Friday, 27 February 2009

Crazy freaking week. -From last post till 27 February 2009-

Last week was HELL. Not to mention it was like exam going on and all those people are like hovering multitudes of pest! Let me explain last week.

Last week's atmosphere: Nerdy atmosphere. Everybody's holding a damned book. Come on...
Last week's mood: Bored, sometimes too charged up, a little bipolar
Last week's motto: Relax, take it easy, 'cause there's nothing we can't do. (Mika's Relax (Take it Easy))

Well, like every exam week, you'll get to see all kinds of colours. Red colour (angry cause of stress), gree colour (sick....), white colour (lack of blood flow to the face), black colour (eye bags..... you get the idea). Well, it was rather boring..... All Form 4 stuff. And the most annoying thing is the Form 4 students are making such a riot of a noise like they were announcing that their grandmothers are going to give birth like, in another 6.001522644778851234 femtoseconds or so?

Haven'tgot to write a blog post for almost two weeks. Oh, then there's this problem with my blog page. Some of my friends couldn't open my page. How marvelous! I'm writing a post people can't read... That's the problem with computers... Then my comp was sent for reformatting last week. Random virus attack. What the...... Technology hates me a bunch more than I hate it myself.

After all the exams were over, the stress was still lingering around for me. Well, in class, there's a couple who are my friends... Well, they're sitting together a table away beside me, only seperated by an aisle. The problem is, when couples sit together, they emit an utterly annoying aura, which to me is totally unbearable. That's because I'm sadistic, or rather not very used to it. Anyways, it's really driving me NUTS! Even the Silky terrier that my sister rears seems to always wanting find fault with me. It's like I can't get rid of something I REALLY want to get rid of! Have to make my eyes blind towards that dog..... Run run away!!!! (Demyx style, Kingdom Hearts II)

That's rather much for an exam week. Till next post~

=CHI cken Wing s=

Friday, 13 February 2009

Hmmm... What went wrong?

13 February 2009

Hmm, this week has been a weird week for me... Big WEIRD week. More of depressing. But thank God there's music to drown myself into and a whole bunch of work-cum-assignments to do.

Didn't really get what's wrong with one of my friend. Maybe it was me, or her. I don't know. To me, most people (in this case, my school...) who start their love life in school will go haywire. In fact, they are already crazy the minute before they even start. Well, I asked her nicely how has her relationship been with her friends since she started courtship, just "hinted" her a little, and the next minute she blew up. Minor eruption. Well, that put me off 'cause I was helping her out, not wanting to tease her. Whatever. Love has blinded their eyes. Pity.

Then comes all these weird things from nowhere. Today (13 February 2009) some random speaker-cum-optometrist-theologian came to school to give us some motivational talk. Right, half my day gone. And I don't really know what's he talking about too. From moody to extra moody. Teachers giving random assigments like acting out a scene from History studies. Gosh! Come on, give us a break!

Next week, exam's up. Have to revise. Again, stress. Nothing but purified and clean form of STRESS. I need a barbiturate A.S.A.P! Too bad it can't go with a dose of beer. Gee...

Tomorrow's the "big day". First sales activity of the year. My Dept. has been dormant since last year. Have to do something good this year. Big thanks to my group of effective friends-cum-commitee members that's running the whole thing smoothly. Now we see what will happen with the sales. Up or down, no betweens.

The credit goes to~
Jia Yi for doing A LOT of stuffs.
Aun Chee for dedicating her time staying back at school to collect order forms.
All the prefects who are in charge of watching the classes.
And all the people who had given me encouragement and support~!

I was helping (well I hope so) people this week that I forgot to take care of myself. *SOBS* Feel so sad. Noob me that I'm so dumb to care for other people so much. None of my business anyways! LOL.

Ahah! That's right! Anybody needing some hands? Especially in studies~ Just nudge me wherever you can find me. Always ready to help~!

Till next time~

Doodles~~ XD

=chickenwings/ chicken wings/ Chicken Wings/ ChiCKEN WingS=

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Art Project #5...Most likely. Project NAME

This is my name. For those who do not know. Duh~

25 January- 7th February 2009

Happy birthday Jia Yi! Hope you like the card I gave~ Hand made gifts are the best! Anybody like hand made gifts?

This week's atmosphere: Very tensed (seems like everyone's having PMS- nothing to do with pre-marital sex...)
This week's mood: "Not- my-business" mood, stressed (like having a little BPD- bipolar disorder)
This week's motto: Just keep holding on.

Well, first of all... It's kind of crappy, but I can't do anything much about it. My computer has this mother-of-all-problem. It can display everything from typing my blog to adding pictures. Here's the catch, I can't view my blog page or whatever I have typed on that page. So it's impossible for me to correct whatver I have typed wrongly. Dumb typo problems. Well.... That's pretty much about it. Why does technology despise me so much?

On to my life this week. Sunday at church... Nothing much. Except the sermon that pretty much stunned a little part of me. Not scared, just stunned. But then again, sometimes things are pretty much out of your control, whether it is "there" or not. Still, I just put whatever I have in God.

Monday was a holiday. Replaced the FT day holiday on Sunday. The only thing about today was my haircut. Just the plain old "my hairstyle" style. Went for tuition at night. Chemistry class cancelled. Great. Of all classes, my favourite subject cancelled. Not only that... Had to walk back home from the centre... Well, no complains though. Have been getting fat. From 29-inch waist to 30-inch waist in a year. WHAT???!!!

The rest of the week was plain Jane (or John?). Hoped for something nice or worthy of noting down on my blog, but then there wasn't. Well, at least have some of it at the end of the blog.

