Thursday, 29 April 2010

I hate flashbacks. They make me emo.

Yes. Hate reminiscing on the past. You just can't help it, especially when you're going to relax and all of a sudden all these random memories, both good and bad, start pouring in.

Totally miss the days when school was still on. Like I miss my friends tonnes... It's even harder to contact them now. On MSN, most of the time they're "Away". Sending SMS won't do much either. Some of them reply days after a message was sent, or they might even forget to reply. I only keep in touch with a handful of them. Buddies, if you're reading this, know that I miss you guys a lot[You know who you guys are :D]... If this means anything to you at all.

Ah, I know I can't be caught up in this kind of nonsense all the time. Whatever the shit that means. Well, did well for my Ujian Teori Berkomputer for my L driving license. 44/50. Nearly failed. Eff.

Many close buddies of mine, and those who keep track of my blog know that I'm so wanting to express my feelings to my crush. ZOMG. How do I put this? No I don't have a crush, I have crushes. Bloody "rambang mata", right? See, I'm not greedy... It's just the matter of who really cares for me. *sighs* But then, I have to wait. God will decide what's best for me.

But then. I ♥ you all. [EEWW, that sounds gross coming from me.]. And heck, I don't care if people say I'm bi. :D

Hoping to shit Faberge eggs when I'm asleep tonight.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Routine life? Sorry, am not a big fan of it.

ZOMG. I was still asleep when Brian came to pick me up for Youth Service. "Chi Wing, I'm here already". I stoned a while [a few microsecs to be exact] before I rushed to change my clothes.

Youth Service was OK today, was a little eye-opening, and also rather encouraging to me. I need some encouragement right now. *sighs* But am happy that God is always watching. Yes. To bad, my God is a stalker. It's good, sometimes. :D Yeah, and He's always there when you need Him. :D

Went to KLC for dinner. And after we ate up our meals, fellowshipped [if there's such word... Mozilla underlined that word as a typo]... Sabrina asked us [Brian, Anndrea, Jean and I] of how we jog our brains, 'cause she has difficulty trying to get her mind working hard. College life made her think too much "in the box" instead of "out of the box". Eff colleges which limit creativity. Theories, theories and MORE theories. To me, I wouldn't want to get into a routine like that. Study, work, retire, get old, and then get 6 feet under. NO! NO ROUTINES! I want to go 6 feet under in style. I don't want to die regretting my past!

Ha, nowadays, people get locked in a set of rules, or what we call the "norm of the society," as the say. I say... BULLSHIT! Humans are made to follow rules, and it's true. But humans are not made to be like dogs. Sometimes, it takes a hard hit to realise that you've been living a dog's life for a hell long time. Don't wait for it to happen, 'cause it will be too late, most of the time. Life, to me, is complete and fulfilling if you lived it "out of the box" everyday. Doing mad stuffs. Loving yourself and God. Embracing your identity in God and in the world. Loving people. Caring for people. Heck, if I don't get to be a doctor or chemical engineer, I'm so going PR or design.

To my peeps out there. Don't wait for something bad to happen to make you realise that you could have lived a more satisfying life when you were younger. Do it now... NOW.

Don't know why I said this... But I think it's because I'm sad to see many people living routine lives... =( No I don't hate you. I love you. But it sucks... See?

[You... Will I ever see you again? =/]

Oh, saw this shoe in Mid Valley and I so want it! Tell me your opinions! BTW, the red part is a-la hair kind of material, while the black part is PVC-ish material weaved into fabric form. PUMA El Rey Pony! :D

Loves ♥

Till the next post.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 23 April 2010


Stop shaking your legs! It's so annoying!
Stop answering your calls as if your grandma is going to give birth the next jiffy that comes!

Those were the thoughts that jogged through my mind back and forth like an annoying drunk fly that keeps turning around your head.

Those monkeys can't stop bugging other people in class. Whatever. And YES, that compulsory KPP class really educated us about being PATIENT, especially with soon to be bugger drivers. Pfft.

Watched "When In Rome" yesterday. Was a pretty nice show. It was too short, though. *sighs* I miss the good old times. I dislike growing up. It feels like time pasts too fast now. Time, oh Time, why do you have to treat me this way. Can you not mess with Age?

I feel like I really need someone to love, and likewise somebody to love me back. Desperation? Likely.

Nothing much to say for this post, except that I saw a super-awesome shoe in Mid Valley, and I so want to get it. *sighs*

+CHIcken WINGs+

Monday, 19 April 2010

Sometimes I'm emo. Understatement of the year.

Heck, I'm emo most of the time. Not worth the adrenaline rushing in my veins and being high for no freaking reason all the time. FML. Yesterday's class was a success, at least from my perspective. You know why? Because there was a good turn up by my students. And you know why they all turned up. Because they had no choice. HAHA! They should have AGM meetings at least once a month so I can have classes with full attendance [but then it wouldn't be an ANNUAL general meeting anymore, ain't it?]. Whatever. Just come and bring your brains and books along. Don't make me microwave your heads.

