Saturday, 30 May 2009

Birthday Frenzy! Happy B'day Caleb!


Just got back from Caleb's birthday bash in Gasoline. The food there was OMG expensive. Hurt my wallet much. Paid RM26-27+/-... Was expensive, but the party was great. Hoped that Caleb is super happy with the party~ Didn't really get to picture with the b'day boy. Mum didn't allow me to borrow her camera. She said it was the only one and ONLY camera at home. I was a little disappointed, but, after thinking over it, yeah, it's OK then. I'll have to work to get my own camera then. Wanna' get myself a DSLR. I'll be so high then... Back to the story~ Hmmm... Celine and I took lotsa' pictures together. So LOL. The up and "high" atmosphere was in the air. I laughed a lot. Haven't been able to laugh like that in a long time. Been very down lately. Much stress. Or depression. Or both. BAH! Xiu Yeong (a.k.a Burger) took some wrong "medicine" I guess. She haven't been able to stop laughing since the beginning of the party 'till the end. MAN! Suddenly, something occured to me. What if after SPM, school, will we be able to come out more often like this? I realised after a long time that friends are necessary, though sometimes I don't want to acknowledge that fact. It's too strong. I can't imagine how friendships are after schooling life. But one thing is for sure, I NEED A MAKEOVER. Need to go colour (highlight preferrably) hair. Get a designer specs done. I would want to try out my own design! Man it would rock. Then maybe do private tutoring. It's fast and rather easy method of income. Provided when the students aren't really pain in the a*s. OWH! Happy for Caleb, he has got a GF already! Congrats Leb!

Was chit-chatting with Celine and suddenly the Gasoline waiters started playing some emo Mandarin songs... Celine couldn't tahan and whipped out her earphone equipped, sleek purple iPod nano 3rd Generation and we heard songs over it. Man, the techno RAWKS! Love it much. Clubbing anyone? And I realised that I need to get myself some new gadgets. Some of them which I don't have, and some which I have, but need replacement. Like my Samsung E590 now... Bought it 'cause the design is "cun". Simple but classy. But not hardy. The keypad cover cracked at the edges. When I realised, was totally stunned. Now my phone is cellotaped at the bottom... Awkward ugliness.

So... Next year's or X'mas wishlist are:
1. A digital camera/ DSLR
2. Sony PSP
3. A new phone. Thought of N82, N96, Omnia, or a Pixon.
5. An mp3 player.
6. N-DS
7. More thumbdrives! (It feels safer to have more of it, blame it on OCD)
8. More sleep
9. JPA scholarship
10. Being chosen for exchange programme
11. Passing driving license
12. This is the one which I really hope will come true. Undying good ties and relationship with closest family and friends. From the bottom of my heart. (not deep enough? then see my blog page title)

Well, getting tired. Hope Celine can send me the b'day party pictures. We haven't even started talking 'bout the Mag Inc. thing. Damn it. Celine, we should change schools until the competition is done, then we reshift back to school. Keen on it? XD

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Friday, 29 May 2009

Feeling a hell lotta' better! This week's posting: 25th-29th May 2009

Recap for the entire week. This week...

On Monday:

1. Exams are not really done for those who are taking Accounts in our class. So, half the day was dedicated to them who are taking this subject. The rest who weren't taking this subject, they, well, monkeyed around the whole wide school. Ponteng kelas... Class-hopping, etc. What's there to do When the teachers are all busy preparing for Teachers' Day?

2. At tuition. Next Monday and the following Monday, Chemistry class is cancelled. Teacher has to go for a course overseas. Classes will resume on the 13th May... When the teacher has completed her quarantine from the world. (Nak prevent disease, kononnya)

Nothing much. Same old, plain old. Classes as usual. Except that the teachers were more keen on relaxing after the long 3 weeks of exams. We, were also grateful. I mean, it's so boring that after exams, classes resume as usual. So lifeless...

Skip to Thursday:
Wednesday was a sour day. Don't wanna' recap. Overcame it though. Feeling much better already. Thursday. Nothing much too. Physics class. ZZZ. Was pretty sleepy. Thought I would get to meet a friend after class... But was nowhere in sight. Sigh, didn't get to say "Hello!".

Teachers' Day. Bored. Tired. SS. ZZZ.


Hmm, today's event, Teachers' Day... To me, we, the prefects, did more work than anyone else. LOL. The teachers wanted to use the prefects' room. And demanded us to not use the room at all. Made us put our bags in the canteen (prefects' room is to have our meetings, put our bags and do all things prefect). That was kind of, well, "lebih". The teacher made the prefects carry all the chairs in the prefects' room upstairs to the first floor, too(prefects' room was on the ground floor). That was also tad ridiculous. Prefects do everything, meh? Still, if we didn't do well, we are on hot plate, ready to be roasted and eaten. Pretty unfair, eh? Not win-win situation, it's a die-die situation. Crap aside.

