Friday, 30 October 2009

Lazy bum here gets blogging again.

Have not been blogging for quite a while now. Don't ask me why. I just didn't have the reason why I did not want to blog. Guess it's because I'm outta' juice this whole week. There so many things happening. This week alone has been a mad week itself. =.=

Attended Prefects' Annual Dinner last Saturday. That makes me miss Youth Service for the third week in a row. Yeah, the third week in a row. Does anybody miss me? I don't really know. Whatever. Anyways, Annual Dinner was great. It was better than last year. Maybe I felt that way because last year I was busy planning annual dinner till I was so sick of it. This year's different. It's hell lotta' better. Honestly, I'm going to miss so many buddies I have in the Prefectorial Board. There's so many to name. Gonna' miss them a lot. Well, of course there are some that I DO NOT WANT TO MISS AT ALL. Faham-fahamkanlah.

On Monday was another damned school day. School has been a drag for me. Some kinda' boring piece o' sh*t. That day, that damned day. One bloody teacher confiscated my drawing for no reason. After confiscating, she even tried to provoke me. WTF. I haven't got into trouble before, so I 'laser' the teacher back with sharp words. Take that, b*tch. The conversation is something like this:

*I lay my head on the table after finishing English summary.*

*Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher comes along*

Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher: Eh, what he doing ah? Sleeping ah?

Marilyn: Nola teacher, he's just putting his head on the table.

Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher: Eh, why you must jaga him ar?

*Sits up straight. Me. Yes.*

Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher: Finish your summary already ah?

Me: Not enough points, how to finish? [There was really not enough points. The bloody answers at the back of the book is also piece o' sh*t answers from the dump.]

Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher: Then, you're not going to do anything about it ah?

Me: What you want me to do? [Sarcastically]

Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher: Oh, looks like someone got off the wrong side of the bed today.

Me: Of course, especially when SOMEONE made me wake up the wrong side of the bed. [Again, sarcastically.]

*Cannot-mind-her-own-business-teacher walks away, no longer daring to provoke me. Take that, b*tch.*

She confiscated my drawing prior to this conversation. What's wrong with drawing after I've done my work. The bloody summary didn't have enough f*cking points to write, come on! I can still recall the question in my head.

Write a summary about
*what tools does [whoever's name] use to sculpt the ice-sculpture, and
*what steps does he take to create the ice-sculpture.

Use information from lines 14 to the last line.
Write your summary in continuous form [not note form]
Your summary should not be more than 120 words, including the 10 words below.......

Stupid piece o' shit, the answer scheme used points from line 12. So does that explain why I'm so pissed? Some of them weren't logical answers. DAMN IT.


Then comes Wednesday... I thought Monday was bad. Wednesday is also almost as lame.
I burned the whole day in school doing... NOTHING. Yea. [SARCASM intended here]

Thursday sucked sh*t. Wanted to go jog around 6 p.m. It rained. Cancelled plans with my friend. It rained only for 30 minutes. Great. Internet was damned to hell bad at night. Disconnected 70% of the time while I was online. Thank goodness there are some songs that I can listen to destress. TECHNO IS DAMN GOOD.

Right now, internet is still bad. Perhaps Streamyx is sapping customers of their money without providing their so-cslled good service. Connection has been unstable from 7 in the morning till now, around 3.25 p.m. If their reason is "Streamyx is currently undergoing maintainence works", I say they suck sh*t 'cause their connection has been down for quite a while now.

CG later at night. Great time to relax. Screw this stupid week. So full of BS-es.

Recently, there's a student in my school that just passed away. It's a sad thing [to most people, I'm not sad- I'm sadistic] for such a young chap to die like that. Passed away due to leukaemia. His cancer relapsed this year. Made me ponder on something. One question.

Ask yourself this.


Would like to get to know you so much better.... ^-^

=CHIcken WINGs=

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Just got back from the Prefectorial Board's Annual Dinner year 2009.

Like every year, the Form 5-ers are celebs. This year's Form 5 senior gifts are photo frames made and decorated by our own Form 4 Board Members.

The whole thing was great. The food was much better than last year's food. A million times better. Too bad for me, I found a place that serves bad food last year. Too bad for last year's batch of Form 5-ers.

So far, life has been OK for me. Not too bad, and not too good either. Just a plain mix of both to balance things up.

Just got my official SPM trials results. Did rather badly compared to the last time. I got 8A1's, 1A2 and a B3. Damn it. Must be playing too much interner lately... ;D Got to buck up already, the mother of all exams is on the way in like 3 weeks.

Anyways, many of my friends are going to face exams pretty soon too. GOOD LUCK! May God's blessings shower upon you guys. Pray for me too please~

BTW~ The girls at the annual dinner were HAWT!
And... The guys at the annual dinner... They were as HAWT too!

