Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Korea Trip!

Back in Malaysia. Finally get to enjoy the warm weather here. The weather in Korea is a killer! Got cracked lips when I got back here to Malaysia. Also really grateful our country is much better here.
I realised that Koreans are not as friendly as Malaysians. They are, well, kind of rude too... There was a shop that I entered in a shopping district. It was a clothing apparels shop by the way. While I was browsing through the clothings there, I found one piece particularly nice on the display shelf. I didn't really know that clothing was for display purposes, too. I took the clothing and the shopkeeper came, speaking to me in an angry tone. I was kind of put off by that. What to do? It's their culture. There was also another incident that happened to another person in our tour group. Koreans are kind of scary... Malaysians are a lot better, but of course once in a while you'll see some of the more nasty breeds of Malaysians.
The food there was mainly vegetables. Oh man, I missed meat a lot. Kimchi was really spicy and sour though, not my taste. Still missed Malaysian Chinese food. On the other hand, the place was really nice. Went to a few places that's nice like Everland (Korean Branded theme park), Mount Sorak, Insadong Shopping District. These are the few places that's nice.
Look at the pictures below~

This is me. The one and only Chickenwing

One of the shopping districts the we visited. Shopping was expensive in Korea.

-I love Jesus-

Starbucks coffee was packaged and sold in cups in Korea. Can be found in marts and shops that sell grocery and stuffs. About Malaysian RM 5. Nice!

The lady on the left is our tour guide. Speaks really fluent Mandarin. It seems that she has been thought by a Taiwanese tutor. Pure Mandarin and Korean speaking tour guide. Nice~ Taken at the Incheon International Airport.



Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas day well spent.

For many people, well I think, Christmas is just another holiday to be spent with loved ones like family members, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, you get the idea. But then, what about those who cannot afford to celebrate it, or have never even had a chance to celebrate it? Personally, I had an eye-opening experience when I celebrated Christmas at an orphanage in Wangsa Melawati. Though it was Christmas, to the little children there it was like only another normal school holiday, only waiting for school to reopen and the cycle just goes on and on and on. Pity them, much.

Well, the day started pretty, let me say, not really pleasant. Uncle Peter couldn't get to the place because the map wasn't properly drawn... Poor graphics and estimation of the map. OMG! I could be a cartographer next time right? **Chi Wing is a noob~**

When we got there, I had to start the game immediately. Looks like I had to be the show starter. *Starts to sweat profusely* Played 3 games with the kids. Man, those kids have a heaven lot of energy! They kept running and running I barely could catch a breath, seriously. Even Anndrea and Vivian were exhausted... We didn't capture a picture of them running around like monkeys~ Haha~!

After the games, it was turn for Anndrea to continue with the storytelling session. Anndrea blurred at a certain point... LOL, cute~ Haha~!

After the storytelling session, Alvin and Uncle Peter conducted the song session. Christmas songs! *Wooh!!!!*

See the picture below? My brother is very visible, the biggest boy in white. If I don't mention it, you'd already guessed it out if I say my brother was humongous... Passing his gift to his designated friend. Very contrasting height and size... Haha~!

The kids look happy with their gifts in hand. Haha! Very pretty sight.

I didn't upload my picture 'cause... I look horrible...Everywhere~ Haha~! So what's going to be your next Christmas highlight? Visit an orphangage-la! Go try it out, at least once in your lifetime. You're never going to regret the experience there.

That's very much from me right now. Praying for a safe journey to and in Korea. Those reading my blog, Merry Christmas and God bless you till you have no choice but to bless others.


The Noob


Monday, 22 December 2008

Nicely done! Christmas Play and Barbeque!

Last Saturday was the big day for the whole gang that's supposed to perform a Christmas play for the kids. Glad it was already done, though the was a little rush in preparing the whole thing. But anyways, it was all cool, and we really had a lot of fun. Chicken dance anyone? Haha~!

Didn't really get the chance to take lots of photos during the play. But I got at least the stage picture..... Many balloons popped before they even got hung up. I hate balloons. Don't give me any balloons please.

This was a day after the play. Normal church service (not really if it was referring to the sermon...OMG!!), but we were still requested to reperform for the adults. Double "WHAT???!!!". This is the mixture of Ultraman plus frog = Ultrafrogman. Courtesy of Jerald. Oh yeah~!
Later after the church service, there was a BBQ on at Joe's house. Look at the admission tickets. Nicely done. Nothing but standing ovation~!

Close up view of the ticket. Really nice to see the ticket...~

Every FCC Youth member that attended the BBQ-steamboat received an award. Look at what award I got... It's really about me~
Till next time~!

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Phew. Joash and May's wedding went on great. The board was done!

