't live on the safe side of life. Live dangerously.

Wow.... This week has been about homework and stuffs only. Many kinds of homework that has to be done. Not to mention that Saturday is a schooling day to replace one of the holidays during the Chinese New Year break. Saturday's class was a bore to the bone. Four periods of Physics... (total of 2 hours and 20 minutes to be exact). Then there was co-curricular club annual general meetings. Out of four, two of them I got some random postings. Red house Secretary and Maths and Science Club Secretary... Am I that good in writing? My writing is horrible. Even a squirrel can hold a pencil better than i do... Well, that's much about school... Oh, on another matter, the whole large surprise cam on Saturday! The cranky class teacher we got was changed to another class teacher! Adding in to the bonus was no more 4 periods of the same teacher teaching us! Wheeee~!

Personal life? Sleep, sleep and sleep only. What there to do when I have free time? It's to compensate for all the hours I spent awake doing those homework. No sleep will make me all cranky and grumpy. No more cell groups for these few weeks already... Wonder if we're gonna have any more cell groups, though... *Sigh~* Didn't get to attend Youth group on Saturday too... Double UN-delight... Had to attend a dinner... *Sobs~* Well, maybe this week isn't my week, yet.

Looking forward to Chinese New Year. Lots of cash to collect....~~~~ Thinking that one day we'll be giving away instead of taking... NOOOOO! It's a give and take thing maybe... Hahahaha!

Hmmm.... Let's see what I'm expecting next week.
*Something out of the box to happen. Money falling from the sky? Not impossible.
*Do a random act of kindness.
*Get to know more new people.
*Go to Youth Service!!!
*Getting a new phone? OMG!!!

Hmm, thats all for this week I guess. Nothing much. Let me observe what's nice to write about in the following week. Till then~ Toodles!


Sunday, 11 January 2009

Science & Art: Intertwined

It's amazing how God can make humans comprehend two so different, yet so related entities. God is a God of wonders, aye? Whether you're seeing the beauty of sunset, or enjoying a trek through the jungle, what you see is science and art being intertwined with each other in a very abstract mannerism.

As a science student, I have a passion for art, and somehow always belived the idea that science and art are related in a close way. Well, it was slightly later that I discovered through much reading that indeed they are very closely related indeed. One cannot exist without the other.

Some pictures I seen throughout my reading. See and just enjoy the beauty of science and art, intertwined.

What do you get when you merge physics and aerodynamics to a sport that many people love, whether participating or watching? An 8 X 4 wheel drive rally car. This concept car, the Mitsubishi MMR 25 Rally Racer was one of the designs seen at the LA Design Challenge 2008. The main idea was to design and visualise the future of rally racing in 2025. This car was designed in a way that it can cruise around corners at constant velocity because all the wheels have an independent motor. The design is lightweight and uses very light composite materials. Beautiful ain't it?

Science explains that humans that hear sound, but never explained the idea that sound can be seen. A few scientists-artists developed programs that can decipher animal sounds and turn them to graphical images, or what they call "wavelets". The picture above (from AGUASONIC) is the wavelet of a bird, Cassin's Sparrow.

The picture above shows another wavelet. This time it's a wavelet of a white-beaked dolphin. This picture was "captured" by an artist-engineer Mark Fischer. Many more pictures of his captured wavelets can be found online. Go check it out.

Ever eaten almonds? This picture above shows the almond tree... I think. Almonds are tasty, and the picture of the tree above is beautiful. But do you know that damaged almond fruits will become toxic. This is because a protein in the fruit will become prussic acid, a chemical also known as hydrogen cyanide. It's highly toxic and was once used by the Nazi's as a weapon of mass killing. When diluted in water, it will form hydrocyanic acid. This gas, hydrogen cyanide, HCN, gives of a faint bitter-almond smell in the air. Only ingesting 8gm will cause death... OMG! This gas interferes with the process of cellular respiration by disabling the action of an enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase. No raw almonds please!

Ever seen washi paper. Those nice Japanese papers that normally come in white colour? Most of them are already printed as the above picture shows. What is fascinating is the durability of this paper. It was once widely used to make paper umbrellas, fusuma screens (Japanese paper screens), and even kimonos. The paper is made using the bark of the mulberry tree, though some other types of tree barks are also commonly used. The process is a long process involving soaking and softening of the bark. Then it is heated further to soften the bark, then it was sent for pulping. Soda ash, or sodium carbonate, is often added as an alkaline agent. The final processes are passing these pulps through screens to form paper sheets, based on the desired thickness. The result, long-lasting, durable paper. Origami can also be done using this paper.

Origami is an ancient art of Japanese paper folding. There are rules to origami. The first is that one must use only square piece of paper, and the second rule, is that no cutting can be done on this piece of paper. But nowadays, rectangular pieces of paper are also used to create more complicated designs. The latter rule hasn't been change. The whole meaning of origami wouldnt' be there if cutting was allowed, right? With the dawn of computers as a machine that can perform millions and possibly billions of calculation per second, complicated origami models can be created using specific programs. However, the dragon above, created by Satoshi Kamiya, 23, was folded WITHOUT using any programs whatsoever. But it did take him 40 hours of work to fold this origami wonder.

