Monday, 28 March 2011

NA! Post dalam BM! Amik ko!

Kebelakangan nih kan, bebudak dalam kelas aq kan semua cam kena sampuk. Tak pasal-pasal merapu pastu cakap benda-benda yang langsung x masuk akal. Takpelah kalo korang cakap benda yg at least logik sikit lakan, yg nih pagi sampei lepas skolah cakap benda yg bukan jer menyampah, tapi main cakap jer tak henti2. wei, org x minat nak dengar sampah u lah! DIAM LAH SIAL.

Pastu kan, adalah dlm kelas i kan org yg pandai jer omong kosong pastu nak habuan byk byk. Pastu kan, nak sgt org bagi dia ni lah, tu lah. tapi bila dia tu ada benda yg syiok kan, sumernya simpan menyendiri jer. kedekut nak mampus. biler ko gi memana, gi sendiri jer. pastu ko tak bagitau kitorang ko go jalan2 dgn kengkawan yg lain. tapi biler kami "lupa" nak ajak ko, ko melenting pulak. weyh, apa hak ko untuk marah? jgn bullcrap lah hello. biler i yg melenting dgn mengamuk, ko terus mampus tau? MAMPUS. biler org nak baik dgn ko, ko jgn la amik peluang untuk eksplotasi org. ko tuh bukannya best, hebat ke handsome pun. kalo cermin ada untuk u pandang kan, cermin tuh terus pecah to tak? sbab ko tuh hodoh sgt. ada pahammmm?????????

This post is dedicated to the very illogical and nonsensical people that I know. NA! I specified ILLOGICAL AND NONSENSICAL. Read properly, can?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Saturday, 26 March 2011


As you may have noticed by now, the title of this blog post has been changed to NA! instead of the previous "Oh...". It brings significant meaning. Did I say significant? Perhaps I did.

Well, firstly, let me define what is NA! from my perspective. The word NA! means the action of showing a middle finger with anger or annoyance. Well, I use NA! not because I'm angry, but for the purpose of releasing tension. But to some of the people I know out there, NA! Don't mess with me.

Well, yes it's NA! for these bunch of people. I don't isolate people blindly. I isolate myself from some people because I find these group of people an unpleasant bunch. How unpleasant? They don't practise what they preach. They go bossing people around, telling them what to do. When it comes to them, they do something which is the total opposite of whatever they've mentioned earlier. This is a total outrage! This word is a rather harsh word to use, but NA! to you, YOU BUNCH OF FREAKING HYPOCRITES! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *lifts up the magic finger*

Lately, life has been pretty hectic. Yes, it really wears me out, makes me emotionally tired, physically lethargic and sometimes spiritually empty and deprived. But I'm thankful God has kept me alive and strong until today. Yes, I did fall sick, but He gave me the strength to keep fighting. I'm not dead yet and you bunch of morons ain't slowing me down. Of course, I did find out who were the bunch of friends who really cares for me. Some claim they really care for me. Honestly, tell me, how much do you know of me to even claim that you REALLY care for me. Sorry to say, most of you don't understand me at all. Sadly, some of them go around backstabbing others. I'm not the only victim, some of my other friends are, too. Well, I may be aggressive and foul-mouthed at times, but I'm not as disgusting as you bunch of ball-less cowards who go around spreading harsh rumours about others. Go get some balls you! XD

I'm also pretty happy I'm given a chance to make new friends. YES! BRANDON! YOU! XD Brandon is a nice person. :) This paragraph is for you! XD Study hard. I wish you well in whatever course you are going to undertake. I will be always praying for you, hoping that God has His favour and love upon you. Nothing is always bad. Sometimes, blessings take the form of what we may call a "curse". Don't look back, go forward. By the way, I miss you a lot, even thought I've known you for only such a short time. :)

Yes, I'm still single. I still love that person a lot. I can't let go. Oh well. =(

=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wants. Oh well. Failed pictures by the way. Not properly aligned.

I want this camera

I want this bag T~T

I want this watch T~T


=CHIcken WINGs=

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


This week has been lousy for many people. (Hell, why do I always blog when there are bad things going on? FML. IDK.) Everybody wishes that the week will be smooth sailing. Free of pain. Free of annoyance. All those things that people wish for are what they can continue to dream for. Go ride a merry-go-round on the clouds for all I care.

All the opposite is what we got. Don't hope. Make stuff work. Personally, I was upset with many things this week. Probably because I'm having too much stress. I'm not a good stress manager perhaps. Or maybe, just maybe, some people around me should reevaluate themselves before they go around judging others. Heck, if you're so good and immaculate, you'd be a demi-god already, or you may even consider yourself a god already. I say, BLASPHEMY. Get a mirror, people.

Let me get started on the deets. Well, little and petty annoying stuff can amount up to a big and major problem. There's this person in class which I totally oppose right now. Whether HE knows it or not, it doesn't really bother me much. If he wants a fight, I can give him one. I'm born a fighter, live and die as one too. OK. So this fella' has done stuff that makes people dislike him. Maybe it's because he's ignorant. Is it so? I say, maybe he's just too self-centred. I never knew the Universe revolved around a human being up until now. Guess I failed my astronomy, physics, general knowledge and possibly biology.

Can't elaborate too much on my personal space here. I'm afraid some sensitive prick would feel that I'm in the wrong for doing so. You say I'm too aggressive. Let me say to you this: I'm not aggressive. I call this my personal defence mechanism. Live with it. Offended? Go ask Mummy buy you a candy to cheer you up. And oh, endorphines work well with boosting happiness. Or maybe you want an apology from me. Eat my middle finger.

As I said, don't expect an apology from me. I may regret what I've said. But then again, to regret is to waste time. So I wouldn't bother much about regret. So to you and you who think you're a mother-load of super-skilled dudes, think again. The stench of your very ego will one day be the very cause of your downfall. Oh wait, did I say downfall? You never went higher up in the society in the first place. Sorry. I retract my statement.

=CHIcken WINGs=