Today, I also realised that the number of cases of lovebirds, couples, and having crushes on other people have increased dramatically this week. It's either Cupid has been losing his accurate shots that he hits everybody with his arrow, or maybe he dropped his arrows without noticing. For example... Today, I just knew that Yan Tong and Lian Tat were already couples. I don't know how true is it thus far... But they make an adorable couple. They said they just got together recently. Maybe it was Lian Tat's charm and Yan Tong's bubbly attitude. WOW! Then... There's this other friend who has a crush on one of my friends(name can't be mentioned. I'll get killed). This, also , is pretty weird. Two cases? Man... Then, I heard another case that one of my friends are also starting courtship. What? This is getting crazy. Too bad I can't expose names. You see, this IS a blog, and when gossips get out, it spreads like wildfire. HEHEHEH~! But still, wish them luck in all that they're doing. Lovey-dovey isn't always easy, but it's worth it. So, GANBATTE!

Regarding the bad, bad, bad day I had this week... I am happy that it's over. Talked it over with one of my friends. He explained, advised and also comforted me. Which is something I haven't have got in a long, long time. Feeling better after all the burden has finally been released. Feeling as light as feather now. No more heartache.

And.... To MJ/ Joe. You'll pull through I know. Just hang in there. You have great friends there for you. Need help? I'm just an SMS/ a phone call/ an MSN nudge away. NO MORE EMO, OR I'LL EAT YOU UP!



=CHIcken WINGs=

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Dumb, dumb, dumb. Hypocrisy at the utmost highest.

A little bored now. Am blogging a lot recently. Thinking that I have so many blog posts, nobody would want to read so many rubbish by me. Really want to relate my experience at school today. With much beauty and detail. See the irony later.

Was a rather bright morning today. Sky is shrouded partly in cotton-wool clouds that seem so fluffy from the top of the school corridor. The Sun's rays still licked the land even with the cloudy atmosphere. Was walking up the seemingly endless stairs. Has been a routine since I've entered Form 4. Now in Form 5, it hadn't made much difference. Not much, really. I made my way to class. Not very interested in entering the class. Was wishing that I'd stayed at home. The sleep last night wasn't really satisfying. Who wouldn't want to continue to be in land of dreams? Where all things seem so real and possible? Upon entering the class, was really shocked to see the class void of chairs. Only a few wooden chairs, that seem uncomfortable to most students, along with some handicapped chairs, as if trying to stand with perfect balance. Well, my chair was stolen from my cosy little corner in class. Along with my table. What a welcoming thing to see right early in the morning. Well, it's not much of a use to stand there and curse and throw insults. It's like a baby spilling his milk, crying, and in this case, also saying foul words in the language of babies. Got myself a table in a jiffy. Thank God that tables were abundant in my class. They are literally everywhere. But the monotonous brown colour of the tables were a tad bore to me. As for the chair, I had to traverse to the next block, which seem a continent away from me, to get a damned chair. Brown coloured plastic chair to match with the brown table? A bad choice, but the weren't other colours to choose from. Towed the chair back to class, like a farmer pulls his silly cow across the field.

Back in class. Usual activities go on as always. Only this time, the teachers were all so busy with God-knows-what that they forgotten to enter class. Must be having a relaxing time in the staff room I guess. I don't know, and I don't want to know. Ignorance is bliss. Glided in and around the class to find a perfect spot to land and chatter. The class was in a noisy havoc. Loud sounds churned together with laughters, screams and pitter-pattering of speeches that seem endless, like rainwater falling on the gorund. It was a haven of noise. Having failed to find a suitable group to chat with, I continued reading the novel that I started reading a few days ago. The novel seemed to have a grip on me. It's nice! Well, read the novel for an hour or so.

An hour passed by. I was obliged, or rather it was a responsibilty, to finish the Biology PEKA that teacher has given us a long time ago. The instruction fell on deaf ears. Until now, nobody has submitted the report. Got all my stationery, papers necessary for drawing and went to an empty table that was in front of the white board. A nice place to sit, to isolate myself from the noisy havoc. Again, there wasn't a chair. How funny. I told teacher that I'm going to get chairs. Got chairs. 2 in fact. Hoping that I don't have to go back for more. Placed those "hardly-earned" chairs at my sitting place. Oh, how relaxed was I. There was a paper that seemed like the paperwork that I had to pass to teacher regarding the school Canteen Day. Went to teacher and abandoned my seat for a while. In my heart, was thinking what would teacher think of the plans I'd plan or suggested for the Canteen Day. It was a Haunted House programme, by the way. Hoping to scare to poop out of the people. Teacher was rather satisfied and hoped that it'll turn out well. I too, hoped for the best. Upon reaching my place, I found out that not one, but both chairs that I've just brought in just a couple of minutes ago, went missing. BOTH. I mean BOTH. Who in the mother-of-Earth would be so freakingly lazy to get their own chairs that they have to mug mine? I hope they break their wrists soon. Nobody would want to admit if I asked, either. They'd make some poker-faced expressions and with their smirky face, tell me that they have not taken my chair. Rather than sulking, I went to get another 2 more freaking chairs. This time, I was already very pissed. PISSED. Who on mother-of-Earth would go for three rounds of chair carrying and towing? WHO? When I brought back the chairs to class, I sighed, and layed by tired bum on the chair. Someone came to me asking whether if he could get a chair from me. Said that he hasn't got any chair for his friend that was standing. In my heart, I was saying to myself.

