Saturday, 27 February 2010

;) Loves, hates and what again?

I'm sad. Today's tutoring session was bad. Not too bad. Only my sister attended. My other church friends that are supposed to come for the tutoring session FFK-ed me. T-T

Whatever. I'm so going to watch the So-Must-See-Movie of the year, ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Why it's nice? It's not too childish. It's beautifully done. A-la gothic meets classical remake of the old cartoon version. Heck, it's only a storybook when Lewis Caroll written it. XP

Some random shoe that has got something to do with the movie I guess? o.O?

Couldn't get more pictures of the movie. Blogger can't load the stinking upload picture page.

Ha. Also annoyed that some friends always drop SMSes halfway. Annoyed big time. Not going to acknowledge your SMSes next time. I'm not going to beg for attention. I can round up some attention anytime I want time. WATASHIWA CHI WING-DES! No, I don't hate you, but sometimes you guys are a pain in the *ss. *hugs*

Results are coming out in approximately two weeks. WHEE! Attending a scholarship interview tomorrow. HAHA! Interviews are fun! XD More interviews are coming, WOOHOO!

Those who are constantly supporting me [Mum, Dad, bro and sis], friends and my wonderful cuzzies in my studies and decisions, HELL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Will you love me back? *wonders....*




=CHIcken WINGs=

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Itu pun dia... Apa yang susahnya? =.=

Yes. Finally got those damned tickets. Wooh. It took me almost 6 hours for the bloody cue so that I can send my SMS for the tickets. ALICE IN THE WONDERLAND TICKIES! Who wouldn't want them?! Gosh. Was well paid off. WHEE! Bringing a few buddies to the movies I guess.

Am currently in a blur state. Maybe it was because of all the marking and catching up of the work today at my workplace. BAH. Heck, the radio announcer, Hunny Madu, called when I was walking to work. Pfft. Hot, atrocious weather. *cries*

Oh dear, where have you been? Missing you gigatonnes I tell you.♥

=CHIcken WINGs=

Monday, 22 February 2010

Untitled #2

CNY is almost reaching to a not-so-blasting end. The only thing that blasted my sanity out of my head was a hell lotta' loud firecrackers. "Bai Tin Gong" occasion not too long ago. Lemme' ponder what happened during the Chinese New Year. Not many happy stuffs, not too many rotten stuffs either. Only having this heartache sh*t. =(

#1: Not many people people really take into account of how much you care for them. Sad case. =/ Some of them just want to be choosy of who should really care for them. Yes. You and you cut me off. *frowns like I ate a super-sour tamarind* Go-la you! *JAI-HO!* Me don't wanna' give a damn of what happens to you anymore. xP You are a waste of my time.

#2: This CNY is much colder than the CNY's of the previous years. Why so? Perhaps many people are busy. And some things that are not supposed to be here during CNY are nicely misplaced around during the CNY period. So totally wanna' exorcise those evil stuffs. =X

#3: Kids are very straightforward. Too straightforward in fact. Chatted with Rebecca about our working experience at Kumon during CNY visitation to one of the church member's house. Kids are so nice, but they are a pain sometimes. Some of the kids can drive you up the wall and the ceiling. One of the kids there [Ethan is his name], who is very playful and sometimes, demanding. He does his work quite slowly because he likes play. So it takes him longer than usual to finish off his worksheets. So, I was made to supervise him on the Tuesday before the CNY week. I had to keep pestering him to finish, because the centre instructor told me to do so. He continued playing around... =( And he pretends to do his work when the instructor is around, and continues playing when the instructor does not see him. Sad. And I had a bad fever with cold sweat that particular day. Having to look after these kids while being sick? =.=

I did not go work on the Friday before CNY. And Ethan asked Rebecca, who is also working at the same Kumon centre with me, "Teacher, the boy teacher didn't come because he's angry at me is it?". AWW. They do feel guilty too. And I thought he wanted to get rid of me. =D

I miss the kids there. Even if they are annoying, they are also my dose of happiness. Pay is not really much, but the satisfaction of working there is indescribable.

#4: I don't want to waste too much time thinking about chasing love anymore. The feeling of love sickness is just so unbearable. It sucks. WTF. You know what? I'm just going to live my life, and just let that special someone come by and chase me instead. For now, loving God and my family is good enough. Yes, still love you, but, I'm so whatever right now. *Muaxx~!*

How to kill the heartache? BLAST MUSIC! Teaching tuition. Working. Playing with the kids. Go online and bullsh*t. Exercise and workout the sweat. SLEEP. Drawing. =D

#5: Results for SPM is coming out soon. Hopefully I'm going to get into matriculation, if not, getting PSD Scholarship, Shell Scholarship or any other relevant ones. Wishing STPM candidates all the best for their results that are coming out this Thursday. For SPM candidates, good luck too.

#6: I want to watch the premier of Alice In The Wonderland movie by Tim Burton. But, nobody is as eager as me. And bloody crap, my credit expired when I had to use it to SMS a radio station for the premier tickets to the movie. Damn it. Whatever-lah. As if anybody cares.

