Friday, 31 July 2009

H1N1, stop "bugging" my life, LITERALLY!

Stupid flu. Bug. Bug. BUG! Go home to wherever pigs' ass you belong. Stop bugging my freedom!

This flu thing has been bugging my life since the start of this week. Mum's school had to be quaranrined. 5 tested positive out of 10 samples taken. By the grace of God, my family has been safe so far, and will always be safe. ;D But, Mum has to stay at home the whole week and is not allowed to leave home, anyway at all. So horrible! It's as bad as getting sick! Today, there were two suspected cases in my school, I mean, WTH? Do I have to be quarantined too? NO WAY! As bad as it is, the school days have to replaced once the quarantine period is over. Damn.

A little insight on this little brat virus:
1. Flu, or influenza viruses, are named according to the 2 different protein coatings and structures they have. "H" being the hemagglutinin type and "N" being the neuraminidase.
2. This virus are endemic in humans, some birds and bovine creatures. So, you might get the idea why scientists are getting worried like hell over this disease. The current H1N1 are endemic in swines only (i.e: It spreads among only among the swiney family). But once it combines the protein structures with the deadly avian flu and the common flu, it becomes a killing machine. Just imagine like it has got an upgrade to jump everywhere!
3. The 1918 Spanish flu is the H1N1 virus, though differing in terms of method of transmission. The Spanish flu killed approximately 60,000,000 people. Look at the number! ;D
4. Read Wikipedia for more information. It seems that the highest group of people being killed during the Spanish flu were young adults. Head to Wikipedia to find out why~ ;D

BAH! Just shortly said, this thing is bugging my life.... xD

Well, picture time! Look at this picture, who doesn't check the dictionary before they name their product? OMG. Git? =.=

How do you spell Celine? Is it (a)Celine or (b) Cellion xD

The mother of all McDonald's eater, FCC YOUTH!


LOLs, recent evetns in school hasn't been really fun to me. Most of the time it was boredom. Was offended one day in this week. Noob people. Noob. Noob. Huh?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Has been pretty busy the past week. Luckily everything was in hand and not many things went wrong. Thank God for all His provision and blessings upon me the past week. It could not have been any better! ;D

Last Saturday (26.07.09) was PAD 2009 (Parents' Appreciation Day 2009) in church. Was a good one. The only thing was the time constrain. If there was more time given to us... It could have been better. Nevertheless, I thought it was great. I mean, like Youth appreciating adults, and adults realising the talents and works that the Youths are doing to make not only the church, but the areas around church, be filled with the presence of God. Great PAD back there on Saturday. ;D

The following day... Didn't go to church. OMG. xD. Thanks a lot to Jerald who replaced me even he's recuperating from his injury. =D

Was at The Star's-RHB Mighty Minds competition at Berjaya Times Square. This is the final state challenge of this competition before they go for the nationwide competition. For the Form 4 and 5 category, there were two categories, Blue and Red. The Red category (I was in the Red category), comprises of around 47 teams. On the other hand, the Blue category consisted of around 53 teams. In total there were around 90 plus teams taking part in the competition.

Halfway through the competition, saw the bunch of girls from church! OMG, shopping after church is like a so fun thing to do. Gave me moral support and asked me to "belanja" just in case my team and I won. =D Judges judging our stuff below. =D

Well, we got into the finals after the first round of 20 objective question answering. ;D For the final challenge, we had to construct a manually-operated trash picker. We were given lolly sticks (the big fat sticks that doctors use.. you get the idea), hooks, the satay sticks, three chopsticks, masking tape, cellophane tape, pin, big straws, spring, and some strings. Stationery was provided too. ;D
Our product? See picture below. ;D

We owned 3rd place with that! HAHAHA! Kin Jun was great on this! May Suet did great too! Am happy! Most of all... we beat SMK Kepong Baru at this! And at least we made it to the top 3 too.

Both the first and the second placing were won by convent schools, so I guess our so-young school made it far this time.

1st-Wesley Methodist

2nd- Methodist Boys School


So sorry for KB..... NOT! ;D

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 24 July 2009

Random photos for the week. Enjoy! Lazy to write la~ Haha~ But has been a great week. God has been great~! ;D
=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

| WHAT'SA PROBLEM? | ;D I'm feeling acidic. Wanna' get burned?