=CHIcken WINGs=

Monday, 12 October 2009

EMO POST [again]

October 10th. 2009. =.=

Have been feeling pretty run-down lately. I'm not really sure why I have bben feeling this way. Most very likely because I have nobody to relate my problems to. I do have friends which I can tell my problems to, but somehow obstacles will obstruct whenever I want to release the pent-up emotions of mine. In school, teachers will walk around bugging us to do homework like a typical bugger. At home, the dog which my sister rears is a bloody pain. In church, I have only a few people which I can trust. It's kind of tough and tiring when you always have to learn to hold on to your tough and patient side. It's pretty much easier to break down and just cry. Even a little hug from someone can break your frail heart. Unfortunately, people don't know how you feel. Some DON'T CARE how you feel.

It's my turn for LCD duty this week. LCD practice was OK this week. Just plain OK. Thank God. And then I had to wait for Youth Service to start. Practice session ended around 4.20 post meridiem. Went to wait at the upper floor where there reest of Youths are waiting. Sat on the bench. I thought it would be nice to have someone to chat to, tought I'm such a bore I can practically kill you by boredom alone. Sadly, everyone was in the worldof their own, and I thought that it wouldn't be nie to shove your way into somebody else's conversation. That'll be rude. I sat on the bench, reading Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Pretty EMO then. Joash spoke a while to me. Service started after I read a page of the novel. Right on time. =.=

As Joash was sharing the message, he made a statement: Everybody has a/ sacrifice(s) to make in their service to God. I pondered upon that statement, a while. Does sacrifice even mean happiness? Serving God should be done with a joyful heart. But somehow, while serving, sometimes it's hard to enjoy it because some other people will make you feel unhappy while serving God. It's not nice. Really. Sometimes, the feeling of upset makes me want to stop serving. The zeal and passion to go to church to enjoy God's presence it's just not there for me to feel anymore. I'm drifting away from God in some part of my life. He still loves me, He still calls me back to be with Him. There are so many problems with myself. My personality. I feel as if I am shameful of myself and as if I don't deserve His love and mercy. This is such a wrong emotion to feel. Wrong. He is my Daddy, why is there the feeling like this? It shouldn't be. Why distant myself from Him? Why? So many bloody questions that need answering is still nestled in the heart of my mind.

McDonalds was for dinner. With the Youth. Had a meal of Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Was great, was pretty bored staying all cooped up at home for almost the whole week. Not to mention having stupid study workshops in school. Damn bored. Had funny conversations with Anna, Brian, Anndrea, Joanna, Shekinah and David. I never realised that David was such a cheeky person. Really. Cool! They cheered me up a little. They made jokes of people shown on the cups of McDonalds. What? Check your McDonalds cups. Played at the fountain facing the Sunrise building. EL OH EL!

Headed back into McD's after that. Sabrina Ajak-ed me to sit at her table along with ***. Sabrina and *** were talking about friends and all, in the church. *** mentioned to me that some misunderstanding among our members with *** occured. It's hard to avoid these situations, even in the church. Gradually, in the conversation, *** told me that coming to church and Youth Service is just to fulfil her religious obligations. *** doesn't have the sense of belonging in church nor in the Youth service. *** also mentioned that sometimes alienation and loneliness is what accompanies *** church. I could empathise with her as I have felt that before. Sometimes, I still feel this way. I felt this way when my life in church has taken a rough ride in the past year of 2008. The band had a "rearrangement". People doing LCD were somehow affected. Most of them quitted, or somehow left church to go somewhere. That time [last year], Ben and I were the only ones left. Ben quitted not long after that. I was left alone to man the LCD and lyrics. Slowly, I took over the LCD. Every week for around two months, I was doing LCD. I came to church not being able to feel God's presence because I am tied to the computer. Lately, I am slowly gaining confidence in God again. I am still spiritually dry, but God's mercies never fail. Uncle Mike found another person to help me out, too. Jerald, thanks! *** mentioned about another person among the youths also... err... I don't know hos to describe. It's weird to mention here. Guidance and love for that brother, too. It's a lot of burden of myself after relating my feelings to them.

Officially, I'm still down in the dumps. Not quite bad, but still EMO. Again, His mercies will NEVER end. He's still here for me. I'm thankful. Brothers and sisters, pray for me. Thanks~

Till here for this post.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Do you know that I miss you a lot?
Why is this feeling so weird?
............... Would you just say something?

Thursday, 8 October 2009


This post starts way back ever since last Sunday. My school had a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in school, organised by the Chinese Society of the school. It was great, except for the warm weather and the rather small stage with the poor quality sound system. Other than that, all was pretty good. ;D

This picture: Weng Yee and Kit Yee, comittee members of the organising comittee.

Some people whom I expected would turn up did not make their appearance, not even a cameo... Nerissa, where are you? And some other friends that I hope to see, well, weren't there. At least, CARMEN made it back to school! Missed SB alright!

That night, I realised how camwhorish I am. That's not a good sign... But a little wouldn't hurt right? ISHHH~ Here's Xiong Hui 'n me.