It was pretty hard to get people to write those messages. Many of them gave me a hard look. Hate it much!

This is the finished product. Nice~ But it could have been better.

This was the earlier preparation. Just to be ready if the leaves weren't enough.
And these were a few alien like bookmarks I made, for a few friends. As X'mas gift. I'm outta cash.

Full moon during my trip in Kuantan. Just take a snap of it for fun.


Monday, 15 December 2008

It's all about me! (not totally)

This is what I took almost like half a day to finish~!
It's all about me!

Wow....Really bored! Crap. Kind of funny, Legoland JB's gonna be built real soon. Wonder what funny stuff the "people" would say. (people as in politicians etc). Hope it's going to be smooth. Kind of cool cause the first time an international brand's gonna be built here in Malaysia.

Many weird stuffs have been surfacing in the newspapers these few days. Really weird and albeit funny sometimes. The last few days of the holidays has arrived... Next year's SPM... End of school life perhaps... Oh yeah! Out of school HELL! Miss school? Probably not. We'll see 'bout that real soon... LOL.


Sunday, 14 December 2008

Things sometimes come in wrong combinations...

Guess the answer to this question:

What do you get when you cross between an overexcited dog and a visitor?

Guess hard alright?

Well, obviously, the answer is, a warm reception, literally.

That happened last week when my sister's friend came over to my house for a chat and "makan". Rex (my sister's Silky Terrier), ran up to the door and well, passed warm liquid onto her friend's leg. Oh wow! Really "warm"...

Boredom can seriously cause anyone to do silly things. Including dogs... Oh well, things are looking dull and boring for me these few days. Not really happy, over some things that are out of my reach. But oh well, life's full of ups and downs. Yeah. Hoping for the best~!



Monday, 8 December 2008

LOL. Hypocrisy? Double standards? Nooblets.


It's kinda funny when you see people doing all kinds of things just to be in the "in" group. Sometimes, they just use you and finally dump you.... Like a parasite. Perfect analogy.

Well, in this life (on earth...DOOH~), lets just face the fact that this world consists of many hypocrites and backstabbers and all kinds of unpleasant people.

Well, this year, I realised that not all friends are what they seem to be. To those who believe the "BFF theory", to bad for you, it's a hoax. There is no BFF, and there will never be (on Earth). In Heaven? Perhaps? I realised that some friends just want you to be there for them whatever happens, but then, they can't even spend a minute listening to you when they're all okay. All this while (since childhood), I believed that all my friends were really great and all.... That was until some events hit me. Until now, I don't believe a single truth in BFF's, or even a best friend. Close friends are not neccesarily best friends.

Hah! The funniest thing is, when you have something that is "in", they swarm you like a swarm of bees, or crows? *Yuck!*. In my heart, there's a feeling that feels like you just wanna say, "F*** off! Hypocrite!", but then the conscience just restrains me from saying that.

Let me see how many more "friends" will turn out to be hypocrites. I'll be on the watch. You won't see the last of me!


Friday, 5 December 2008

Closing of year 2008

Wow, 31622400 seconds is soon going to pass. What a year! Time to write a closing to this memorable year, from head to tail.

Form 4 school life was filled with many ups and downs. Had many fun, dumb, irritating, stupid and ridiculous “adventures” with the teachers and friends. Well, it was very eye-opening to me.

Class Photo of 4B, 2008
Made new friends, of course, and unfortunately, lost some. But it wasn’t my fault entirely. Some of them think they are already too great to be friends with me….. Whatever~! It’s at least good that some friends are still here with me. Those hypocrites, what can I do? Anyways, it’s just a foretaste of what is going to happen a lot in work and college/ university later on, talk about group work, man!

Biology Dissection~

Chemistry Experiment, copper (II) sulphate

This is the younger friends of mine.

Dumb moments are aplenty…. Examples are below:

Jia Yi scolding Lyn Yie before the movies... LOL

Quality time with family? Happens to us all the time. From Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, and even Christmas, we celebrate together. We are Malaysians-what~

Well, the first half of the year was really a tough one.

-Needed to adjust to the new “upper secondary life” mode.
-Friends changed a lot. All of them have a totally revamped personality…
-Studies really took the toll on me. Especially History Studies…. Endless essays. And mind you I have got no tuition. Gosh!
-Prefect duties and responsibilities. AJK= not cool!!!

Anyways, with all those challenges, I fared pretty well in my exams. #1 in class (What? I worked for it….)

After the mid-year exams, I finally got my big break. Everything took a turnaround. I’M BACK! Most of the things I did turned out great! Like, magic! God’s plan I guess. Nevertheless, have to buck up for the final exam, not going to go down like a dumb arse. Not long after that, then only I knew that I have another obstacle ahead of me…..

