Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Work? Labour?

So, yes, I've been working since the 2nd of January 2012. I thought I should give this job a shot, since I've gone for interview already, what could be too hard, right? I mean, STPM is way harder than any job at entry-level. So, I ended up being a salesman, the very thing that I DID NOT WANT to be in the first place. Hallelujah.

I thought to myself: Things are about to get worse. Of course, I kept an open mind about this matter. Knowledge gained during my stint as a salesman could save my ass many years down the road, should I be retrenched from my job in the future. Touch wood, I hope that will not happen, God forbid it.

Today, I had a very stunning experience during my work time. As in, literally stun-ning. I was there standing, promoting my products (as for those who do not know yet, I'm selling products for P1, short for Packet One, a subsidiary company of Green Packet Berhad). I was standing in my teeny-weeny kiosk, hoping and crossing my oh-so-flexible fingers that I could just sell one unit, at most. Then, a frail, old lady walked pass my kiosk, holding on to my kiosk to support her weak body while trying to walk to a spot about 3 feet away from my kiosk. She reached the spot, taking twice the time any youngster would take. I would say I sympathise with her situation. It seems to me that she is waiting for a family member that had gone shopping in the supermarket (Oh, yes, my kiosk is located just outside the supermarket). Suddenly, this old lady, with a seemingly weak and worn body, took a ciggie out of her pocket, slipped the ciggie into her mouth, produced a matchbox laden with matches from her pocket, lit up the match, then the ciggie. Oh, then she started puffing away happily. I went: What the hell?! Why did I even symphatised for her?! =.=

Work has been an eye-opening experience. Way better than my post-SPM job, but of course both jobs did show me a different perspective of the world. Things don't always go the way you expect them to be. It's better to just let go of your expectations and shape them as you go down the road.

And FYI, I still miss you everyday. I want to tell you that I miss you and I love you, but I guess it would not matter anymore.

Lots of love,

=CHIcken WINGs=