Observe the picture above. See the blue bolt of electricity? Yes, this discovery of electrical resistance has enabled beautiful patterns to form in these lucite blocks. The electricity will search it's way through the block, using the path which has the least resistance. As it travels through the plastic, the electricity will break the bonds of the plastic, releasing some electrons in the process. These free elecrons then pushes it's way through the block, and thus escaping on the other side. The result, stunning patterns formed inside the lucite block.

And finally, two eco-friendly clubs. Save the earth by dancing. This concept has lead to the opening these two clubs. The picture above shows the WATT, in Rotterdam, Holland. Please ignore the dancer. She's ain't that pretty anyways~ The WATT, uses mechanical linkages that link the dance floor to the dynamos. As the people dance, these dynamos are being charged. The electricity generated can be used to power up lights, sound system and anything electric. The WATT also recycles rainwater to flush its toliets! WOW! A good reason to go clubbing... In Holland.

Employing almost the same method as the WATT, dance power, the Surya in London, uses piezoelectricity. The floors are fitted with tiny crystals that generate electricity whenever compressed. The Surya waives its entrance fee if you entrants can show that they used eco-friendly methods to reach the club, like cycling or by public transport, etc. Dance on! Both clubs contribute to environmental groups. Who says clubbing is unhealthy?

Still think art is illogical, or science boring? Think again-lah! It's lovely~!

Toodles, for now~!


Friday, 9 January 2009

Rawr! Drama, big drama, get your tickets here!

Tickets are only for SMK Sinar Bintang students. If you've been to this drama, you would say it was, OMG! Was meaning the first day of school.

Well, our class, how'd I say this, debated with the teacher, if that's the right word. Bout some seating problems, bah! Waste my precious time listening to these debates... And like always, the teacher ALWAYS wins, but not this time~! Nyahahahahah! But still, is it the right thing to do? Think bout it guys... (Class 5B punya rakan baik semua, ya?) No pictures bout this event. It's not like I can snap a picture of Lyn debate with teacher....

Well, the following day, news reached everywhere! Teachers commented about our attitude (some teachers, lah!), which to me I think was a good thing, but also bad. Well, I'm not involved, so me no care, much. School is for studying, not teacher-student debate centre.

It was not long before our homeworks piling up into the atmosphere... *Woooo~~~* Sejarah notes and latihan. BM need to bina ayat, in a total of 43++ words. Maths. Chemistry. Sejarah again.

Later pula kena go to tuition. Walking there. I'm fat already. Not a good sign. Walk walk walk. Kena salin baju. Jumpa nanti, kot? LOL


Till the next post~


Saturday, 3 January 2009

First Youth Service of the year (2009)

The first Youth Service of the year. Alright! It's the 3rd of January by the way. On arrival... Brian was greeted with a loud "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" from all those who attended the service. Attendance was fairly good, with 28 people. God willing, more people will go- lah!

Well, Joash shared with us about being faithful in whatever God is able to do. Chicken Wing here isn't really a good listener, for a long period of time. But the conclusion was really that faith is really important in whatever you are doing. Really hoping that this year will be the year that many great things will happen, especially in Youth Service. God can do everything, even reverse this whole economic turmoil thing. Come on, God is the master accountant and THE bank of where all our knowledge and capabilties to comprehend things come from. Hahaha~!

After the service, we had some "high" time where some of the youths started singing Backstreet Boys. Walaoeh!!!! Some of us played card games. Brandon has somekind of charm in playing cards. Keeps getting 5 card flush (or whatever it's called)... I'm so noob at it, can't blame me, much.

Joash: *Dinner at Antoi~*
Ben Soo: *Ha? Next week same place ar.*

What matters is the food, RAWR!

At the dinner table, some things has to be redefined, like:

Statement 1: If you eat a lot of rice, you'll grow fat. (Joseph said this) *Logically, statement is true, but...*
Counter statement 1: That statement is not true for me! (Caleb said this) *Well, it's also true...*
Counter statement 2: It only applies for Joe only... (Chickenwings said this) *Extra true...*

Statement 2: If you are finding a car park for more than 2 minutes...Then you're not really looking for parking...
Counter statement: The time exceeded 2 minutes. OMG!!! Wouldn't want to ask why, much...

Chatted with Anna and Joseph about some stuffs. Random much, but still randomizable. (WHAT???) Talked about school, seems that I'm a goodie goodie. LOL, much. Joseph was, well, from what he told, not so goodie... COOL! Suddenly, Chickenwings talked about not liking his friends much (ME~). Nobody gave me any idea of what to do or their experiences, well, what to do?.... To me, most of my school friends are "fakers", Ouch much, but so what? Be in my position, FOOLS~! WAHAHAHAHAHA! (referring to the school brats, not you guys ya)

Later in the talk, Joseph mentioned about hantu... OMG!!! It seems that Ben has lots of encounters with them. Walaoeh! Genting Highlands somehow has many stories about ghostly encounters and the like. I heard kids running in the corridor outside my room, but somehow couldn't find anyone running when I searched around outside... Weird much... Kids, what-lah they up to? Joe and Bwn should tell me more about this, love it much.

Crapped a lot, talk more later~


-Chicken Wings-