Sunday, 29 May 2011

Update, update.

Exams just released its grip on us. Finally, some peace and quiet time for me. Exam was rather simple, but of course I made careless mistakes here and there. Hey, come on, nobody said doing Form 6 was going to be as easy-peasy as Form 5, ain't i right? It doesn't really matter I guess. Just my 2 cents.

While the exams were up and running, we were busy revising and at the same time, we had to run the show for Teachers' Day. Right from the bone to the flesh of the event, we had to plan and make sure that everything falls nicely into place. Not an easy task when you have a bunch of rather slow "co-workers" doing it with you.

Planning was made more difficult with the Lower 6 being oh-so-reluctant to do anything. They had to be told to do everything. From the most minute of details right up to the very obvious things. It's very tiring. I find it doing myself still a little wee bit easier and obviously, more time-saving. Leaving those important stuffs to them really just scares the faeces out of my bottom pit. Imagine Teachers' Day all in a havoc, and we're (Upper 6) the ones that are sent to the chopping board a.k.a "kena sound" a.k.a guillotine. Not a nice feeling.

Oh the complains doesn't end there. With all the planning already in place, we (the planning committee) thought we could at least have a good day's rest on Teachers' Day , now that everything is already in place, or so we thought. The morning of Teachers' Day, I was petrified when I saw no skittles are on the tarmac, supposedly to reserve some space for the school's Scout team to march. OH FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY! And alas, we had to "sound" them juniors to make them move. *SIGHS* Headache. My nerve cells are burnt.

With all that tension in the air right up in the morning (Yeah, even Puan Ng scolded us for not letting her know we had to rearrange the sitting positions of the students, come on-lah, MANA ADA MASA =.=), IT FREAKING RAINED! WHAT?! =.= Now that really got on my nerves. GOSH. And so we had to move the students into the pint-sized hall AND we had to make space for the performance on that day. To cut the short story shorter, everything was OK, thanks to a few of us (PERASAN!). Chung Yow really did show efforts to help out, along with Soon Jin (if I spelt it right). Of course there were other Lower 6ers that are working hard, but I couldn't see their efforts at the moment. Maybe they weren't place under our "division" for the planning committee, that's why we weren't able to pinpoint the ones with potential to become leaders.

Glad Teachers' Day was over. Oh yes, I'm still a wee bit disappointed with a few friends of mine. Thankfully, I don't have to meet a few of them until the school holidays are over. Good riddance, temporarily.

I shall stop ranting. Going out for a movie and pou-ing.

Bhai, for the moment.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 26 May 2011


Blogging at 5 in the morning isn't my routine at all. Oh well. Awake at this ungodly hour having to complete Teachers' Day stuff before it happens. What was I saying again? =.=

Exam being over is akin to the 7th Lunar Month of the Chinese calendar. We're set free from the 18 levels of hell, only to get locked in for another year at the end of the 7th Lunar Month. Yeah, temporary freedom for now. Once the holidays in June are over, we're going to get chained to our seats, like how they chained the Titans in Tartarus. Gosh.

Yes, at 5 a.m in the morning, I'm missing you. Sucks to the maximum. But there's some kind of invisible barrier between the both of us, don't you think. Sorry, maybe it was I that made things so complicated.

Needing some me time for now. Wouldn't want to go out so much during the holidays. Ain't no rich, can't but me stuffs to make myself happy. Ain't got no love to make me happy. I've got only facebook to make me a stalker and my bed to offer me a temporary exit from reality. Escapism? Probably.

Life goes on as usual. The usual, boring life. Hope it doesn't stay so boring, for now.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Monday, 16 May 2011

Let's take a moment to reflect upon the relaxing times I used to have. LALALA.

Yeah, my ass akin to a cork stuffing a wine bottle mouth. Well, only different thing is that my ass is stuffed with exams and things that revolve around it. What more I need to say, stress is always the partner of exams. One certainly cannot exist without the other (unless it's an exam on how fast and how much you can shop in an hour, that statement would be an exception).

Needed some timeout, so I came online to babble and crap about random stuffs that happened to moi the past few days, or much rather since the last blog post. When was the last blog post posted again? Sorry for the multiple-personality disorder scenario. Doesn't happen often. Only happens during exam. Most likely I'm on the brink of losing my sanity and marbles altogether. ASYLUM SOUNDS CUTE BY THE WAY!

There's this way awesome G-SHOCK watch that blew my minds into smithereens. The awesome pink is GOD-LIKE! (if only the gods were wearing pink) and the orange tint of the watch is so ORANGE! Come on, how often do you see watches that are fashionable and tough at the same time. It's not like you see these watches like you see bird poo on your car, right? Well, the price is rather steep, for a young kid like me. BAM! Just seeing the watches makes me *AHEM* We can skip the deets.

Sis ventured into Form 6 [now that sounds wrong. Okay, she made herself slave to Form 6.] and the new batch of Lower 6 got into SMK Jinjang, too. That means... UPPER 6 HAS TEMPORARY FREEDOM FROM HAVING TO ORGANISE OH-SO-LALA EVENTS! Oh the temporary euphoria. Can you smell it?

Guess I'll stop blah-ing here. Oh by the way, I still want a DSLR! G-SHOCK. A HUMMER H3!


Footnote: Emoguy Jwen, you sudah start blogging again kah? RARE SIGHT! XD

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 6 May 2011

Of babbling, heartache and exams.

Yes, all hell is about to break lose in approximately two weeks. Who likes exams, honestly. Well, I must say that exams are somewhat fun, but they are so not chic, especially in the long run. Fancy getting eyebags a-la Louis Vuitton? Or maybe sexy panda eyes? Then the very existence of exams is made for you! Hell I'm babbling. Of course, I'm crossing my fingers so hard that they resemble the highwayman's hitch. Really want to ace the exam so badly. It's making me nerdier than before. [Not that being nerd is a sin, it's just that, well, you need some "me" time, right?]

Things haven't been exactly smooth with the one I'm falling in love with. Well, I don't really have the guts to go and confess. I still find confessing towards the one you love a very difficult thing to do. Well, it's quite easy if the other party has feelings for you to, regardless of race, height, gender or socioeconomic tier. I need to be more sane and not let this matter go around my head, taking over my neurones with lightning-fast agility. Certainly, if the heart is made the centre of all "thinking", then humans must be blind. I really need to use my head to think and stop letting my heart make crucial decisions for my future. Oh yes, I do love you, but you see, that was my heart thinking, not my brain. Maybe we weren't meant for each other. You can have my heart if you want to, but my head is telling me to stop chasing after you. Little less heart, a little more brain is what I say.

Good luck peeps [especially for the mid-term examination] who are reading my blog, especially my very close peeps. Love you to death.

=CHIcken WINGs=