Sunday, 27 September 2009


Ish. The days of lazing around on the bed, enjoying the time of not waking up so early in the morning for school is going to be over soon in just a few hours. HOW PATHETIC! This is utterly ridiculous! xD I think it's just the same for other school-goers. Anyways, to all my buddies taking SPM and PMR this year, GOOD LUCK! Trust in the Lord and you WILL do well. Have been pretty EMO the last week. I had plenty of fun, but also had a fair share of my EMO moments. Nope, not fun. Not a little. Been thankful that God also walked with me, eventhough there were times that I did not really take note of His presence. Sometimes it's a very beautiful fact to know that sometimes with our pain-in-the-a** attitude, God still never fails to be together with us. In fact, I think he loves it if we behave like that. It shows that He really loves us xD

Been missing a few friends. Really. Sometimes on random occasions, I just remember them all of a sudden. A-la deja vu kind of feeling. =.= Owh! Missed Church Camp too. I was in... BUKIT GAMBANG RESORT CITY! Was there with my bunch of cuzzies and spent around a third of the Raya break there. But... The food... OMG! I've got to salvage on horrible food! It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that good to make you wanna' go for millllions of rounds. Owh, my mum's cell group is proposing to have a getaway there, for the year-end holidays! Great! I'm having my SPM then. [Mid SPM actually...] Hope I'll be able to enjoy even if it's the mother-of-all exams. SCREW YOU SPM! ;D

Nothing much left to say actually. I don't talk much. I'm much a boring person, sometimes nerdy. =.=

Good luck with your week everybody, 'make it work' ;D

+CHIcken WINGs+

Thursday, 24 September 2009


Oh so lazy to blog. A little tired since came back from holidays. Gonna blog this weekend. I hope. ;D

Thursday, 17 September 2009


The rain is so unfair... I mean it's good that the rainy weather is clearing up the mother-dirty sky that's polluted with a**-full chemicals released by some a**es that don't learn anything from Moral class, Biology or Chemistry. Mother-of-a**es, wonder what they're doing in school all these years...

Was planning to jog the day before [16 Sept 2009] around 6, but then the sky became a blanket of darkness. Eat up my good day. I had to call off the jog session with my friends... Postpone to the next day then, 'cause we can go after tuition... ma... You know what? The sky was the same as the day before, and it was even DARKER than the day before. Sucks!!! It's so dumb!!! I mean, two days in a row??? Come on Mr. Sky, you got to be kidding! I haven't jogged in ages and man, I'm growing sideways!.........................................................................................................................................

There's so many things to say but I don't know where to start... Hmm.... I want to watch Tim Burton's Alice in The Wonderland next year... I want to get an iPod nano [I so like the yellow and green one]... This is for jogging purposes [listening to songs while running helps to cover the distraction and all]... Needing a new pair of running shoes... I NEED A NEW PHONE... It's better that I blurt it all by mouth! ..... =.=

Friday, 11 September 2009


Hmm, I know how blogs are so boring without pictures. But then... I've got no nice pictures to upload anytime soon. In the midst of the SPM trials. Ended History paper today. Am happy that it is over, at least no more history... I've got something great to tell about the history paper. I've not studied completely my History Studies, and I went on to take the exam half-prepared... OMG. But while in the class taking the exam, the things I need to write and all the answers just flooded into my brain. i knew God was helping me answering this exam, which is so cool. How often is it that God helps you take exams, right? XDD

Got some dumb photos of me with Marilyn. Will upload when she tags me on Facebook. Prepare to be stunned xDD

People, hugs and kisses man. xDD Take care till the next post of mine. God bless ya'll

=CHIcken WINGs=

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Youths @ FCC: : TOUCH Camp 2009, Cameron Highlands & The Great News [?]

26th-29th of August 2009 can be considered one of the best outings and friend trips that I've had this year. It was mighty fun. Really. REALLY. The Amazing Race part was fun, the sermon was also great... [I couldn't concentrate much 'cause I was swayed to slumberland by the lovely weather], the weather was also good. We had fun even in the evening the sky threatened to shower over us. God is the Almighty and the Great Provider. No worries indeed. Congrats all the commitee members who made this a great trip. Indeed it was great.

Recently, I got a letter from AFS, infroming me that I have been shortlisted for the cultural exchange programme to Japan for a year. ONE YEAR! OMG! So it now depends on the Japanese side to make their decision on the placing of the candidates [i.e: I am already qualified to go]. Most people may think I'll be very happy... But I'm not. I'm stuck in the middle of a big fat dilemma. I have to make a decision, to either go to Japan for a year, come back and do lower Form 6 with my sister's batch of students, OR, stay back, stand a chance to go to matriculation college, then upon completion, I get to go to a public university, or maybe ecen get PSD scholarship to go overseas. DILEMMA! I was so stressed then. My cousin, an AFS returnee [she went to the States under this AFS cultural exchange programme last year], told me that I should go as this scholarship is rarely given out. Sigh. A few of my friends told me to go, too. As I was in this dilemma, someone gave me a piece of advice that meant a lot to me. Not Someone, just someone. After consideration, I am NOT going. If I go and I have to return halfway through, I have to repay RM 25,000... And it's going to tarnish the image of AFS Malaysia. Ouch. If God can give me this scholarship, He can give me even more, more than I could hope, think, dream and fathom of.

Exam's also around the corner. I am in the middle of SPM Trials when I'm writing this. Am doing so well so far. I MAKE A BAD ADDITIONAL MATHS TUTOR! xD God luck to all my friends in their trials. ALL MY FRIENDS ARR! ;D

=CHIcken WINGs=