Prefects’ Annual Dinner is just up ahead, in October (18th October 2008). The AJK’s had to plan the big dinner for the senior prefects. So “manja”, kept asking us about the annual dinner. =.=””””” What more can we do, than to play mum and dad? Well, most of the calling and surveying were done by me and Jia Yi….. My handphone credit…. *sobs…..* All my precious time for studying was used to plan this annual dinner. Like what the ~~~~……

This is my handsome child with me.

Right after the annual dinner, it was the finals. Horrible, knowing that all my time was used to plan the annual dinner…… How I studied? Flip, scan, pick notes, memorise, dump the book. How much I can memorise depends on the capacity of my brain, which is about 64MB large. >.<

But the good thing was… Heheheh! The was a break in the middle of the exams. On the 21st October 2008, there was an educational visitation programme with the Japanese students. They’re from Oze High School, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Learning language is important. The day they came, I didn’t really get a single thing they were talking (to me, crapping) about. No choice but to play “I-really-know-what-you’re-saying” drama. But still, it was all cool.

=Exams resume=

Exams results are nice~~~! I fared well in Physics! Finally! I was so sickly on the day I sat for the Physics paper. My nose was flowing mucus. What the ~~~~!

Physics~ 82%

Biology~ 90%

Chemistry~ 83% (NOOOOOOOOO!)

Maths~ 86% (NOOOOOOOOO!)

Add. Maths~ 89% (NOOOOOOOOO!)

History, I crapped logical crap!~ 81%

Right after the exams was our holidays! Freedom, until next year when we have to suffer for SPM. Not looking forward to it, much... This year’s holiday is really great for me. The past few year’s holidays were very much boring.

~Tutored a student!
~Finished Joash and May’s wedding card-cum-board!(Thanks for bringing us shopping, Joash and May!)
~Go shopping with friends!
~Made new friends!
~Go Christmas makan with cousins and uncles and aunties and mum and dad!
~Practiced acting for children Christmas! (First time playing bad guy)
~Celebrated Christmas with the orphans!
~Went overseas for holidays!
~Did not get stranded there!

Me eating Dippin' Dots ice-cream. It's small balls of iced candy like thingies that melts in your mouth and gives a creamy melting flavour~

My Chinese zodiac, THE MONKEY!

What has next year got in store for me? A lot, I hope! Hope that next year things will be very much more favourable for me. Let me see, I have a rough idea of what to do next year. God please guide me~~~! Hahas!

Plans for next year……:
~Study hard
~Apply for a student exchange programme
~Save more money
~Attend Youth service more frequently
~Strengthen friendship ties with present friends
~Be more sadistic (NOOOOOOOO!)
~Score better for my Chemistry exam. I flunked it this year.
~Try making money by tutoring
~Resharpen my arty skills. Haven’t done it in ages……Not even this year
~Put on more weight, in the right places-lah!


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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

New art project coming up~! #3

New art project coming up soon! Christmas monster card~! Literally!

Rough idea like this~!

Itz a cutout of cute monsters (artist point of view) on a black cardboard like paper (thin enough to be laminated, but tough enough to stand the "heat")

Its gonna be cute~!

Just watch out for it, see whether you'll get one~!

I'm loving it!


Monday, 1 December 2008

X'mas to Birthday Wish List~! Oh Gawd~!

Well, X'mas is just around the corner, everyone's getting ready nice dainty clothes, emptying schedules for THE day, and well, everything is about X'mas! Wish lists anyone?

This year, these are the stuff I wish to have! =) Wonder do gifts fall down from trees or anything? ........................~

The value of collectibles come after they are out of date......... Oh yeah!

Old computers just can't handle the net...... New comps please~!

A DS Lite to burn time away..... PSP too bulky....-lah!

A Sony C902 is always less bulkier than a K850. Still, can be used as a camera when you can't carry a digital cam everywhere.

Finally, a Sony W890 never fails to impress~!
Few other stuff that I'm lazy to find the pictures are:~
*A trip to Japan
*A Suzuki Swift
*A bedroom makeover
*Renovated toilet at home (not that the present one's not nice, better is always, well, BETTER isn't it?
*Makan-makan session with friends and family
OMG! Looking forward to X'mas and next year~! Till later, CIAO!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Artwork for Holiday #1- Joash's and May's wedding ceremony board! and #2, birthday bookmarks

Well, has been a busy holiday...... Let me blog about what has been done so far. Joash's and May's wedding board has been completed! Oh yeah! It's not like totally professional, but then it was done like, very nicely, I guess. Pictures are below~!

These are the cranes that we are going to use. They are going to be chained with a string to make a line of 8 birds. Kaching!

