Thursday, 1 November 2012

Posting this from the little gazebo in my college. Huhuhuhu.

Well, it has been a very long time since I last posted anything in my blog. Heck, I'm sure it has collected enough dust to drown Ursula and her royal fatness. Google who she is.

University life has been really, really hectic. During the first month of my stay in university, I had no time to just relief my rectum of its poopoo. Yes, all the running-around did make me fall sick. Thankfully I haven't fell sick as badly as my other friends. Some of them were so ill that they really need medical attention. Certainly, God has been with me all the way. All my illness were gone in less than two days. Most of the time, I'm just ill because of exhaustion. Oh yes, exhaustion is a word that you'll encounter a lot in university or probably just UPM.

Right now, literally, I'm sitting down at the gazebo in my college (yes, colleges are actually nicer names in replacement for the oh-so-boring term "hostel"). Doing a little revision with my friends around me, some seniors are doing their Business Ed revision at the table behind me. Life has been a little better ever since last week. :)

Made lots of friends (who doesn't?). Sadly, in my block, no one has a level of insanity that can rival mine. This is rather pathetic... Thankfully, there are girls that are as mad as I am. Mad Hatters for the win. Posting this to remove the dust from my long-dead blog.

P.S: I do miss lots of you who read my blog but I have no time to chat or catch up with you guys. Probably do some catching-up when I'm back home for semester break WHEE. Miss me? Let me know please. <3 p="p">