"Have you not realised that I've gone for three rounds of chair find-collect-bring back spree. It's not being selfish or anything. But why can't YOU get a chair for yourself? You are always caring for your "good friends". But at what expense? Taking my chair? Get your own one. When I was standing, you didn't even want to offer any help at getting a chair for me. And now you want mine? If you think you're so almighty and full of masculinity, do it at your own capability and expense. Don't expect me to do it for you."

To me, I no longer had any feelings of care and emotion for that person. Being bias is not my cup of tea, especially when it comes to friendships. Whatever. I sat there, very tensed. So tensed that even a single stimulation can trigger of a massive reaction. I tried to calm down. Sitting there, alone. Suddenly, felt a heavy pressure on my heart. Not heart attack. Just heartache. Was thinking what are all of my friends were thinking of me. Am I a bore? Outdated freak? Lame to the maximum. I don't get included in conversations. Even if I do, I'd just be sitting there, listening intently. Nothing much but like a silenced human being, throat frozen and incapable of speech. Suddenly, I realised.

I turned around. Looking at those sly and cunning faces. People want me because I can help. They don't want me because I'm not "cool" enough. Not in trend. I don't play games they play. I don't enjoy things they enjoy. I kept quiet. Those people I know. Their hearts, from being kind, warm, friendly, full of compassion, turned and contorted into something so ugly, disgusting, cunning, sly and ever-wanting to hurt feelings of entitites close to them. Such is the nature of my friends. Looked into their faces. Observed their behaviours. Every single thing they to do gain attention, is always lined with a putrid stench of hypocrisy. Most of them depend much on their physical appearances to garner attention. I do believe physical appearance is important, but I'm not OBSESSED as they are. "Oh, I have nice body shape", "I use this-and-that facial stuff". Obsession. That lead them to mix with ones who are vanity-obsessed. As for me, I'm not one of the. I was ignored, then. Others, there were also people who are desperate to fall deeply and madly in the circle of love. Love is in fact beautiful, but in certain circumstances, love can bring out the ugliest side of people, the beastly side of people. They are willing to crush feelings of other people just to "please" ones they THINK they love. Love in high school is a chain, binding you to many responsibilties, stealing away precious time with friends, incapable of certain emotions, except to love, love and love alone. Then there are others who think they are a class above the others. Placed in a higher position in the class hierarchy. Let me tell you, with me around, your downfall is near. YOU are coming to an end. Perfect ultimatum.

Still, with the feeling of a heavy heart, I sobbed. (OK, I cried, under my breath, unknown to others). But am thankful that God is always there for me. I felt his presence there. He was there. I just know it, don't ask why. In this situation, it's blind-faith. But I still trust Him. The world is indeed a cruel and disgusting place. Full of actors and actresses, so good that Oscars cannot even nominate a suitable nominee. Hypocrites, backstabbers, freeloaders, want-your-help-come-find-you-but-dump-you-later people and all. But am happy that in another 6 more months, all these ordeals are finally over. I can leave that sh*t hole forever. No more seeing "them". And I'm never going to miss them. They don't even deserve on bit of space in my cerebrum. Don't even deserve one bit of my care and thought. Want a "piss" of me? Take it then. Go far away after that. Far away. Far far away. And don't make youself visible in front of me anymore.

Thanks Sim for cheering me up, when all the hypocrites are having their good time.


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Temporary freedom. For now.

Dicotyledonous root under a light microscope

Monocotyledonous root under a light microscope

Can you believe drawing those cells took me almost 3 hours. The pain in getting an "A" grade for PEKA reports. What the f... I have 4 more cells to go. Might end up using around 7 hours, just for drawing cell. Tell me who on Mother Earth will draw cells for 7 hours?? No one. Only me. Me.

Am really grateful that exams are finally over. Really. Now I can at least sleep a little early. My eye bags have grown from being a tiny Chanel pouch to becoming a somewhat large Samsonite luggage. Nonsense. To add in to the pain, I now have awfully black and large dark circles. It's pretty unfair because some of my friends sleep much later than me, but don't even have a hint of having dark circles. The pain in excelling in studies. Not. Was reading some novel. So "kan-cheong", so read the novel up till 1 in the morning.

After this, there are many projects for me to complete. Have done the Additional Maths project. Really satisfied. Now I'm left with both academic and non-academic projects. Regarding academia, need to finish drawing the 4 more plant structures. Damn it. English teacher also insisted that we finish The Star's Mag. Inc. contest this holiday. PAIN. Non-academically, I have the Youth camp logo to finish. Have been dragging the project for very long... Mainly because my nooblek computer can't run Photoshop. Not even a CS2. Lacking in RAM. There's even Kelab Bahasa Cina booklet and invitation cards to finish. For the use of the Mid-Autubmn festival in October. NEED TO HAVE EIGHT HANDS.

