Sunday, 31 October 2010

Untitled #7

I'm getting really lazy at thinking for catchy blog titles. Not that it helps capture a lot of attention. BLAH. I'm sick. Like literally sick. Sore throat, coupled with runny nose, back ache and a little headache. Making me feel so light-headed right now. T^T

Updating blog to kill time, and also to update a little about my findings over the past two weeks.

Exams have come and gone. Finals wasn't that horrifying. It wasn't that brain-friendly too. Was albeit tough with a tinge of fun, I'd say. But anyways, really hoping for the best for my results, at least give me an A for my Chemistry. IT'S MY FAVOURITE SUBJECT! Maths was easier than I thought it wouldn't be. Frankly speaking, the notion of sitting for General Paper and Mathematics exam would scare the crap outta' me. Not because I can't do it, I just can't put a finger on what I'm trying to do! =.= Talk about being completely lost yet so in control of what you're doing. PFFT.

Missing that *ahem* eventhough I get to see *ahem* everyday... Short to say, love isn't going to work if it's a "tepuk sebelah tangan" thing. Even a moth knows this. :( FML when it comes to love life...

Am really grateful to know that God has placed great people in my life. And yes, people do come in and out of my life. Those who leave were meant to leave, and those who came in and stayed, were meant to be always with me. My presence in SMK Jinjang was also by divine appointment. I didn't get in there by chance. And the people I have met there, the things that happened there, were also of God working, not mere karma.

And by the way, a special paragraph dedicated to Josh. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Be the sweet fella' you'll always be, and God bless You in your undertakings. Study hard, play hard and may He bless you with a partner real soon. ;) XOXO

What else? More classes and catching-up with homework? FML

Hugs and kisses for my readers. ;)

=CHIcken WINGs=

Monday, 18 October 2010

Untitled #6

*wipes digital dust off blog*

How long has it been since I last updated my blog? 10 days? 10 days in digital time is like eons in humans years. Time for another update.

Anything that stood out the past few weeks? Well, TOUCH Camp 2010? May not be able to attend it. Bummer. BUMMER. *shrilling scream* Yes, thanks a lot, extra classes, you make me stupid. :(

And well, became closer to some friends, while made distant a few that weren't totally friendly or those who are taking friendships for granted. Friendship is a mutual thing, not a one-way thing, so if I dump you, means we are of different frequencies. Yeah. I'm not changing myself to fit yours, and you don't have to change to fit my frequency. It won't work out anyway. ;)

And during small, tiny periods of "downness", I've found who my true buddies were. You know who you guys are, no mentioning names. Might invoke jealousy. ;) But I really love you guys. And I mean it. :D

Love life, still a one-way communication. Or more of a "I-have-a-crush-on..." thing. Ala "tepuk sebelah tangan" as people would say. And yes, if I can make a wish, I just want to be with you. :( Miss J much.

BLAH. Anyways, life goes on as usual. Finals coming up. Talk about mad-exam rush, ain't no going to help make me any more sane. =.=


=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 8 October 2010

Hm. Trickery?

Gosh. What are you thinking, actually? I hate extended suspense. :(

Jin Wen. Sorry. :( Was tad moody a few days ago. Wasn't anything to do with you. Just some other things made me unhappy. Smile okay?


=CHIcken WINGs=

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Updates. Updates. Who doesn't love them?

Yeah. Some short updates about life...

Let's start from today shall we?

Hmmm. Started off the day ( 2nd of October 2010 ) rather moody. I've been pretty moody the past two weeks. I'm not sure what's the reason. Wait I'm sure of what's the reason, but I'm not really taking action to tackle the problem, or as in what people would say, nip the problem in the bud. But sorry, I don't do botany nor gardening. FML I say.

Mathematics is a pile of bullcrap. Bear that thought in mind, wherever you may go. It's pretty interesting, but how often do you use it in your daily life? Does it take rocket science to just peel a bulb of garlic. I think not. :)

The past week was pretty lukewarm. A couple of ups and downs. None of which is big enough to cause me to go all euphoria nor depressed. Hell yeah I'm more depressed than I'm happy now.

Couple of friends have been asking me about weird questions, like "Who do you like?", "Complicated relationship status? WHO?" and questions that sound oh-so-the-same in that category. Yeah refer to my current relationship status in facebook just to be sure. That's if you added me. :)

Well, let me briefly describe what's going on. Well, I suppose that this is what IS really going on. Well, I'm currently having a crush on somebody. [OH YEAH, YOU READ RIGHT! So move on] And... This is really one of the reason I'm being moody and down-in-the-not-so-dumps. The person that I'm having a crush on isn't really giving me responses. In fact, all I got were cold shoulders. Coupled along with some one-two word replies. I say. OUCH.....

And there's another thing. I guess two girls have a crush on me. HUH?! ME? I'm not that attractive at all. I'm so annoying I can make the Earth spin out of axis. Me? Oh you got to be making October Fool's pranks on me. I didn't assume at all. That's what my friend told me. But anyways, those two girls are cute. :) Any guy would melt, well maybe not literally, when they smile. :) But. I don't know. Wait for crush to respond. Go ahead tackling one of the girls. Study? Only God knows what's good for me.

All I want now is for my heartache to go far, far away and my lost brain cells to come back to me. I'm dying when it comes to studies. Give me an oxygen tank for my birthday next year. DROWNING. =X

=( My brain tells me to let go, but my heart is locked onto you. KEYS! WHERE THOU ART GONE?

=CHIcken WINGs=