Saturday, 27 June 2009

The two weeks of MIA.

Hmm, so many people realised that I haven't been updating my blog for almost 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS! Have been OMG busy, really. This week itself I have to events that I have to be a part of (26th and 27th June). 26th June was school open day and 27th was school Canteen Day. RAWR! Well, recap from last week... Yeah, last week's Wednesday.

Wednesday, 17th June 2009: Went to SMK (P) Pudu for an AFS scholarship interview. Look at the picture above. It's the "YES" or "NO" doors of DOOM. Went there early in the morning. Arrived roughly at 7.45, about 15 minutes before the time stated in the letter. Better be punctual, right? Ivory tagged along. Met up with Wei Qi there. Made new friends there, from many schools around the KL area. Lemme' see, there are students from SMK Seksyen 5, SMK (P) Jalan Ipoh, SMK Seri Ampang, SMK Seri Bintang Utara and a few more which I have forgotten... The interview went well, didn't stutter and was really relaxed. Thank God for that. =D And friends who have wished me good luck, I LOVE YA'LL! And one more thing... I didn't know that SMK Seri Ampang was a boys' school all the while...

Thursday, 18th June 2009: Normal schooling day. School. Sekolah. Xue xiao. Hock tong. Whatever you call the "Place". Physics tuition class. The most impossible wedding story of all time. Jia Yi told me about this story. It was her friend's sister's friend's experience. This girl, well, she had no boyfriend. Not because she is weird or anything, she just hasn't got a boyfriend before. So, she opted for speed dating set up by some matchmaking company (company?). So, the day for the date came. She wore a white-coloured gown (Aparently, she was having her period that time... pretty wrong choice there...). They both were having dinner when suddenly she had to go to the ladies, well, for, you-know. She accidentally wet her gown and it was STAINED. While walking back to the seat, she turned her back away from the guy to avoid embarassing herself. Unfortunately, the thing she didn't want so much to happen just occured. The guy saw by accident. When she sat down, the guy asked if he could be excused for a while. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes.... She started to tear... Suddenly, the guy came back with a bag of clothing of different choices. He even bought sanitary pads for the girl. Different types too, 'cause he didn't know what brand the girl uses.... Yes, you guessed the ending. I mean I told you the ending. They got married immediately after that.

Sunday, 20th June 2009: Daddy's day! WAKAKA! Performed for Dad in church together with Joe, sister, Anna, Jacklyn and Esther, under Joash's coord. Loved the performance. Hard to describe with words. XD Went to One Utama at night for "makan-makan". Had Kenny-Rogers. We were at MPH before that. Bought Hillsong: The I Heart Revolution. Nice! =D To kill boredom, I took some "perasan" pictures. Mind you I DON'T do camwhoring. It's just that it's too boring! XD This is Three Eyes of Doodolls. So cute! WAKAKA! *So gay...*

This is the picture of Xiu Yeong's birthday food box. Damn much food.

Temenggung Jugah, Lyn Yie's style. This is Lyn Yie + boredom= Temenggung Jugah.

The picture is dark. Hard to see. Kok Sime and Jia Yi bising-ing. XD

This is what happens when BM classes become too boring. It becomes, "YOUR MOTHER!" =D
Courtesy of Jian and myself.

Random photo. This shows the underside of the Biology lab table in school.

Thursday, 25th June 2009: This is the unseen part of Jia Yi's history..... HER KAD PELAJAR! WAKAKAKA! So different then. All of us are different then. Makes me feel old now. There's actually an occasion where an orphan at an orphanage called me Uncle.... =.='''' Die-lo...

Saturday, 27th June: Why is Kiara good? Got police station. Got McDonald. Got Dessert Bar and Baskin Robbins. But... Segambut BETTER! Segambut got police station also-la! Segambut got... KFC! Segambut also got... 7-11! Segambut nearer to Desa Parkcity too! XD Went to McDonald's Kiara for dinner with the Youths. Thanks May for the dinner~! BWAHAHA! God bless you and Joash that every dinner you have, you can't finish the food. Walao, a lot-nya! XD

To Joseph/ Joe: HAPPY B'DAY!

=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 11 June 2009


Super the happy!
Been blessed these few days... Or most likely weeks I think.
More blessed than normal that is. *Smiles~*
Today: Got the interview letter for next year's exchange programme to Japan and US!
Actually, I thought I wasn't going to get it 'cause it's so late and I've not received any letter yet. But today, WHAM! IT CAME!

Last week: I bought the bag which I really, REALLY wanted!
The bag costed RM80 which is totally expensive. The first time I saw it Mum didn't buy me that bag 'cause it was way expensive for a bag. But the Tropicana Life in Kuantan is having sales and that bag I wasted was 20% off the normal price. So, I got it finally!

Then: I have got many opportunities to show my talents soon. When school reopens, going to help Teachers' Club to organize a Haunted House game for Hari Kantin. Whoo! And that's just part of the whole big thing. Gotta' buck up for SPM though. Hope mid-year exams gives me good results. XD

=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Yes, that's my current emotion and state of mind. Bound by time and many other commitments. That drawing of mine is for the Mag. Inc contest sponsored by The Star newspapers. [My group members: Whaddya' think 'bout this?] Man, I need to speed up, Haven't been able to revise my studies. Only did a few Add. Maths questions about trigo. Damnit. Went back Kuantan, had no net access. Not that there are no cafes in Kuantan, but there wasn't time for me to go to one. ALAMAK! There's still many things to finish. The one that's still bugging me and still on my mind is the prospect of having to finish the Youth camp logo. Need to finish fast. I've been dragging the task for too long... Man!