Hopefully I'll be alive and pink in health to finish all these stuff. Or not, get me a glazed ceramic cemetary and have good testimonials 'bout me inscribed on the tombstone. I want my grave to be in the middle of the city, by the way.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Monday, 25 May 2009


Haha, had a great church service yesterday. But somehow in the beginning I wasn't really happy... XD Maybe it's because I didn't get to be an usher. LOL. I didn't mind at all. But after doing so much to prepare to being an usher, all those effort went to, well, not really a waste, but, it wasn't utilised also. So... *Sigh*

It was like this. The day before, I cut my fingernails short. Which really isn't something I would do. I keep middle-long fingernails because I wanna' make my fingers look a little longer. 'cause my fingers a a little short. Looks weird. XD Then on Sunday, I dressed formally. Which is something I don't do normally either. I wore the best-looking pants, which was the tightest... Mind you I have waist circumference of 29.5 inches. I had to tighten the belt to the tighest, too. OMG. Wore tie and all. And when My Family and I Co. reached to the venue, I told the head usher that I was ready for duty. She told me that they had enough ushers... I was pretty shocked 'cause the week before that she asked my Dad to get some people from my group to help. But then, yesterday... Awww, nevermind. Maybe I came late. Or anything. Or maybe I ain't got no enough experience. Who knows? But I'm sure God knows that I prepared for it, though at last "tak jadi". No use to be angry, too. Just live with it. Life's like that, eh?? XD

Well, the bittersweet experience for that special day of 24 May 2009. Then today (Monday, 25 May 2009). Was a little p*ssed off in the morning. Well, it's a small matter. But it's accumulated over the past years. So is it still considered a small matter. You consider. You are calling a friend. They ignore you (or supposedly, they say they "can't hear you"). You call again, and they still don't give and d*mned reaction. You still call, until the 5th time. And they still ignore you. And when later you ask them what were whey thinking, they say they didn't hear you calling. For a few years this has been happening. Still a small problem? That's what happened to me today. So LOL. That "friend" was reading for today's exam like b*tch-crazy. Well, you don't have to be so ignorant right? At least give some reaction. And while reading, he has to show his "YOU-OWE-ME-LOTS-OF-$$$$$" face (translate to Cantonese). What's his problem? Go get a life! I was just being nice. Or he thought I was annoying? I don't really give a d*mn. I'll still be better than him. And I really hope that it'll happen.

This is what I call a friend who's a HYPOCRITE. One minute they need you, the next you're like a piece of dust to them. Peh~ Ingatkan orang baik. Kenal sekali, susah seumur hidup tau???

Left only one more subject. Then got lot's of project to finish. Add. Maths. Biology. Man, all the crap. Hope I'll still be alive then.


Saturday, 23 May 2009

No worries. There's always a way out.

Haha, the whole week was examming all the way. Nothing much to do than to see people cram the whole book into their heads. Pity them. Eventhough God made human brains the most powerful brain ever, or so far I think it is, we should not torture our brains too much.

On another matter: Joseph shared today in cell group saying that being worried is a sin. This is because God will always provide, everything that we need is made perfect in Him. My point of view: Self-mutilation (studying too hard) is also a sin.

Now back to the topic. The only time I read any book this week was for Chemistry and Sejarah. Had to recall several stuff for Chemistry. Easy questions came out. Most of them were the basics of Chemistry. No random Zieggler-Natta catalyst and stuffs. Not bad. Jia Yi studied for two whole hours for the chapter on test for salts, and only 5 questions or so came out. That's only in Paper 1. In Paper 2, no questions that she studied came out. So pity. OMG. Jian too, pity him. Didn't really see him so stress before. They (Jian and Co.) have been always relaxed and oblivious of their surrounding. That's, well... I don't know.

This whole week was rather boring for me. Hoping for the best in my exam. Wanted to invite a friend for the big church gathering this Sunday... but didn't get to see him. Aww ma, chance gone. There's always a next time. I hope. Really.

Bah. Sleepy. Got. To. Go. Now. See. You. In. The. Next. Post.

OMG. The visit rate of people have been falling... BAD!

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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

EST never fails to come out with weird questions. Exam week posting!

Yup. An extract from our EST exam paper (EST= English for Science and Technology). This time it's about primates. The last time I posted was about "racist" answers. LOL. Swedes are more prone to acoustic neuromas? Not so logical there. Look at the answers... Tarsiers are beings from outer space. Wanna' know what is a tarsier?

Now that's a tarsier! Make clear alright? XD LOL. Students who took EST can take a good laugh here!

=CHIcken WINGs=

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Have to rant about this!!! OMG!!!

