Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Negative idiotropism.

Tropism, in biology, is a term used to describe the response of plant growth to the stimuli around them. An example is the demonstration that plant shoots grow towards the direction of light, is a proof of positive phototropism. At the same time, the roots tend to grow in the direction of water and gravity, which are both hydrotropism and geotropism.

Which brings me to the title of my blog post. Idiotropism. How I respond to idiots. Obviously, negative idiotropism means I respond negatively towards idiots in the society.

I always believe, as humans, we are all born with the gift of knowledge and ability to think. There may be some unfortunate individuals that are not able to voice their thoughts in a tangible manner (which may be brought about by illness, birth defects and etc), but the rest of us are given the right to think. In a way, we are all born philosophers and thinkers or the highest orders. Quite interestingly, many of us revoke this right for the simpler notion or idea that buying the ideology and philosophy of others can make one's life, much less of a hassle. Yes, we end up being slaves to the idea of others. Sometimes, we are so engrossed and drunk in it, we forget that we, are also truly capable, if not, are better at coming up with even brighter and bolder thoughts. Alas, we lose it all.

So, why did I type all that long-winded stuff that my grandma would consider it her grandma's story? As of lately, I have been reading many news on Facebook (my closest source on information to life outside the campus) and it is quite disturbing to see many university students actually buying the thoughts of politicians and extremists. They seem to love it so much they are lost in it. Gone and never to come back to their senses. Are we so vulnerable and weak? Are we not taught to differentiate between the good and the bad? Lately, good and bad is no longer what you decide but rather, decided for you and you just got to swallow it like a bitter pill, down you aching throat. Confiscation of your freewill to think makes nothing out of you but an idiot. Idiots, I hate.

Truth is, I can no longer stand all these complications, I prefer to remain silent and let natural selection play its role. After all, the strong MAY survive. (It disturbs me that brainless jellyfish have been roaming the Earth since the age of the dinosaurs). I guess that would describe my change in attitude quite recently.

Of course, I am a little heartbroken while writing this today. I have this feeling that he doesn't care anymore. Yes, I am hurt. As much as I deny that feeling, it is real and it is there.

Drama queen shit. Back to work.

xoxo to my readers.