#7: Don't die! You can't! xD


=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 19 February 2010

Emo. Alcohol. Sleep.

It's been a long time since I last updated. Haven't got any time during Chinese New Year. Busy stuffs going on. Blah. This year's CNY has been a lukewarm one for me. Nothing to be ecstatic over about. Heck, I'm emo during CNY. I don't know why. And no, it hasn't got anything to do with alcohol. =X

I think it was the second day of CNY that I felt rather emo. After chatting via SMS with one of my close buddies, I got really confused with who I really am. Big secrets that nobody will ever know except God. It's really killing me from inside. Sometimes I realise that whatever I do to cover this secret, it gets harder and harder to handle. Even worse, it's like me trying to run away from this big-ass problem.

For that, I'm still emo up until today. Trying to handle it nicely. I'm still a little blur. Must be the alcohol from yesterday. No more vodkas for me. Bloody hell, it's like drinking antiseptic alcohol. Laced it with Coke, but it still sucked sh*t.

Illegal. Yes, illegal. =(

=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Never the embrace of death.

This week has been a pretty sorrowful week. Not for me in particular. Have been on Facebook for sometime now. So far, three loved ones of my acquaintances have passed on. One is a dog, not human.

Newspapers. Four people passed away in accidents last week. Few of them actually decided to donate their organs to the living, while some of them could not have their organs donated because they were badly damaged.

This made me wonder, what will happen to animals when they pass on to the netherworld? Do they ever get to heaven? ;D Sad. Maybe they'll just reincarnate into other forms? Karma? Nope. Not for me.

As for humans. It is my firm belief that every Christian has a passport into heaven. It's about how you utilise the passport in your life, not just a mere entrance ticket that you keep in your back pocket until you have to use it.

Me? I'm not afraid when Death embraces me. Heck, I'm supposed to be dead for 12 years now. And I'm sitting here typing this? Death will never get hold on me. Not in my lifetime, because God is here with me. When it's time for me to leave, I want to leave with a smile on my face. ^-^

To those having hard times out there... Financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in relationships. Just ring a prayer to God, and he'll do wonders. IT'S MAD GOOD WONDERS I TELL YOU. ;D

Love never fails.
Love endures all things.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Miss you tonnes I tell you

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I actually wanted to blog about this since the last blog post up until this post, but I just conveniently forgotten about it. Just so old of me to do such things! MAH!

As some friends and family members may have known that I'm currently working at Kumon, Taman Sri Bintang. Nice working environment, only a few working days, decent pay and kids to work with! I don't understand how someone who calls himself a sadist can like kids at all. It just annoys me. Puh.

So here it goes then... Last week, I was assigned to look after the younger kids while they're completing their classwork... So there's this little boy who looks super-the-cute. I chatted a while with the little boy. He's Damien by the way. =).

Damien: *playing with pencil*
Me: Damien, faster finish your work, and then you can go home and play later.
Damien: Cannot play... After this must go Bao Bei. [Bao Bei is a reading class...]
Me: Oh, then you can still play after going to Bao Bei, right? *smiles*
Damien: ...... Still cannot also... After Bao Bei, go home got some more tuition...
Me: *WTF in the heart* What about after tuition?
Damien: *smiles*

After that conversation, I was rather saddened. He's just a kindergarten student, but he's made to go through all these so-called study classes. Mind you, he had tuition in the morning already. Pity the poor kid... I wonder how many more students in Kumon actually has the same kind of "fate" or scenario as Damien.

I'm no parent, but I believe kids should be given time to study at their own pace, and not being forced to study things that are far beyond their age. Unless they're geniuses that is. All these kids are made lifeless after all those classes. By the end of the day, they're so OMG drained that they're too lazy and tired to play already. The following day, the cycle goes on, again. Heck, their whole childhood life will be filled with the word STUDY alone. LIFELESS I TELL YOU.

Nevertheless, I still love those kids. [YOU ARE A SADIST, WHY ARE YOU TYPING THIS?!] Pardon me, monologue to myself. Pity or whatever, it's not my choice at all. My duty is to help them and that's it.



=CHIcken WINGs=

Miss you tonnes

Thursday, 4 February 2010


AHA. Training session ended kid of earlier than expected yesterday. Was OK. Speaker was boring ad monotonous. Forgivable. Was just a handsome, young chap that was just starting to gain work experience. ;D

Day by day, the day of the "unveiling" of the SPM results just draws closer and closer until it eclipses your thinking. I am a little nervous, but God will provide. He has not, and will not, forsake nor fail me. I just hope that everything will be alright until then.

Currently feeling so dumb. Don't really know why. Perhaps I have been so lazy ever since SPM ended and now I'm like some kind of dungu kid waiting for SPM results to be out. Even if my results are good, I will still be dumb because I have forgotten so many things after SPM. HAHA. Dumb me.

My calendar's a mess. Would like to finish all the tutoring sessions as soon as possible. Not that I don't like it, but for the convenience of my students and also me, finishing it fast will be good. MWAHAHA!

Miss you and you tonnes! xD

=CHIcken WINGs=