Today has been a really, really, and I mean REALLY freaky day. Intention was to go to church to finish the Youth camp logo... Joe forgotten to bring laptop... *SHOCKED... then crying in my heart*. Joe did apologize. But didn't blame him either. Busy working people. What to do. Can't complain or sulk. Live with it. XD Well, did LCD then. At least to kill time until Youth service starts. Went for "makan" after Youth. Ingatkan dah lapar, OK la kalau pergi makan. Manakan tahu, hari ini pula "suey" yang banyak sangat itu pula mari.

Reached the mamak stall. Near Joash's house. Tak nak la malukan mereka, kasihan pula nanti kan? Wanted to take a sit. Before I got to sit, a worker that was walking by carrying a table, struck my foot with the table's leg which was covered in OMG soil from the road. Great, welcoming move for a potential customer. FINE. There wasn't serviette on the table. SO, I used MY HAND to clean my legs. OK, that was pretty OK. Maybe they are tired of working the whole day, or mamaks aren't trained in PR. No blaming. I kept cool. Tengok, malang after malang. OK then, eat to destress! I ordered Milo Ais, my all-time favourite drink! Very thick and creamy, love it! Then was going to order Maggi Goreng. Made my first order. Yes, "first order". After like for a century or so, my meal still hasn't arrived. Maybe it's the crowd. Fine. Then, the waiter re-asked me my order. I said Maggi Goreng for the SECOND TIME. OK. WAIT AGAIN. By this time, half the table has already started eating. I can stand hunger, but definitely not bad service. I'd rather not eat at all rather than to eat in a nice place with bad service. Here's the catch. The waiter asked my order for the third time. Well, I decided that MAYBE I should say may order at least ONE MORE TIME before I blow up. OK, give it another go. WAIT AGAIN. Hoping that those waiters won't be coming back to ask again. Everyone was eating already. I was the one sitting there like as if I was doing slimming sh*t. Now here's the fun part. The waiter asked me AGAIN!

Now I love this part. I've never been mean for a VERY long time now. I've always asked for things politely. And this, I'm even paying for their food! What the???!!!! So, here's what I said:


Sometimes, people don't give a sh*t if you're doing things the nice way. So I guess they wanted a hard one. Hoped they loved it. I certainly loved it. I muttered a vulgar sentence under my breath... Oh gosh, now I realise that I'm so mean. Can't sleep tonight out of guilt... And you know I don't feel guilty at all. Just to make the blog post longer.

Conclusion: Bring a MEGAPHONE, AMPLIFIER OR A CAR WITH FULL-SURROUND SOUND SYSTEM WITH PRE-RECORDED VOICE CLIP OF YOUR ORDER so that you wouldn't have to repeat your orders so many times. Wasting energy you know? Must learn to conserve energy. Big boy, big girl jor, take care of yourselves, OK?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Milk can induce drunkedness: Victims Jia Yi and Xiu Yeong explains.

That was just some random title. Went for jog at Parkcity. That place is OMG nice seriously. But... It's rather small to me. Not really much to see after a few rounds jogging there. The only good thing is that after jogging you could go to Jusco Maxvalu (or is it Maxvalue?) to do some shopping. 100 Plus is cheaper there. No wonder the just-opposite 7-11 Eleven noy having a lot off business there. =.= Not planning to do business admin, so not my problem. Handle themselves. There's a trick behind everything, though. 7-11 only gets patrons after 11. That's when Jusco closes. Fancy that? =.=

Well, not my main thing there. Tired after jogging. Really tired. Kok Sime ran fast. So I had too. OMG. Lactic acid!!! Kok Sime, lucky you I got no muscle cramp. If not I come find you! HAHA! Went to Jusco with Jia Yi, Kah Fei and Kok Sime. Kah Fei drank milk and went on complaining that he was full all the way back... >.<

Xiu Yeong drank milk later to. They came later with Pak Sheng, Hooi and Wai King.

After that, Jia Yi and Xiu Yeong went crazy. Started laughing. Xiu Yeong claimed that her milk contained 100% alcohol. Not bad. Jia Yi's milk contained 120% concentration. Not bad. Not bad.



Friday, 15 May 2009

It's not me being emo, it's you and your big head attitude.

Cheh... So boring week. Didn't really get to observe what happened during Additional Maths and Maths exam. Was rushing like mad. Drawing stupid graphs. Measuring triangles with sine and cosine formulae. What's the use? It's only a damned triangle... NO LIFE. Put up tutoring classes since like this week's Tuesday until Yesterday. Some more tutoring classes next week.


