Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Two-week of sh*tty ordeal

Can't really believe that in three weeks since my last blog post, much sh*t has fallen upon me. Well, the holiday week was pretty boring altogether. That was OK since that nothing bad has happened to me, or so I thought. Still, I forgotten much the holiday week. The good thing was I got to go to Bukit Tinggi with my family, with another family-friend (Uncle Jimmy, Aunty Chan Lan & Jerald), and also attended a church service at a church which I do not know the name... *Whatever~*

Now then, the sh*t started last week. Like most people know... I'm an above average student (I'm not nerdy though I like reading), so there was a prize-giving ceremony to commemorate the efforts and the performance of the students in their exams (short to say it was a damned Anugerah Cemerlang). Again, I was one of the lucky ones, or I would prefer to say that I deserved it (I studied like sh*t, mind you). When we were down at the hall checking and confirming whatever awards we were receiving, I spotted a mistake in the awards I'm supposed to receive. I was supposed to be #1 in the whole form (I f*ckin work hard for it!), but there it was at #3. Then I remembered that my results were divided by 1300 (for 13 subjects including Bahasa Cina), thus my percentage/ average totalling up to 77.xx %. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DIVIDED BY 1200, and NO BAHASA CINA (everybody knows, even the BC teachers themselves, what the heck?!). Teacher, read my blog post clearly, 1200, 1200, 1200, 1200, 1200, 1200, 1200, 1200, 1200!!!!!!!! See it now? And I was supposed to run about the school finding for the Penyelaras Tingkatan 4 to correct my marks. What? Now it's my job to correct a teacher's mistake. Good thing is, the teacher wasn't in school, and my form teacher shifted to God-knows-where. Pindah pun nak menyusahkan orang, b*ngs*t. Have-la to go see the Ketua Penyelaras. Reach there, she "marah-ed" me for not informing her earlier. Damn her, I reported it last 2 months ago! Study so hard to get a sh*tful of rubbish.

And there comes people who like to give people "brands". "Oh, look at me, I have a Gucci/ Prada/ Ferragamo/ Whatever ********", or "Oh, these stuffs are only for people who can 'enjoy' it". What's that kind of a statement for eh? Looking down on people? Mocking? Belahlah, kalau "attitude" tu sombong cam (insert name of something really unpleasant), lebih baik tak yah guna. It's kind of sad sometimes when people call you nerd and mean stuffs like that (like what I've been called before), but the fact is that their level of intelligence is well below that of an amoeba. The next time you've been called a nerd, and you want to be really mean, use this. The whole family tree gets mocked.

And it goes like this:
"At least I don't come from a family tree of apes who don't know anything"
"At least my attitude is not as sh*t-filled like yours"
"Your mother forgotten to pass down some brains to you while she was pregnant. I.e, you're handicapped~"

This is my piece of thought for those who like to brand people nerds. Just because you can't be as good doesn't give you the rights to give people names. Why don't you look yourselves in the mirror and give it a thought before even speaking.

Haha, realised much today that being nice is just giving people more chance to step and go all over you. Want a hard one, I'll give you one!

P.S: Special note to Celine~> Haha, Hwee Teong will be so stunned with your blog post.

P.S: Those who call me a nerd next time, I won't hesitate to use mother-f*cker aloud. See whose face is gonna' turn sour first.


=The not-so-nice CHIcken WING=

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Chemistry 101: : Simple chemistry to make life easier

Ever had lots of problems involving chemicals in everyday life? White water-proof stains in the toilet after using soap? These are simple stuffs you should know, at least to make your life much less miserable. ^-^

Food as cleaning agents:
It's a great thing that God gave mankind drinks in the form of Coca-Cola. Later did we know that it can be used as a cleaning agent too! (Man this is gross). We all know that carbonated drinks contain A LOT of carbon dioxide (unless you think the gas comes from God-knows-where). This gas dissolves in the water used to make this drink to form carbonic acid. Then, you could use this "acid" to wash toilets (though the effect can only take place after a few hours). It's not really advisable to drink to much Coca-Cola because firstly it's corrosive, and the act that it is only sweet-tasting acid with a lot of colouring. No offense, Coke fans.

MSG, monosodium glutamate~
We, Malaysians, often refer MSG to the brand name Ajinomoto. Well, Ajinomoto does use monosodium glutamate as one of it's main ingredients. The main usage of MSG is to enhance the flavour of food, and especially protein (from the action of the glutamate in MSG). Though many people have claimed that MSG can cause loss of hair (EWWWW!) and excessive craving for water (thirst), research has countered the fact that MSG in not involved in this cases. But still, it wouldn't be good for people with hypertension to consume this kind of a stuff. Contains sodium.