And yes, we know what Dick Shen and Mey Eun are up to. Was having Physics class like last Thursday. They were sitting beside Jia Yi, and whatever they were doing were... Heheheh... Cute? and a hint of funny. We answered all the questions Sai Mun gave us. Only then we realised there's a weird noise coming from the couple... No need to elaborate "bah" I guess~ *Winks~~*

While in Kuantan, visited the beach with uncle and his wife, Mum and Dad, and another aunt and her friend. We ate McFlurry while strolling along the beach. How cool's that? But the beach side was rather warm that day. So HOT! My aunt's friend said that taking photos at beaches isn't a good thing to do. She said ghostly apparitions can appear. She said a friend had an unexpected "encounter" in a separate beach. She took a photo of her daughter in mid-afternoon at a beach. Upon looking at the picture.. She saw "something" appeared in the photo. Creepy. My dad had an experience too. That "thing" that appeared in the photo that my Dad took with his friends was very, very clear. It was that "thing". *Shivers* Many more things to do this week. I CAN DO IT! To other friends that are slowing down due to stress... YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Typing, typing, typing.......

Jusy finished typing exam papers for Mum not long ago. Wasted a chance at saying a big "ELLO~!" to Gian Yang today. Whoops... Hope he's not angry or what. He just scares me... Either he's too tall(he's at least a head taller than me...), or looks too fierce. LOL. Gotta' wait for next week. Hope there's cell group tomorrow, so I wouldn't be so bored. It's been the holidays but I still feel so friggin' bored. Like crazy. Dang! Goin' back to Mum's hometown for the weekend. The last post before I go holidaying... Wahahaha! Friends, take care alright? XD

=CHIcken Wings=

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Mid Valley: Another boring day. >.<

Woke up today. Was wondering whether I should go to Mid Valley or not. After all, it was during the holidays, and furthermore I have no tuition class today... But, wasn't really in the mood for any shopping-ing. My conscience did the best of me and made me go. Well, I thought maybe it's a timeout for me. Maybe I could buy some things to relax myself. Too many things to do, even during the holidays.

We took a taxi to Mid Valley. The taxi driver was REALLY weird. Yes, REALLY! She... Or he... I don't really know which. She/ he spoke with a lady's voice. But I think she's a 100% lady. But she really looks like a guy. No sexism, just wondering here. Maybe it was necessary, 'cause she a lady taxi driver and that image is rather important, as not to be bullied by other dirvers. XD

Upon reaching Mid Valley, sister demanded (well, not directly) that we see her stuff first. Ended up, the first half of the time we visited Mid Valley was used for looking at her "stuff". I should've stayed at home. I could have gone online, did some homework and maybe a nap. Now I'm dead tired writing this. LOL. Blur... XD But was really unfair. I didn't get to go take a look at my stuff. So wasn't really impressed or happy with this so called trip. Only get to feast my eyes on a bag which I REALLY liked. But didn't buy. It was like, RM 80! Damn, my birthday money which my parents gave can't really afford me that bag. IT WAS SO NICE..... Heartache now.....

I was really bored when Mum and Sis went looking at their stuffs. Whatever that is. So bored till I took a photo of my shoes. Believe it or not, this pair of shoes were those I wore since Form 1, like 4 years ago. Yeap, same ones. Changed shoes when I became prefect, and this pair stayed in the shoe rack for a very very long time... It came back out when I thought it was time to make use of this pair of shoes.

Snap, snap, snap. Camera have lotsa' batteries. WARH! Curi take everywhere.

Human traffic. Beep, beep!

There were random booths everywhere. Lots of nonsense. So called school holiday programme.

38 people hogging the whole pathway. Was standing at the corner, still waiting for Mum and Sis. Must be Sis forcing Mum to get her some clothes. She always complains that she hasn't got enough clothes. The fact is, she is the one spending the most on clothes. WTH. I haven't even said anything 'bout my wardrobe.

Bro was also waiting with me. He, too, was VERY bored. So bored that he messed with the stuff at Teddy Tales(the booth in the background). Played with some toilet bowl-with-poop-inside-that-sprays-water-when-you-open-it-toy.

Never really camwhore before. So bored. What to do???

Thinking of pooping...

Looking forward to Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen.

This was the bag that I saw. The minute I saw it, I was like "I HAVE TO GET THIS BAG!"

This was the bag on display. See, nice? Asked Mum whether I could get it. She didn't bother to listen to me. So... It's a no I guess. No fair! Sister got an RM30.00 shirt! Well, this was RM80.00. But... *sigh* Not worth explaining. XD

Lots more stuff that I want to complain about today. But, not worth boring my readers out. So, only put in the juicy stuffs. By the way, Mid Valley has a STUPID parking and drop-off system. And there's this b*tch in Kenari, simply honked her horns. Yes, that bloody b*tch. Oh, bumped into two persons whom I know today. Denise and Wyei Chung. HI!

Nothing much to crap about already. XD

=CHIcken WINGs=