Monday, 28 April 2014

Update, update!

It's been a few weeks since I last updated anything. Literally.

As of now, when I look up into the sky, I can't see any clouds. All I see is a large shadow, very large. Enough to blot out the glorious rays of the sun. I squint my eyes, trying hard to catch a glimpse of what this big and dark object is. Its presence is overwhelming, brimming with evil. A force that drowns you with hate and anger. Then, when I finally made out what this object was... Oh my, it's too late. Assignments! Oh, save me, my dear knight in shining armor! Save I, who is in distress. If only I was the one playing the damsel. I'd love to, by all means.

It has been two weeks since the mid-semester break ended and like many, we thought that our workload would decrease, since we spent our mid-semester break meddling with our assignments. Lo and behold, the truth be shown to us, this isn't such the case. In fact, our workload increased with time. Sad to say, it wasn't linear, in fact, the increase was exponential. All it takes is for the lecturer to get an epiphany, a "Oh dear, I should give you guys an assignment!" moment and that's it, part of our life is sucked out of us that instant. Not that it isn't good but having too many at once really is difficult and quite taxing on our health. Thankfully, I haven't fell sick until now. Only my bowel has been acting up lately. Farting like a cow lately. Of course, mild diarrhea ensues this terrifying journey of farting and assignments.

Above all, thankful that I am still alive and fighting hard with this foe of enormous power. How are you guys doing? Hope all is fine. Lots of love from me, the fighting damsel.

Chicken Wings.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Can you smell it? SMELL IT!

 Hmmm. Smell it? Oh yes, the smell of something good. Something pleasant. Something to soothe your senses and bring you to somewhere near paradise (no, I don't mean dying). And POOF.

Okay, so mid-term break has just started for me. And for most people, we are looking forward to chill and just a some time for oneself, after working so hard for half the semester. That was what we thought. Such innocent and blissful thinking. That was not what our beloved lecturers thought. They wanted us to feel the pain of not having a happy term break. So, they gave us plenty of assignments to complete during the break. Hmmm. Okay, maybe it's for our own good, but I am feeling very, very lazy to even move a finger (imagine the agony and pain I have to go through to post this). Hopefully, this term break will be quite an eventful one, even thought I do not plan to do anything but just laze around at home the whole day. Meow.

The bounty I got from the hunt at Big Bad Wolf books sales. Nice!

The very tiring process of preparing chemical salts. Aigoo. D:
Spectrochemistry is only interesting because of colours. Nothing else.

Yes, this is the real spectrochemistry. See, no colours!