These are some of the cranes. Can't help taking some pictures, anyway I have tonnes of time up my sleeve, for now...... =.="""""

These leaves are to be stuck onto the board. As messages for the lovely couples~ OMG!

These are bookmarks made for Mey Eun, Dick Shen and Kok Sime for their birthday~! Oh yeah! Happy Birthday guys!

Well these are the few things I have done so far. Take over the world? Maybe next year, gonna take over the continent first~ Next post, SOON!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Nothing better to do, lets crap about self-esteem.....!

Life is so boring when you've got all the time in the world but you don't know what to do with it..... Well, I think I'm liking blogging a lot, at least for the time being.....

Lets talk about self-esteem~

My tips of keeping self-esteem high and mighty~!

1. Be original, don't support piracy. =.="" I mean just be yourslef, don't be like someone else. Well it's good to have a role model, but don't BE your role model. You'll be like living in someone else's shadow. (How does it fell like when you've worked your life to make a name, and then someone comes to you and say like, "Hey, you are exactly like *who and who*....) I mean it's like make a name for and by ourself. Savvy?

2. Be happy, and laugh whenever you face difficulties~ Well, it looks hard to make it true. And of course it's hard for me to do it, too. But when you face problems, and you can laugh over it, it makes you a more relaxed and matured person. Many times we are so anxious about this and that until we forget that the simplest solution is right in front of our very eyes. It's good to relax rather than get all messed up when there's a problem.

Dress according to your taste. Don't let other people tell you what to wear, and never follow any trend unless you feel comfortable with it. Trends are just outlines to follow, but they are nit there to dictate whether you are in the "cool" group or the "cacat" group. To me, people look nice when they are comfortable. No point putting on make-up, heavy blings, oversized glasses whne you're not really comfortable with it. But then, if it's nice, go for it~ Go get a fasion guru to help ya out.

4. Study study study. Knowledge is power, when you have power, you got good self-esteem~ Well, many people, including me (OMG!) find studying very tiring and stressful. But then again, no pain no gain. Study should not be seen as a burden, but something you love. No doubt some schools force their students to take the stream that they do not want............For me, I love Chemistry, not just like or "my favourite subject is....". When you love it, you'll do everything for it. Similar to girlfriends and boyfriends, just that this is study punya analogy la.

5. Friends!!! Get good friends. That three words from the previous sentence takes time. Okay, here's the explanation.
*Firstly, you need to find friends. Okay, that's not difficult unless your jaws weigh like what? 100 tonnes?
*Secondly, nurturing the friendship. Slightly difficult, but yeah, it will get easier.
*Thirdly, get into trouble(by accident). Wait for friends to come and comfort you. Not easy, in fact, please forgive me the vulgarity, bloody difficult.

Friends are not there only when you're happy, but also there when you're sad. If you HAVE friends who are there for you 24/7, be grateful and appreciate your friends with all your heart, soul, mind, butt, brain...........etc, etc, etc. I literally mean it. Don't take your friends for granted.

6. Your religion~ Go do some devotion or some prayer.... Even when you feel high up in the sky. Praying helps keep the mind sound and realx, and also to tone down your stress when you have one, and also to keep your conscience in thr right state. Besides, repligion plays a role in everyone's life, though sometimes in goes unnoticed.

7. FAMILY....! Whenever you have troubles, they are the one's who should and well..... must(?) know your problems first. Talk to them, and also play with your family. Don't spend too much time with friends by going out loitering and God knows what. Do simple activities like sitting down and chat, play a game, watch a TV programme or movie together. You'll never have the kind of fun you have with your friends.

Well, those are the few tips I have and believe in to build my self-esteem~ Just sharing how I can be so gila all the time. Just be yourself, and who knows, you might be a personality someday?


Prefects' Annual Dinner 2008

Lets start off with my annual dinner for this year~ Well, Caleb has blogged about this already, well iI think its ok to add more juice into it, even it's like already one month pass the event.

It was held at the Coronade Hotel, on the 18th of October 2008.

Well, pretty hard planning the whole thing. Almost gone crazy thinking bout it alone. Nevertheless, the whole annual dinner turned out well..... Or so I guess-lah~

But there was a few turn-offs la......
~The first and foremost......The food was HORRIBLE!
~We didn't get the right dance floor size......
*Two is a few already I guess.

Hahaha! It's better to let the pictures speak for themselves right? ^-^

This one is me and my "child", Chok Kam~

This is Sin Hui(left), me and Ivory(right)

Wee Kee (Head Prefect- Girl) and Celine ont the right, my classmate.

Had a very fun time, looking forward to next year's annual dinner, see what's got the form 3's this year have in store for us~