Cleaning agents:
Chlorine bleach, sodium chlorate(I)
Oh the oh so nice smell of chlorine when washing with bleach. When washing with bleach, it is advisable not to use bleach with acid-based cleaners. This is because the acid will neutralize the sodium chlorate(I) salt and it will be rendered useless. However, it is recommended to be used with alkali-based cleaners. Doubles the cleaning effect, but still you wouldn't want your clothes to smell like bleach and soap powder, right?

Citrus fruits as rust removers:
Lemons, oranges and the like~
Well, that's what we always eat, but not many know that citrus fruits can be used as rust removers. These fruits contain a lot of vitamin C, ascorbic acid, and also citric acid, both being very potent reducing agents. Citric acid in these fruits can bond with rust, iron(III) hydroxide, to form soluble salt. This means that the brown coloured rust can be washed off easily after being smouldered in citrus fruit juice. But be warned that after prolonged usage, the object that you removed the rust from will corrode, i.e: becomes thinner. Sour citrus fruits highly recommended!

Self-care products:
Soaps, fatty-acid-sodium/potassium compound~
This is what we use to wash of freaking dirt of our bodies everyday (unless you are using liquid bosy wash, or you don't bathe). Do you realise that sometimes there are white coloured stains on the wall of the toliet wall, that many of us call scum? This is the reaction between hard water with the soap molecules. Hard water contains dissolved calcium and magnesium ions, and forms insoluble scum when you wash yourslef with "hard water". That explains why soemtimes you look so yucky even after bathing a million times with soap and hard water. On the other hand, if you wash yourself with "soft water", the soap will become a layer of fatty-acid, also comes in useless when you want to wash yourself with soap. The free hydrogen ions in the "soft water" displaces sodium/potassium to reform a fatty-acid. Ever used fats to bathe yourselves? ^-^ Tip: Don't use soap when you're going camping. River water contains a lot of dissolved minerals, including calsium and magnesium. So, buy liquid body wash that is biodegradable. Be nature-friendly!

Toothpaste, from simple sodium fluoride compounds to complicated toothpastey compounds~
Brushing teeth comes in much easier than using toothpaste rather than salt and crushed charcoal. It tastes better too. But toothpaste, is very corrosive. Never use too much toothpaste while brushing teeth. Want a demonstration or home experiment? Simple one~ Draw something random using a permanent marker on a waterproof surface (preferrably something that you don't mind scratching it all over). Apply small amount of toothpaste on the surface of the object, and rub it all over using a wet cloth. See the marks go away~! Magic!

Food as poison:
Raw almonds, cyanide~
If you consider yourself a nut freak, or just plain old slow-killer-assasin, you'll either love this or hate this. Raw almonds, and young almonds, contains cyanide. As you know, cyanide gas is widely used to kill innocent people during wars, from what I heard it was also use to kill people in Germany during Adolf Hitler's "reign". When eating almonds, roast them properly before eating them. Also, raw cashews are also poisonous. Sorry for all the misery, nut fans.

Handphones, computers, PDAs and the like~
If you have a digital device that is rather fit for the dumpsite rather than the trade-in store, destroy it! You'll find bits and pieces of gold in the circuits. Gold has a very low resistance to electricity, thus it is highly used as conductors in electronic devices, mainly to prevent overheating. But if you don't really have experience collecting gold... It's best to trade the device in... On the other hand, if you do know how to collect, you might get more than what you wish for~ ^-^*winks*


Sunday, 8 March 2009

This week's posting: Sports Day Edition, my point of view!

This is my last year joining sports day in school. Thinking about it makes it a little harder to accept that after SPM, I'm no longer a young little school kid anymore. But still, it's going to be a hell of an adventure out there. Here I come world, be prepared to embrace me!

Well, since it's my last year, I decided to do things differently this year. As it is, it is already different even before I "made" it different. Well, let me what's different:

~ The Prefectorial Board did not sell any mojo pizza this year. Usually we would sell, but this year the stadium did not allow us to sell. The stalls there are perhaps afrais we will snatch all their profits. LOSERS!

~I got away without having to go on any duty! YES!

~I sat under the sun for almost 2 to 3 hours and did not get sunburn! Oh yeah!