It's pretty tiring doing tutoring. Have to stay back after school. About 1 hour per session. I'm not even charging. So dumb me. Maybe it's good to give than to receive. Whatever. Anything. Exam's been pretty stressful. Not for me, definitely. To the rest, maybe. They have their books placed right in front of their eyes like for the whole day. They come to me if they need help to solve tit-and-tat, but ignore me for the rest of the day. What, I'm your encyclopedia is it? I expect some respect, and I'm not your moving encyclopedia. So ridiculous, the feeling of being ignored. There was once that I went to my friends, asking them something. I got no reaction. No chemical equation. No reaction happened. And when I sit quietly, not doing anything, they start saying I'm emo. Right. All the blame on me. How am I called emo when I'm trying to put up a conversation with someone whose mind is already "inside" and one with the book. Tried talking. Didn't work. Tried to "join" in the conversation/ study group. Got ignored. What to do? Sit down quietly, of course! Even Einstein does not need any formula for this. And THEY thought there was a formula behind all this. Let me tell you a simple conclusion. YOU have low EQ. YOU do not know how to study a relaxed way. YOU care for the book more than to have a SHORT chat with a friend. And I definitely want to see how far YOU can go with that kind of attitude. We'll see who's best. SO SICK of being nice. OMG, I don't even know why I'm being nice... Nobody's being grateful anyway. There are a few people though that are grateful. Those are the people who deserve my help next time. The rest ARRRR.... Go fly kites lo!

Today, teacher also wanted to have another meeting. What silly meeting you wanna' conduct? Make as many meetings as you want, you won't get to improve the qualities of the prefects. Ever heard people want quality, not quantity? Some senior prefects always complaining that the prefects aren't good enough. Of course we're not good enough. We are the ones being a bad example. You blame the smaller ones for their bad performance? Tell me, what have YOU done instead? Take a look at our seniors PROPERLY. Don't go blaming. Don't be a HYPOCRITE. But yes, those meetings are a piece of sh*t. Nothing much. As a head of bureau, I have done my part. How 'bout you?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Observation: Bahasa Inggeris / English

Hmmm... It's already 9.48 a.m. To be exact, add another 30 seconds. At this instant:

Jia Yi @ Fish: : Still writing her essay like crazy. But sit in a relaxed pose. So nice~

Caleb @ Leb: : Also writing. Writing. And writing.

Lyn Yie @ Lyn Zaii: : Still writing too. What's wrong with these guys??? Lyn looks a little tensed... OMG

Dick Shen @ Dick Zaii: : Still writing too. I'm getting sick of this! RAWR!

Jian Yi @ Jian: : Jian arr... So far can't see... Looks like he's done writing. But still writing. BAH!

Kah May @ Celine @ Kah May: : Also writing. English got so many thing write meh???

Kok Sime @ Simeh: : Also writing. Walaoeh! All writers and authors-to-be!

Mey Eun @ Xiao Mei Mei: : You guessed it. Still writing...

What's wrong? OMG, did I write too little??? NO WAY! Fish didn't finish in time. But at least she finished it off with style~ Paper 2 was a pain... I had to wait an hour before the whole exam was over. Finished too fast. Celine too. Bored out of our arses...

Stayed back to tutor Guo Lng, Yi Yang and Alicia. I feel like a dumb tutor today. Very blur. Or maybe I was tutoring a subject that is not of my liking. I DON'T DO ADDITIONAL MATHS! I TEACH CHEMISTRY! LOL. Doing another tutoring session tomorrow. Tiring.....

A NOTE TO ALL STUDENTS: It's not easy being a teacher, so those who are planning to become teachers, BRACE YOURSELVES!



=wings : : CHIcken WINGs=

Monday, 11 May 2009

No more disco and hairspray, only stress.

Boredom SERIOUSLY makes everyone do crazy things. Like me, I finished the damned Paper 1 early. Around 20 minutes left before the time is up. So I decided to write a blog post specially for the update of my exam progress. LOL Maybe only for today.

The time was 10.54 a.m

The whole class was silent

Not even a single soul was making any sound

Only the sound of the fan could be heard



Jia Yi @ Fish was proof-reading her essay.

Caleb @ Leb was waiting for time to pass. Looking at the soft board in front of the class/ in front of him...

Lyn Yie @ Lyn Zaii was stretching his hands into the air, up into space

Dick Shen @ Dick Zaii was still writing his essay. think. deeply. very deeply. silence. XD

Jian Yi @ Jian was sitting a continent away from me. Still writing his essay. Very commited. Never seen him so commited before. Go Jian!

Kah May @ Celine @ Kah May was GG-ed. She was dead. She made herself dead. She. Slept.

Kok Sime @ Simeh was stun. Blur, waiting for time to pass, too.

Mey Eun @ Xiao Mei Mei was looking pretty stressed. Correcting her essay with a blue pen. Stress was definitely surrounding her.

YES! Time is up! *looks at watch*

Teacher: Ok, tinggal satu minit lagi!

Nooo! Masa rehatku sudah kurang seminit, WTH... biarlah.

Went down after that to toilet. Relax for a while. LOL

Talked to Chan Hong after that. Ah Hong! Reply my message-la, long time no chat "jor"...!

Exam resumed at 10.30. Paper 2. Full on nonsense. Hand almost broke. Too many things to write... MAN! PAINING now... Tomorrow English exam. No need study! YEAH!

