Monday, 9 April 2012


Okay, so it has been almost a month since I last posted anything on this already-rusting blog. Probably need to send this to remove the rust and get it sprayed with anti-rusting agent. Or I should just go ahead and change to a more plastic blog. Barbie dolls, anyone?

Before I go all oo-la-la and crappy over my recent goings-on, this blog does not necessarily reflect fully on what I truly am. Sleepy people talk like as if they are drunk. Symptoms of aging as some may say.

It has almost been one full month working in SMK Raja Abdullah as a replacement teacher. So far, I've learnt quite a number of things that I can't really recall. But one thing that I've learned is time management and punctuality is something that I have in me. Which is pretty much useful to me. I'm so punctual to the point that the students complain to me that they do not like me to be too punctual. Gee, and I thought being punctual was a total virtue in the working world... Paradox, paradox.

While teaching one of the classes last month, I realised that I needed a tablet (not the ones you take when you're ill and when your body's homeostasis fails you. YES, AVIN, NOT THOSE. XD) to teach properly. Pictures paint a thousand words. I can keep telling them how beautiful the Great Barrier Reef can be, but without pictures, words don't really mean much. As such, words are so cheap nowadays. You can literally say "I love you" without having to pay a single cent. Probably you'd have to pay with your face a little (in Asian context), but other than that, words are indeed cheap things you can find on the stale, wet, old streets of Chinatown. So, to those reading this blog post, if you have a sudden urge or a divine intervention, do give me your tablet or there's always something called GADGET MARKETS. :)

So far, teaching has been a really nice job. Way better than my job as a salesman in the first month. My pay for the first month was BULLSHIT. Did I say that? Yeah, BULLSHIT. Clear enough. :) The perks of working as a teacher is that the teacher is always right. (Yes, for 3 months teaching there, I AM ALWAYS RIGHT.) Of course, the greatest satisfaction is seeing your students grow not only academically, but also as an individual, holistically, from all aspects. 

There are a few classes that really made me happy and they still do, when I teach them. 4A, the first class in Form 4, does their homework at lightning-fast speeds, without a lot of hoohahs and boohoos. 4E, one of the not-as-good-as-average class, jokes and makes noise all the time, but they respect me and try to follow the lesson as much as possible. Recently, they changed and have become a little better in class. HAPPY. 5I is a bunch of playful nuts. Honestly, I feel sad for them. They could change their present but if they had took a stride to strive for the best in the past. Fortunately, they are trying their best to change their future now. That leaves only one class that I don't feel much happiness when I teach them. I can't really explain why, but probably it's the aura they exert when I enter their class. PFFT. Aura, right. Sorry 5B. It's not that teacher doesn't care, it's probably 'cause teacher cares too much and you guys just disappointed me. Teachers are humans and they have emotions. Bear that in mind.

Looking forward to more things to learn from my stint there as a substitute teacher. So far, I'm not kicked around like a ball. Good~! :) Hopefully this year's birthday will be a blast. A few things on my wishlist that I do wish I'd get. Come to think of it, it'd be impossible to get even one item on my wishlist. Only God knows. Oh well. *shrugs shoulders*


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