Tuesday, 13 March 2012

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So, yes. I haven't been blogging or posting anything since I-don't-know-when. It is also about time I posted something random, though not many drop by here anyway. My blog is just like a tiny corner in a shopping complex where many don't drop by. Only those who are interested know where to find me. :) Just the kind of attention I need. Hey, who needs millions of followers when none is really actually close to you?

So, I'll backtrack all the way to the day I received my STPM results. For those who do now know what STPM is, it is a government-based examination which is equivalent to A-Levels, if not more difficult (that is to my opinion). The initial feeling of scoring a CGPA of 3.58 out of the total of 4.00 was a little blur and dumbfounded. Subjects that I have expected to do well, did not turn out great. Whereas subjects that I did not anticipate good results out of them, for them I did well. Pretty odd I must say. Alas, emotions aside, life has to go on as well.

Wishing all my friends all the best with university placements. May you achieve what you guys want in life. In the end, don't forget where you come from, your roots and what people around you shape you to who you are.

This time, I'm back to school, not as a student but a teacher. So far, it has been good and really much an eye-opener. Not to be mistaken with a can-opener. 

Need private tuition? Contact me at chickenwing_kl@yahoo.com.my. ;)

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 2 March 2012


Okay, so I just started working as a temporary teacher quite recently, working at SMK Raja Abdullah. Well, first impression was that the school reminds me a lot of SMK Sinar Bintang, is that right if I call that school my alma mater? Whatever. Still, the level of discipline and courtesy of the students are not up to par with students from SMK Jinjang, my Form 6 school, so to say.

2nd day at work and I am already feeling the lethargy dominating my body. Still, this pressure is way better than my previous shitty job.

Praying for good STPM results, which is due to be announced in a very short time. Damn it.

=CHIcken WINGs=