Like what I said. No more disco in the air, no more hairspray everywhere. Only stress, OMG don't catch me in your stress guys! I wanna' take it easy XD



Sunday, 10 May 2009

RANT! Songs that I listen to currently~

Listening to these songs now. Lots of R&B. Love them a lot. It's a perfect expression of me! XD
Wanna' listen to all my blog readers' opinions and interests in music! XD

On my playlist:
Lady Gaga: Disco Heaven
Lady Gaga: Just Dance
Lady Gaga: Poker Face
Lady Gaga featuring Flo-rida: Starstruck
Freemasons featuring Amanda Wilson: Love On My Mind- Radio Mix
Meet Uncle Hussain: Lagu Untukmu
Stacy: Gagap
Rihanna: Rehab
Rihanna: Disturbia
Rihanna: Breakin' Dishes
Rihanna featuring The Dream: Hatin' On The Club
Rihanna: Don't Stop The Music
Britney Spears: If You See Amy
Katy Perry: If You Can Afford Me
Katy Perry: Thinking Of You
Jamiroquai: Electric Mistress
The Black Eyed Peas: Boom Boom Pow
The Black Eyed Peas: Shut Up
Soulja Boy featuring Sammie: Kiss Me Thru The Phone
Riyu Kosaka: Baby's Tears
And of course I love all Hillsong's production of music, MARVELOUS~!

Hmmm..... I need a new dose of music. My ears are going dry to the current tunes I have now! I need some techno-R&B now!!!!! RAWR!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

There's disco in the air and hairspray everywhere.

The title of this blog post is taken from Lady Gaga's song, Disco Heaven~ This song is kinda' disco mixed with some techno without killing the classical yet futuristic tune. Throw a pie at me. !

It would be funny if there was one specific day each year that people have to converse using lyrics from songs... That would be cool!

Like... Let's say if you are late for school, you enter the car and say "shut up and drive", or maybe a teacher asks you whether you have done your homework (I wonder if there is any song that can be used to ask this question...) and you say "truth be told I'm lying" (means not done..., you lied earlier on)...

Wow, the stress of the exam is taking a toll on many people. Many are going nuts pretty soon. Well, was a so-so week last week Yesterday, I talked to Mey Eun about her wedding plans with Dick Shen (Awwww~). Kok Sime and I have joined forces to give ideas that will make Dick Shen go KAPPUT~ HMMMMM, examples are:

1. Getting caviar as one of the dishes in the wedding
2. Using a Rolls Royce as the wedding car (A Rolls Royce Silver Ghost OMG!)
3. Doing three separate weddings. (On beach, cruiser and in the air! XD)
4. Wedding gown sewn together using gold thread
5. Mey Eun wants a pear sized diamond...
6. I'd rather prefer rubies, sapphires and emeralds...!

Dick Shen is going to kill me very soon... ^^

Oh I need a new phone soon..... My Samsung is dying..... MOU SEI ARHHH!

Current wants~ (Indulgence ain't a sin):
1. New phonnnnnneeeeeeeee
2. Duffel baggggggg
3. Sleeppppppp
4. No exammmmmmm
5. A listening earrrrrrr
6. A close friendddddddd
7. Bicycleeeeeeeee
8. Roller bladessssssss

Anybody need help with studies? Nudge me online. Exams suck, and just wanna' help you get all the rubbish outta' your pity heads~~~~




Friday, 8 May 2009

O.M.G... Almost P.H.A.I.L.E.D!

Walao, only realised how bad were all my exam results. OMG horrible. Got only a few "A's" for all the subjects.

BM- 71 2A
BI- 94 1A
Mt. Moden- 90 1A
Mt. Tambahan- 60 5C (Dropped like crazy...)
Biology- 41 D or C? (Haven't got this kinda' low mark before)
Chemistry- 60 5C
Physics- 78 1A
Moral- 80 1A
Sejarah- 89 1A
EST- 100 1A

OMG, so my Moral Studies, Biology, Chemistry and Add. Maths dropped like crazy. For the first time in my studies I got such low marks, especially Biology. A REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENT!


Hope I'll do better in my Diagnostic exams, then Trials, then the mother of all secondary school exams,

=CHIcken WINGs=

Wednesday, 6 May 2009



Ya, right. All the scare regarding the swine flu. Well, there'e really nothing much to be afraid of, until you get it of course. Today, I feel like a doctor, or just a wannabe. An intro to SWINE FLU XDXD!

What's the difference of swine flu to normal sicknesses? One may ask that.
See, swine flu is caused by influenza virus type A(H1N1). It's also quite comparable to influenza virus type H5N1, or commonly called the avian flu which caused a MAJOR scare a few years back. Dumb arses. The biggest difference, therefore is, that normal sicknesses like sore throat, cough etc. are caused by bacterium like staphylococcus sp., salmonella (non-edible mind you) and the like. While swine flu is caused by virus. BIG DIFFERENCE.

