Thursday, 22 May 2014

Pissed. So bloody pissed.

So, it was yesterday (refer to the date of this post, minus one day) that we had our inorganic chemistry presentation. Well, in the beginning it felt quite cool and I was actually pretty enthusiastic over it. Thinking of what to say, what am I going to say on stage, how to engage with the audience and all that shit.

Okay. So the groups that will present are chosen at random. That wasn't so bad. What makes me boiling mad is that the groups couldn't even stick to presenting within ten minutes. It's just 10 bloody minutes. Some even ended up giving a lecture. At the end, the 3-hour presentation session had to be postponed to today. Even in two hours, we barely did 4 groups. What the hell, right? It's 30 minutes on average a group. 3 times more than the initial time limit. Two days in a row and I still haven't got to my turn. All these task backlogs really piss me off.

I really don't get it. It's okay if your presentation is more than 10 minutes long, as long as the presentation is interesting. Some presentations were repetitive, boring, the speakers were stuttering, some even forgotten what they want to say while some are just plainly reading from the slides. What, you think I can't read? What is worse of all, it's as if no one really cared about the time limit imposed. The reason it was imposed is so that everyone has a fair amount of time to complete their presentation. So my turn is thrown way back and I have listen to all that bullshit. I respect their work but come on, who is respecting me for handling all your bullshit. I tell my groupmates to keep it less than 2 minutes per person and a maximum of 3 minutes a person.

I really hate presentations now. Just give us an individual assignment for the love of mankind.

Shit happens when you are good. Not one shit will be given about your welfare.


Friday, 16 May 2014


You said you want me.
You don't even care to drop me just one text.
So there are other things way more important than me?
I'm not being clingy.
I'm being realistic.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Stupids at Bukit Ekspo.

Quite recently, I have started jogging again. Used to jog very frequently back in Form 4 and Form 5. Used to be slim fit. (or rather, so slim you could see some abs). Got into Form 6 and exercise took the back seat.

Now, I started feeling the oomph and the kick after having a good run. It's marvelous! The sweat and the pulse beating in your head. Ecstatic. Probably as good as an orgasm. So, Bukit Ekspo, my university's park, became one of my favourite haunts.

But what became really annoying was people who frequent Bukit Ekspo don't really know how to keep the place clean and they don't follow the rules. People just leave their trash everywhere and litter their non-biodegradable trash on the grass. It looks terrible. Awful. Disgusting. Assholes be like bringing food in plastic and polystyrene packaging, dating, having barbecues and what-not. And no conscience to even clean up. UPM assholes.

What's worse, no one ever follows the "No vehicles in the park" rule. Students (or rather, assholes) be driving on the paths meant for visitors to the park to jog, walk and cycle. These fools, ride their motorbikes and drive their cars on these paths. Not only does this damage the paths, it puts visitors at risk. I really wonder, why are UPM students so stupid and selfish. Come on, you're already on campus, is it so difficult to park your car outside and take a slow stroll to the park? Or you just want to show off that you have a ride? Show off somewhere else. Nobody wants to know if you have some lousy second-hand car to brag of. Parks are made for health purposes, not car showroom. Fools.

On the brighter side, I lost some inches on my waistline. Feeling as sexy as sexy. :)