Friday. Finally. Dropped Sejarah tuition. More free time. Well, at night went over to Joe's. Uncle Stanley's cell group's holding a Chinese New Year gathering there at the poolside. Watched an a-la zombie movie too... Well, it's more of humans trying to mimic zombies that did not turned out right. The movie was rather boring... The scariest part of the movie that Joe mentioned was... Predictable? The zombie was somewhat mild, too. Here zombie, zombie~ Bah~!

Saturday. Youth Service! New t-shirt design! Woo~! People's designs are the best thing to see, that is of course after food. Joash preached on a message that really kind of spoke to me in an inaudible way, Godly! LOL. Well, upon reflecting... Yeah, was kind of a boring week for me until I realized something. My friends haven't been really talking to me lately. And, yes, sometimes being different can be painful, especially when in people's eyes you are "branded" something that is not nice. I have been branded nerd before. Like to me it was "What?!!". Yes, it may seem to many people that I love studying, but that does not give you the right to call me nerd. I'm more kick-a** than you can think. This goes out for people who like to go around "branding" people, if you think you're so good, go walk on water and you can "brand" me, or whoever you want. That is, provided you don't drown 10 feet under. But still, being one-of-a-kind is special. It's a testimony that God creates each of us special, always different from one another. Even twins have different personalities. Somewhat cool eh~ Hoping to meeting more sincere friends. Don't mind losing "friend-collectors".

Yeah, life's like that for the week. Hoping for the best the following week. Hope I'll be back in one piece! Whee~


Monday, 2 February 2009



Chinese New Year just passed. I had to write what I really need!

*Sony Ericsson C902
*Facial session~ Too much oily food during Chinese New Year
*More time to finish homework!
*New wallet Or maybe materials to make a new wallet
-Nylon thread (love psychadelic colours)
-Special threading needle
That's all I need to work my magic~
*A Nintendo DS Lite!
*A laptop!
*Glow-in-the-dark toilet bowl (I'm the weirdest person you'll ever see...)


*This post was written for the sake of writing. Please forgive the blogger who wrote this post.
He just got out of an asylum. ^-^

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Weekly update: : 24th-31st January

This week's atmosphere: Warm, not a very happy season even when it's Chinese New Year
This week's mood: Blur, sleepy, a little mixed up, lazy...
This week's motto: No motto... Been lazing around only.

Well, this is not like another weekly update. Last week couldn't get the Internet Explorer to run my blog page. That's pretty much a curse cause I can't actually get to see what I write. The other thing is, even after upgrading to IE 7, there's still some dumb problem... I can't find the damned button to add pictures to my blog posts. Well, dumb as it can be... Well, who cares much anyways?

On to my life, no more technology crap, shall we? Been out since 24th, so start of there~

24th January 2009
Well, went back early to clean up the Kuantan house for Chinese New Year. Nobody wants to celebrate Chinese New Year in a dirty house, except for those typical Chinese with big taboos of not cleaning the house pre-Chinese New Year. Well, before that cleaning, it is a ritual for everybody to do something before doing all the cleaning... Eat-la~! The food back in Kuantan was like, "OOMPH~! Nice!". Not that KL food is not nice, just that it's expensive. But I'd pay to eat in Malaysia rather than to taste "dim sum" stuck to my teeth in Hong Kong or eat steamboat vegetables in Korea everyday... Well that's pretty much about today~

25th January 2009
The eve of Chinese New Year. Like the past years, it's kind of hard to find Chinese food... But luckily there are still hardworking ones who still make food for consumption. God bless them. Went over to mum's Uncle house to prepare dinner late noon. Ate a lot for dinner. Wanted to post some pictures, but don't know what's wrong with this IE 7... Crap...

26th January 2009
CHINESE NEW YEAR is here. Finally after all the waiting. Let the harvesting begin! Right when I was up, of course the first person we got from was Mum and Dad. Yummy! Later went over to aunt and uncle's house which was like let me see...4 and 5 houses away~ The haul was nicer this year~ Haha~ At night went over to Sara Thai Restaurant which serves Siamese cuisine. The food was SOMEWHAT bad-good, but always better than the "dim sum" in Hong Kong... Wahahahaha! Again, can't post picture of this restaurant...

27th January 2009
Nothing significant... Jalan jalan in Kuantan... Waste fuel... And money... ^-^

28th January 2009
Today visited grandparents' graveyard. Time for clean up and visitation~ LOL. he whole day was plain normal. Makan... Tidur... TV... The best part was at night. Initially, my cousins and I planned to watch Underworld 3, but when we got there, tickets were almost sold out and the seats left, well, we would have to cock our heads up for 2 hours in order to see the show... So, ended up at Teluk Chempedak eating McFlurry, strolling on the beachside. Was equally good. At the McD ice cream ber, we talked bout my breath smelling like cat poo, the family behind us were like "Are this bunch of teenagers crazy or what?". Can't blame her, we were laughing like there's no tomorrow. Cousin brought us for a joyride in town after walking at the beach.

29th January 2009
Today-leh... Go Kemaman visit mum's aunty. Very nice grand-aunty. Haha~ Went to Hai Tian Kopitiam for their famous coffee and "roti kiap". It seems that it's not as good as last time. Well, tummy happy, I happy. Can't post picture, NO!

30th January 2009
Got back from Kuantan today. Upon reaching KL, straightaway went to Kok Sime's house "bai nian"~ Kok Sime's brother kind of friendly. I thought he was an annoying person... Changed my mind. Haha~ Celine's house was next. Nice~!

31st January 2009
Today is a Saturday. God knows. Was not feeling well the night before. Woke up at 1a.m for no reason. Damn it. Diarrhoea too. Double crap. Mum brought her students out for pizza cause they passed their English for PMR last year. Went for visitation with the Youth group after that~ Really fun! Wooo~

Till the next post and after I figure out how to post pictures~