Here's me with Yan Zheng, one of my closer buddies ;D

AH! This picture! If you hear laughter, you know who is already there-lo... Yan Zheng 'n Xiu Yeong.

OooOOooO, GREEN LANTERN. That's all for the festival. That was a Sunday. SUNDAY.

Owh, took picture with Fabian, the long-disappeared buddy of mine. Waiting for Celine to drop me the picture from her magical camera. xD


Monday... Ish, have to go to school after a nice celebration at school. What a wrong combiantion. Spent half the day with some BM workshop, and then the other half the day in school was used for BI workshop. Utter waste of time. Really. No joke. No more mentioning about workshops!

After school, I went to see a buddy of mine. He says he has things to tell me. Went to see him and "yam-cha"ed together. Well, this buddy of mine has lots of problems... Mostly 'cause he has some family problems, affects his personality too. He's a nice person, really. He told me that his Mum and Dad has some problems. His Dad, well, has another party involved in their family. That's as much as I can say. But the point is, it's so unfair for good people like him to face so much problem that's out of his grasp, his capabilities. Furthermore, he's sitting for his school public exam this week. Stress. My prayers are with you buddy!

WEDNESDAY: Yesterday. Was. LEGENDARY. Had to go to school in the morning 'cause... There was school. Boring. Did Add. Maths until recess. It's not like I wanted to do it... We are made to do it. Too bad.

Recess time. This is Boon Sin. ;D

The whole school is dominated by us Form 5-ers and all Form 3-ers [they're sitting for PMR].

This is CALEB! Another close buddy of mine~ ;D

Went out to watch a movie with Celine and Kok Sime later on. I did something naughty today, too. I, [errr], menghilangkan diri from school after recess. ;D
About the title of this blog post... Let me tell you more. It's based on this incident when I was on my way with Celine and Kok Sime to the movies.

I was waiting for a bus at a bus stop [where else?] to pick me up to Metro. While I was waiting, there was this one lady who came to the bus stop, presumably waiting for a bus too. Then she talked to me and asked me where I was going. I sais, to the bank [nak withdraw money]. She told she was going there too. And she asked whether if I could walk her to Jusco Metro, which was pretty near to the bank. She saud she was sick and dizzy, so I said "Yeah, sure."

[At the bank]. At the bank, as I was lining up, I saw the lady in front of me already [WOOTS?! How'd she get here so fast?!]. And then, she told me her story of how she was turned off by [CENSORED] BANK to open an account. [Translate this phrase into Mandarin] "I come here twice already want to open account. If they don't want to let me open, I don't want to open liao la. So ma-fan". I don't want to be mean, but, she was starting to bug me. Celine, who was with me, told me something about that lady by typing a message on her phone. ISH... Pity this lady, but, STOP BUGGING ME. ISH...

Moments after I withdrew my money, I still had to walk her to Jusco MP. Yes, she failed to open the account for the third time. So, on the way to Jusco MP which was 10 minutes walk away [at her pace], she told us HER story of how she disliked [CENSORED] BANK since she was a kid and BLABLABLA... Hmm... I was nodding all the way. Celine was also nodding all the way, just to pacify her emotions. ISH...

She did not walk with us all the way to Jusco MP. She went to ANOTHER bank to settle things. Phoo...~ Went to Jusco MP finally! Kok Sime was already there 'cause he had to get the tickets. And we told him the story of our ordeal with the lady. Well, luckily the movie was great, amidst the stupid day. So much for now. Another few more days to call it a week. My buddies sitting for PMR, good luck! Jogging tonight! YESH!

=CHIcken WINGs=

Saturday, 3 October 2009


Mum just finished mentioning all the Ivy League colleges in the States. Apparently, it's a cluster of colleges that have very good academic qualities and [some stuff that Mum mentioned 'bout them]

Got my SPM trials results this week, 'cept for my EST, which teacher is so reluctant to mark. Guy teacher normally takes a longer time to mark test papers. Whatever. Fared well in my exam, judging the fact that I didn't study much. Went to Youth Camp have to enjoy 110%, NO STUDY!

BM: 79%
BI: 89%
Maths: 86% [Ishhh....]
Add. Maths: 62% [ISHHH....]
Sejarah: 83%
Moral: 77% [Ishhh....]
Biology: 75%
Chemistry: 85%
Physics: 79%

Peh, not bad laa. 4A1 4A2 1B3. xD

Laa, yesterday had some emo-problems again. Celine suddenly mentioned 'bout a friend who has changed since something special happened. I also realised that the person has changed, big time. It's pretty obvious, though. Some other friends could live with it, but certainly some friends would prefer the orginal version of a friend, not some kind of revamped-attitude one. Nevermind-ba, if it's God's will to be this way, why not just see how it goes? xD

Well, has been a so-so week. PMR is next week... Good luck to my friends, especially Joe and Chan Hong. ;D

Till here~

=CHIcken WINGs=