So, what's the big deal? It's only being sick.
WAHAHA! No, absolutely not. While diseases caused by bacterium are easily eradicated by the body's defence mechanism, a virus is definitely going to be very hard to get rid of once it enters the human body. The main reason here is that viruses (all viruses) are protein structures and NOT living things like bacterium. Therefore the body's defence mechanism will identify this virus as "another" normal protein. Bacterium don't stand a chance. The basic structure of a virus is a either a DNA or RNA core encased in a protein membrane. The virus will then enter a host to reproduce. Steps of how a virus TAKES OVER A BODY!

1. The virus enters the body via different methods. (Respiration, open wounds, ingestion, etc.)
2. The virus utilises the cells in the body to reproduce.
(i) The virus enters the host cell.
(ii) The virus then releases it's DNA or RNA that commands the host cell to produce a different
protein structure. (Biology Form 4, recall, recall! XD)
(iii) When the protein structures are finally "ripe", a full blown disease is formed! Voila!
3. So, if you're lucky that you took vaccination early, you have a chance of survival. If not, you still have a chance of survival, though relatively low compared to those who received vaccination.

So, is there a way to prevent myself from getting sick? I'M SCARED!
There are a few basic, basic, BASIC! ways to prevent yourself from getting yourself infected.

1. Keep yourself clean at all times. HANDS especially!!! The fingernails are a great haunt for bacteria and viruses.

2. Abstain from travelling to countries that are currently affected. Promote Malaysia, travel in our country. OMG am I saying this? XD

3. Take vaccination. Although it is not necessary, it wouldn't hurt. Currently there are two types of vaccines that were initially developed to handle the SARS epidemic, but these two vaccines can also handle the A(H1N1) virus, for now that is. These two vaccines come under the name Tamiflu and Relenza. But these won't come cheaply. Follow steps 1 and 2. XD

4. Stay away from people who are sick in body. Even if it's not the A(H1N1) virus, it's better to stay healthy.

5. Take lots of healthy food. VEGETABLES (OMG I can't believe I'm saying this...), plenty of water. Take moderate amounts of meat. Keep your distance between pork products, for now.

So, there is no need to be panic?
Absolutely not! WAHAHA! In all situations, panic is the key to DOOM! Stay calm. Follow instructions of the health officers, though sometimes it can be ridiculous. Read guidelines form the WHO. Whatever it is, just stay calm and all will be OK.

Hmm, the swine flu scare has already taken a toll on the world economy and peace, especially those countries realted to Mexico. Well, that's really much a pain because many countries have banned all imported pork products from Mexico. In recent news reports, China also quarantined Mexican nationals on Chinese ground, saying that move was to prevent the further spread of the virus. Furthermore, most of the Mexican passengers were on the same flight as the Mexican who died in Hong Kong earlier this week, bringing the first case of death caused by this virus to the Asian continent. Is it just discrimination towards Mexicans, or a smart move? It's all up to you to decide.

God bless, see you soon in the next post~~!

I wanted to say this earlier but forgotten to... A little biology to make your life miserable. XD

=CHIcken WINGs=

Sunday, 3 May 2009

OMG. Another holiday passed like that. Till today, 3 May 2009

Well, has been another boring holiday. Well, it was still OK since I got to go back to Kuantan. Cousins went back too, so it wasn't all that boring in Kuantan. And cousins brought an exchange student that was staying with them. German girl, very friendly, and noisy... XD

Hmm, the past week in school wasn't really impressive. Only got some test results. Still not bad. 89 for Sejarah, and what else did I get... Dah lupa. Was a little upset 'cause got ignored by certain friends. I don't really know what has gotten into me, or them. Didn't really asked or given it a thought, though. There was this incident where I advised my friend not to let personal problems overcome your priorities, especially your exams. What I got was a pretty cold reaction. Not blaming anyone here. Maybe I should not nose into people's problems too much. Now I really understand how the world goes nowadays. People don't really want your care and kind thoughts, and neither they will give you any. Maybe there are still people that love getting and receiving "cares" from others, but that's just no longer the way the world goes around now. It's all money and fame now. Whatever. ME NO CARE.

I believe that as long I have the right group of friends (YES, THE "RIGHT" GROUP), and God's guidance, I will get through the ways of this very, very evil and heartless world. Could see some more true colours of people. Which is kind of stunning, disgusting, but also sometimes intriguing and also very pleasant. But more of the former, not the latter.

Did not attend church this week. Wonder how'd everything went. And was wondering who piloted the PC-LCD this week. Hope they enjoyed it. Hoping to get back to church this week. Just remembered that the Youth camp logo not fully complete yet. Dang it. With all these projects coming up (yes, Add. Maths, English etc), I'm gonna get nowhere if I'n not moving at lightspeed. Gotta' buck up. Exam's next week. So full of sh*t.

So funny that another so-called global pandemic is happening. Humans are sometimes so funny. They have to get hit hard before they realise this small matter could be handled just by doing something simple. Is it hard to just keep hygiene perfect? Funny. Really funny. Feel like wanting to blog more on this issue. Well, maybe for some other time. Mum's gonna kill me if she finds out I'm still online.

Not-so-much peace to you. BLEKS~

=CHIcken WINGs=