BLAH. Was going to bed early yesterday when I realised how lonely I am without few of my close buddies. Most of them are so busy right now. Or so I think. Miss them tonnes, but how often do they think of me? T^T I went to bed rather emo last night. BLAH.

Realised that that taking the first step to approach that special somebody is harder than it looks. I haven't had any problems talking to people, but the thought of talking or even greeting that special somebody just makes my mouth lock itself by some imaginary superpower. Man, I really want to say it, but URGH. I can't. I wished I haven't got any emotions in the first place. T^T

Love you.

And all my peeps.

And readers.

And... snakes?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Back from a short MIA. ;)

Came back from Universiti Teknologi Petronas EduQuest camp thingie yesterday. Ooof. So tired. Didn't really make too many friends. Not all of them were friendly. Whatever. But then again, friends that I made there were nice people. ;)

Am thankful again for all the birthday wishes that I got from my friends and family members, though I wasn't in KL to reply all your messages XP. But then again, thanks a lot, love you guys a lot. Seriously. ^^ Super thankful too when I knew I got shortlisted for that interview thingie. It seems that 11000+/- people applied for the Petronas sponsorship programme, but only 2100 were shortlisted for the programme. And only 600 will be taken in. *shivers* But God will make a way. ;)

Dropped Josh off at church before coming back home to go online. Finally I can go online after 1 1/2 days. FML. ;D


=CHIcken WINGs=

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Awesome sh*t. ;)

It's a WTH moment for me today. Yeah. Totally WTH. I got shortlisted for Petronas' scholarship. Yes, awesome sh*t I tell you. ;D Good stuffs happening to me lately. Am happy it is. Clearly, God is blessing me greatly with all these stuff. It makes me stressed out sometimes, thinking of how to share all these good stuffs to everybody. Sometimes, when you get too much of all these good things, you kinda' go nuts 'cause there's hardly anyone to share it with! Human emotions and all that.

I'm turning a bit ancient next week. Which is not a good sign. It means I'm officially aging, and that puts me in a position where I can die of any sickness in a jiffy. Bah. Whatever. Death is not going to stop me from enjoying my awesome journey. AHA!

Would love to get these weird things for turning a year ancient next week:
@ Leather jacket... PURPLE leather jacket!
@ Orange slacks/pants!
@ White-rimmed aviators!
@ Nokia N97/ E72... Yellow ones, to be more awesome!
@ WhataboutTMNETUNIFI! Fibre optics galore. [Hope it's not all shit like copper wires]
@ Lime green sneakers!
@ White loafers!
@ Yellow iPod!
@ Glow-in-the-dark hair dye, if they even exist...
@ Lava lamp?
@ Earrings! [I haven't got my ears punched... FML =/]
@ Panasonic GF1/ Olympus E-PL1!
@ BOOKS! Currently bored. A-Levels Maths and Chemistry would keep me occupied. ;D
@ Noise-cancelling earphones. [I don't really know why I need those.]
@ A box of cigarettes?
@ Photochromic glasses for my room windows. I hate the glare. ISH.
@ Japan trip? AWESOME.
@ Yellow canvas bag! VOODS!
@ Sony PSP!
@ Nintendo DS Lite!
@ *HALO GLOWING* PS3.... *drools*
@ Technical pens?
@ Compilation of illustrations from top game artists of the world! VOODS!
@ Miley Cyrus' songs to never play on any form of media anymore.

Friggin' long list. PIGASS. ;)

Blah. Peephole, just keep counting on God and awesome stuffs can happen. It's so good that you can't believe it's happening. Shut up and believe me.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

"Thank You" list.

In approximately a week's time, I will be turning 18, literally. Time flies. It's as if I was a baby yesterday, and Mum had less crow's feet and Dad had less railway tracks on his forehead. And now I'm done with secondary school, looking forward to pursuing my dream career as a doctor, if not a chemical engineer. *sighs* I'm getting old. XP

Looking back on my life, it's been a real blessing to be alive. Everything that has happened seem to be already pre-planned by God. Nothing ever fell out of hand, and no trouble was too much of a problem. Even the interview today under the Malaysian Public Services Department, is fated by God to happen. Imagine this. 18840 applications, only 8640 will be sitting for the interview, and only 1500 will be taken in. I'm in the 8640, and hopefully, also in the 1500.