RAWR! Feeling so acidic today. Wondering how many times I've used this term today. Somebody's gonna' get burned today! Burned around two people today. Don't play with acid guys, not safe. So many kiddos today trying to be funny, knowing really well that it's not really funny to fool around at the wrong place and the wrong time. Pity them.

Sigh, what can you do? ~ ;D

Haha, recently stopped thinking too much for ma' friends. Don'r have to be so concerned about them. Not nice-la, after you end up being called a kay-poh. Better not nose into people's business. Many people say you should be concerned about the wellbeing of your friends... I say... CRAP! Hmm, it's not like I didn't try caring much. It's just that when you really try, and they end up like... "Hey, it's my business, so I'll handle it, don't worry 'bout me,". I mean, come on, what are friends for? A Ming dynasty vase for decoration? REALITY CHECK! ;D

Hahas, don't wanna' be crapping so much, just wanted to spill some acid here so that I can finish pouring all my acid away. Or not I might have to spill it in school. Not nice. NO!

BTW: Blessings come your way when you try your best, and especially when you give it all to God. Today, there's this KDU sponsor thingie. What the counselling teacher told us was, students who are in the first place in every class are entitled to a (is it "a"?) free movie ticket to watch Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince, sponsored by KDU. How good is that? Tell you the truth, I just relaxed during the whole Mid-year exams. Only prayed, and briefly read through my books. Look at what I got! Praise be to God~ ;D


=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 17 July 2009

| C.H.I.W.I.N.G | is pondering

Been pretty busy lately.

Haven't been able to look at the small things.

All the small, yet so significant things.

How dumb of me.

Not trying to sound emo.

Just looking back...

Realised so many things had happened.

The mixed emotions. Sad. Happy. Angry. Disappointed. Ecstatic.

Full of flavour.

But I didn't learn how to enjoy it. Rushing. Chasing. Everything.

Will I learn to see the larger picture?

God will show me the way.

Chi Wing is pondering.

What, when, why, which, who, how.

=To friends who are close to me... =D Jusr wanted to say to you guys that I really appreciate you guys. I don't want to get caught up in everything that I'm doing so much that I fail to see so many things that we can enjoy together. Sometimes I may be a pain-in-the-as* (Well, who never been one before?), so just take it as something part of me :) But really, I LOVE YOU GUYS A LOT! Great big hug for all ma' close friends~! ;)

=Caleb Teng. Left for the US today. Though not close, will be missing him. Something abstract to describe. Kind of sad that I didn't get to know Caleb that well. Things come and go, and sometimes, I have to accept it. God bless CALEB TENG yar! =D

=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The absolute need to release heat energy in me!

MAN! The week has been cruel so far. SO FAR. Haven't touched today's newspapers. Just finished typing History notes. Not that I want to type, was being forced by teacher to write it. Damn. What can I do but do it then?

Hmm... Having said that, there's so many other things that are left undone. Gotta' move at double speed. Been sleeping early these few days outta' exhaustion. Didn't even brush my teeth the night before. Whoops. Who gives a damn when you can sleep on a nice comfy bed without having to worry about the next day.

Today having the oh-so-happy mood to study Biology in school. It so happened that today, there was a History paper: tips on answering session. Great, all my motivation to study crushed. Need to re-plan. Noobcakes.

Was at school the whole day for almost nothing, really. ZZzZzZzz

Well, stop all the rants. I'm hungry. Well, my current wants... Let me see what I should get real soon...
~A laptop!
~Nokia N97
or~Sony Ericsson W995 (stupidly, its a slide phone. What's wrong with Sony designers?)
~A thumbdrive with 128GB storage (it's NEW!)
~A meet-up-with Takashi Murakami, one of the creative designers under the Louis Vuitton brand name. OMGee!
~Finishing ALL assignments, and not taking in anymore after that.

OMG, so many things to achieve in a relatively short time. Any time to spare, dear reader?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Saturday, 11 July 2009


Nothing much in this post. Read my previous one. This is just a rant. OMGee, the urge to get all the things done! Somebody lend me a helping hand! WARH!!

Friday, 10 July 2009

This week.

