Friday, 27 June 2014


I don't think many people are pretty nice. They are more attracted to what appears on the outside rather than wanting to know the inside. Wait, what am I talking about? (All the drama lately hasn't been pretty good on my mind)

 I haven't been posting a lot of pictures and I guess it's quite a taboo to call yourself a blogger but you do not ever post any pictures. Terrible. It's just like reading another novel. Or some fan-fiction. And this is where I show you my evil stare.

Copper(II) glycinate, a metalloprotein!

Okay, who doesn't love Ultraman. This Ultraman Cosmos is less than palm-sized but it costs RM10. I love Gashapon!

So, during the whole semester, we prepared various hues of eyeshadows to be used. Guaranteed to make you feel pretty but not necessarily safe.

Little fellow crossing the drain last week. Darn adorable. Even tapped its head. Really darn cute.

This was just before one of my final papers. Stayed in the library for 4 hours. It felt like a victory for me. I know some who are much better than me. Sleeping there will be good if I get to sleep there...

Actually, there is. Like, how about, free shopping spree for all! Or perhaps, one year of no-work year!

Celebrating little bro's birthday in advance. Buffet at The Federal, Kuala Lumpur. Rumoured to be a haunted hotel. Nevertheless, food was good. No wonder it's haunted. No one wants to leave the food. *om nom noms*

Watching this next week! And I have free tickets to watch this movie. Looks scary and I hope it is. On the other hand, I'd probably be so freaked out if it was scary. Leave the lights on at night!

Ah, lastly. Look at the size of the jackfruit slice. Mother of God, it's as big as my palm. It wasn't tasty but any jackfruit would do for me. Nyam!

I should post more photos, aye? Gotta get to work soon and hopefully, great things will happen.

Love you guys lots.


Friday, 20 June 2014

This feels GREAT!

I know I am very guilty of not updating my blog frequently. This probably contradicts my earlier resolution that I have made for my readers and also for myself (wait a minute! Does anyone even read my blog?!). That aside, I'm here for another update. Well, probably it's just because I am downright bored. Was revising for my last paper and it got really boring. All I read was "annyeonghasaeyo".

The semester will officially end this Saturday, for me. And that will also mark the end of my 2nd year in university. Oh dear, how time flies (and how fast I age). I do feel like a prune and a raisin sometimes. Those really dry ones. The wrinkles and grooves on the surface are just like the crow's feet at the edge of my eye slits. In just two years, I felt like part of my life has just gone with the wind. Silly things have I done within the 2 years. Some things I won't be very proud of, some things that have taught me well and some things that made me proud.

Hmmm, let's start with the part that didn't really make me feel proud and it taught me something: I had a rough time in my relationship with Mum. Mum wasn't well the past two years and it affected her emotionally. So, she got emotional pretty easily. Me? Most people, or it's safe to say, everyone that knows me, claims that I am an aggressive person. So, with that, we are at loggerheads most of the time and argued quite frequently. But things got better, I learned to be more patient and Mum's condition got better. Doctors were able to treat the cause of the illness. What I am proud of throughout these two years in university? Hmmm. I would say and lay claim that I am, at heart, a pure nerd that is eccentric to a certain extent, say, doing strange things that make people go WTF?!. So, it's natural that I strive for the best and voila, for 3 out of the 4 semesters in the two-year duration, I managed to stay in the upper quartile of the bunch. First-class throughout the semester. The results for the 4th semester will be released a month or two from now, the exam season is still on.

Looking forward to a fruitful semester break. Anyone keen to meet up? :)

xo-s to all you readers.


Sunday, 8 June 2014

Clean up!

Lately, I have got to know many people. Different people. Different personalities. The sudden surge in the number of people I know led me to think, who are real people and who are those that aren't really all out to be friends with you?

So today, I did another round of social clean-up. Especially on Facebook and my phone. Removing those who are on my list of people I know but never bothered to contact me at all. Some, who are really sensitive and somewhat shallow-minded, I chose to unsubscribe to their updates altogether. Although everything is pretty much virtual online, certain things can manifest themselves in reality. So I chose to remove these thorns in the bushes to make my life easier and better. Who needs people who are so sensitive that he has to personally notify me. Well, I may be a little silly, but to comment to such extent is a little over the top for me. Can't take a joke? Why not talk to a doll, they don't say stupid things.

People nowadays are so difficult to handle. Not only the ladies have PMS, guys do have them now, too. And the guys have heavier PMS than girls do, nowadays.

Cold treatment it is for these people. Okay, time for a nap! :)