So, what's my "Thank You" list all about? Turning 18 with sweet and sour experiences will not be complete without "thank you"s to the people who have stuck out with me through thick, thin and thinner. ;)
Big thanks to:
1. God, for making all things so perfect. ;)
2. Mum, for being pregnant so painfully with me. Taking care of me when I was down with bronchiolitis. [Mum and Dad diligently woke up every 4 hours to bring me for nebulizer sessions.] ans everything you provided me with.
3. Dad, for working so hard until you have railway tracks down and across your forehead.
4. My cousin sister Maryann, for being such a mad-cap since we were kids. Taking in all my madness, and also haring all your madness. Hell, I love all the madness. All the encouraging words during my "scholarship periods" did help a lot, too.
5. Primary school friend, Anis Zainab, wherever you are, thanks for being such a friendly girl! Always super-friendly and willing to befriend others. ;)
6. Arron, for being my best bud in primary school, and even until now. Love your caring family!
7. Celine Yap, yes you! AHA! I owe you none now~ Thank you post for you! Thanks so much for always listening to my complaints, even when you are super the busy. Loved all the nutty stuff we did together. EH! Bila mau jogging? XP
8. Caleb Ong, for accepting who I am. And also being open to my nuttiness all the time.
9. Becka Raj! YOU! Yes, thanks for being giler so that I have people to giler with. Church will be a bit of a bore if you weren't there.
10. Brian ONG! Super-duper thank you for always sending me to church. Like almost every week now. Really, you don't know how much it means to me.
11. The TOUCH group members, for making the experience of becoming a youth and a Christian awesome.
12. Joash and Joe, for being awesome leaders. I don't know how to say this, but I've seen you guys displaying leader qualities and I've learnt a thing or two down the line.
13. To my awesome teachers, Puan Sa'emah, Puan Thila, Madam Lim, Mr. Ken, Miss Wong and Mr. Sai Mun. You guys are great! "Thank you" is hardly enough to express my gratitude.
14. OMG! Lee Marilyn for also being a nut and menggiler all the time with me! It's fun to be giler with you!
15. Godson Chok Kam, for being such a great kid. Boy, you're awesome. ;)
16. My juniors that I miss so much! Meng Joe, Ah Hong, Shu Nee, Yik Shen, Ernest Lee, Fabian and many more who I can't recall. Study hard OK?
17. All my other friends and family members for helping make me who I am today. ;)

Alrighty. List done. ;) Wishlist! OMG... Whatever.


=CHIcken WINGs=

Monday, 5 April 2010

URGH. Phail-case.

Today was phail-case maximum. Me no likey Easter celebration this year. Did not turn out pretty well for me. URGH. Im'ma throw shit at anybody who annoys me right now. Not just any shit, the kind of shit you get when you have food poisoning. HOWABOUTTHAT?!

URGH. Well, first phail-case was that BM service did not really compiled their songs nicely and hadn't got a clue what songs they're gonna' sing at all. Heck, I've done this lyricking thing for quite a number of years now, but I don't have the song database in my head or anything. Fuh. And when the lyrics are not on screen, it's as if it's my fault that it's not on screen. FUH. And I get weird stares from people. *rolls eyes* Come on, try doing what I do for a day. You wouldn't survive even halfway through the service. [Not that I'm whining or anything].

Second phail-case. Well, Alynna was going to perform second right after the BM Dept has settled with theirs. Well, I got the song last minute. And... The song... *sighs* Wasn't quite the well edited version. Ain't blaming Alynna. Screw websites who edit their friggin' downloads. To hell with them. Back to the topic. Well, when the song came on the speakers via P.A system, it sounded like some freaking DJ talking BEFORE the song actually came on... And somehow in the middle of the song, there's some scratching sound, produced by some damned DJ scratching some plate thing on the DJ booth. Eff it. People were staring at me as if I DID THAT? WHOTHEEFFYOUTHINKYOUARESTARINGATMELIKETHAT?! You guys think I'm not serious with what I'm doing, come and fucking do what I do-lah! *smirks in your face*

Well, I don't care who the eff you are. I don't go around throwing my respect at anybody. You want respect, earn it. And you're not earning mine at all. All I can say is, TRY BEING ME THEN!

At the end of the day, humans suck shit like mad. Only God knows that I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. I only care about that. Yes. I don't give a damn of what YOU PEOPLE think about me. Yes, you can suck up all the shit now.

Off to clean up the shit people have given me.

"Bloody hell, where's the eff-king bottle of bleach?!"

Loves for those who understood me, even when some dumb-ass humans don't.

=CHIcken WINGs=

P.S: If you expect a humble apology, I'm afraid you're at the wrong site. Please press "Next Blog" tab on top of this page.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


Easter's play was good. Hopefully it did convey the message well enough. Am quite satisfied, but there's still place for a lot of improvement. *sighs*

Super-duper-the-grateful for everything I have in my life right now. Of course, I do desire for more... But then, having the people I love and care for around me is enough for now.

Interview is next week. I'm going to blow the panel of interviewers' minds to smithereens! No certain hints of "kan-cheong"-ness for now. ^-^

Loves, to God, and the people I love. ;)

=CHIcken WINGs=