~The school flag bearers had to wear an ugly mother-of-all-mojo outfit during the march acrss the stadium. How many would actually want to wear a red jacket with red pants that's lined with hints of black and yellow. Wrong colour scheme! Jia Yi was one of the flag bearers... And she was so disgusted with the outfit, that she was covering her face until she got to take off the outfit. Well, it WAS okay to me, but still not too okay in terms of wearibilty... No photos... Aihs~

Me? We was I? Of course sitting down, walking everywhere, cheering for people, eating... While waiting for our turn for the 4 x 400 metre event. This race too, was a good learning experience~ Thought me that winning is about beating your best, not the Best of the Best. Of course beating the best would be good, but I would settle for beating myself. Desmond did a great job running. 400 metres is a KILLER! I had to play catch up cause in the earlier round there was a little slacking between teams. I'm outta' breath! It's also kind of funny that my bum hurts more than my leg after running. My bum! OUCH!

My last sports day. The experience is quite hard to pen down in blogs actually... I made some friends throughout this day, too! Even after that, they still seem to be everywhere! Saw Arron, Marilyn, Sasha and here parents at McDonald's Desa Jaya. For what eh? 12-3pm RM 5.95 McValue Meal Lunch-la!


Saturday, 7 March 2009

This week's post: Till March 7th 2009. [10 sen]

This week's atmosphere: Busy, busy, busy. Only busy.
This week's mood: Emoism
This week's motto/ advice: Eat more chocolates!

I didn't realise a value of a 10 sen coin until yesterday (not that I don't appreciate 10 sen, but yesterday's incident made me realise the value of a 10 sen coin). It made me think about 10 sen a lot. Well, my brother dropped a 10 sen coin into the toilet bowl yesterday while he was blasting the toilet bowl with you-know-what(he dropped the coin AFTER he flushed the toilet bowl...). He came out of the toilet smiling with a one-of-a-kind face. Told my sister that he dropped a 10 sen coin into the toilet bowl.

I went to rescue the coin. Not worth the effort dirtying your own hands for 10 sen. But suddenly a thought stirred up in my mind. Think of it. The effort of producing a 10 sen coin might even cost more than the coin itself. Lets start from the beginning right? Firstly, you have to extract copper from their constituent ore to obtain pure copper (electrolysis anyone?). After that, you might have to dope the coin with a dopant (whatever you call that) to obtain an alloy (explains why 10 sen isn't really brown in colour), then you have to cut the coins into pieces, and then send it to the minting factory. Still think 10 sen is still worth 10 sen? I haven't even went in to the details of electrolysis, still, it's clear enough already.

I realised that many things in life that's analogous to a 10 sen coin is taken lightly among people, especially among us people who are very much more priviliged than many other poorer people. Examples? Nobody would realise how important table salt is right? Soap? That's what we use everyday, lah. What about friends, family and the littlest things in life?

Really kind of hard to explain all those. But experienced people (I mean REALLY experienced people) will understand me, maybe even add more things to what I'm writing about. Do'h! But this 10 sen coin experience is telling me to appreciate these small things, because you might never know they are a part of something great and big. Right?


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Semi-weekly update? NOT! *4th March 2009




Since it's a Wednesday.. And I don't have tuition today... I wanna blog!

Really kind of a laid back day today. Not really stressed, not until later though. I hope not. Haha, ever wondered how simple things can make life so, well, perfect? Want an example?

Yes, like bathing soap? What do you think we smell like if there was not a piece of soap left in the world? Hmm, salted fish? Urea? Why say so? This is how it happened~ but it has of course nothing to do with soap, directly. Was in school today when a friend gave me a simple compliment, and that really motivated me to, well, study harder and help others who need help. It's kind of wonderful knowing that these small itsy bitsy "things" can turn a dark day into a sunny day. Well, I'm not a person who likes sunny days much, but it's really good!

Currently reading Organic & Inorganic Chemistry. Nothing better to do already. Anyways, Chemistry is always better than the others, I don't have to think much for Chemistry. Nice! But when it comes to other subjects, can't even work my hand to lift the pen! Nooooooo!

As always, homework is aplenty. You can have a share of my homework no problem. I'm generous enough to share some with you. It's tasty!

If you're a "meaningful lyrics" song kind of person, Carrie Underwood's Don"t Forget To Remember Me is a good one. Got it from cousin's comp, thanks Ann "Cha Cha"~ Nice! Right Round (Flo-Rida featuring Katy Perry) is so ecstasy-ish. No explanation required.