Some crappy stuffs that I drew with ballpoint pens and gel pens while classes were too boring or the teachers weren't in class for any apparent reason. TATOO! XD Been pretty busy lately. Today got a reply from my group leader regarding the design of the invitation card for school's Mid-Autumn festival on the 4th of October. Anybody want to come? Sunday, at SMK Sinar Bintang. Tickets are RM10 per person. =D SMS or put a message in the chatbox alright? *laughs*

There's been many things happening in the entertainment world, which is so LOL. Sometimes. Around three weeks ago, the world was taken aback by the death of Michael Jackson, and former Charlie's Angels Farra Fawcett (did I spelled that correctly?). Hmm... The incident really showed the world the true colours of many people. Some turned out to be monsters, while some people defended Michael's eccentricity. Only one thing for sure is the world lost an epitome of peace and care. It's only fair that people put themselves into his shoes. =D Then, I read about an article saying that Evanescence, my favourite gothic-rock band, HAS BEEN DISBANDED! WTH! It went this way. After releasing their award-winning album, Fallen, back in 2003, they stopped their music production. Somehow, the guitarist-lyricist said that there wasn't anymore chemistry in the band. Amy Lee, lead singer, decided to go her own way. It so happened that Carly Smithson (again, did I spell that right?) from latest season of American Idol, took her place as lead vocalist, and renamed the band (We Are) The Fallen. They released their first single, Bury Me Alive back in June this year. Whatever happened to Evanescence..... NOOOOOOOOOOO! Carly can't beat Amy when it comes to goth rock. =D

On another matter: Boredom is a powerful weapon. It brings about destruction.

Watch this video my little brother and sister from my class on how to kill boredom. =D

Lastly, don't ever release your PMS stress on me. I'm innocent... HAHA!

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 3 July 2009


So funny. Really is funny. Forgotten to write 'bout this in the last post. I tak kena NS. Last Tuesday at tuition, everybody was making such a big fuss 'bout it. To me... I just kena stun. NS? Come on, it's not like you're going to be slaughtered in God-knows-which-slaugterhouse.

To all my friends who are going to join the National Service, have fun, and enjoy all the time you have there. Some camps may be boring while some will be really great. If I'm unlucky and there's a second round of selection, I'll be with you guys! WAKAKAKA! Only thing that is I'm not able to work after that. Damn. But still, God bless and have fun. To all SPM-ers... NO TIME TO PLAY ALREADY ARRR! SPM FEW MORE MONTHS, BUCK UP! XD

=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Latest post. Kena paksa tulis. =D

Haven't been actively blogging for the past three weeks. Some friends thought I sopped blogging. I think... =.="""

Been pretty busy since holiday ended. Lots of project to finish. PEKA, Moral Projects and all. *Huffs and puffs~*

Now for a random post to keep you busy. (You must be free, if not you wouldn't be checking on blogs. Anything that suits you. =D)

Last Sunday, after church, visited a book exhibition-cum-clearing sale at Atria shopping centre. That shopping centre was once famous for housing many hobby shops. remote control cars, card games, anything. But now, it's as dead as... Nevermind, can't think of a word for comparison.

Today is the beloved Jian's birthday. Jian, we all love you! God bless and have fun alright? And cut down on vanity, 'cause you're killing our cams! WAKAKA! Hope you loved the paper birthday cake, too~ =D

Kok Sime caught on camera. You can't run from me! XD

The vain one- Jia Yi. What you're looking at? XD

Oh, one more story. This is what Celine told me about her dream. She had this weird dream like... Err... She didn't tell me when. But in her dream, she dreamt about a guy who proposed to her (is that the right word to use?) to be that guys girlfriend. And the funniest thing is, Celine only know that guys name, and nothing more. Furthermore that guy is a year younger than Celine, only 16. =.= When she told me, I "kena stun". Speechless. And then... I ROFLMAO-ed. I mean what can be more weird... And funny. I promised Celine not to tell anyone who the guy is. So, my lips are crossed. XD In relation to her dream... When she was walking home one day, not long after the weird dream incident, the guy which I talked about grabbed her umbrella and walked Celine home. HOW WEIRD IS THAT?

*This part has been removed due to violations of Celine's rights. She will chase me with an AK-47 and blast me off to outer space with her electron-core high-powered velocity accelerator rail cannon blaster.

To all friends who know Celine, post this as your personal message on Windows Live Messenger:
"Celine, it's not a dream. Just accept your fate. =D"

With the smiley alright?

=CHIcken WINGs=