Tuesday, 4 June 2013


I guess not many people does blogs nowadays, aye? It's getting pretty dusty in here and I'm virtually rotting in the world of blogging. Perhaps it's because of the lack of materials to read. Many friends have their blogs written in Chinese and of all people, I was born a banana. Oh well *shrugs shoulders*.

Okay, so finals is just round the corner and I've been munching on Malaysian Nationhood, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Algebra and I haven't even touched Oral Interaction Skills. I've got the biggest complaints about the first two. Assy subjects, if assy is even a proper word to use. These subjects deserve to be defenestrated (the proper word to describe the action of throwing one person out of a window). Well, nationhood was a subject that we have covered while doing Form 6. Any Form Sixer would have known by now that Kenegaraan is a pain in the bum-bum. Well, I love my country but not to the point of learning everything from politics to national policies. Ain't nobody got time for that. Now, with all the other chemistry subjects weighing down my timetable, nationhood has to be gone. But no, it's sitting nicely in my exam timetable and it happens to be the first subject that I have to sit for during the finals. YAY. Analytical chemistry is another pain in the bum-bum (Anal. Chem. for short, pun intended). Almost everything in this chemistry is theoretical and cannot be seen clearly by the naked eyes. HETP, height equivalent to THEORETICAL plates as an example. Theory that is supposedly real, and all these terms are created to be an arbitrary comparison to the others. Which really makes you nuts when you have got so many "rulers" and standards to recall and memorize prior to examination. HETP is just one and you've got so many other bum-bum-itch causing chapters to go.  It may seem like I'm ranting excessively. Well, the truth is, I AM!


And all the crazy ladies and guys around me whom I fondly call "friends" should really take up blogging as their second, okay, probably not, maybe third or fourth life so that moi, has got something to read. Not many people like to share their thoughts emotions face-to-face and voila, blog comes in handy. Instead, these buttheads that are close to me prefer to go all-out emo instead of blogging. ADOI.

TENSION. Okay, back to exams. So, I must go on spa everyday during semester break even if it means having my skin dry up and me turning into a raisin. I MUST BE PAMPERED LIKE CRAZY! Seriously, final exams can make you age exponentially and it's not really cool. I look at myself in the mirror and I look HORRIBLE. Eye bags large enough to pass off as Prada, Gucci, LVs or any other "chapalang", made-in-China handbag. If I pursue an M.Sc or a PhD, probably I'd have to say goodbye to my crowning glory. Which sounds like a total no-no. I am a queen (okay, king) and this MUST NOT HAPPEN. Dressing-up is something I love and no-hair is scary (I can still rock a bald look, but rocking a bald look just because you've got no more hair is pretty much a sad thing... HMM).

Bah. Well, to you, my kind soul, that's reading this, thanks for reading up to this point. Nobody likes full-worded posts, so do I. XD

Have a great day and lots of love from me.

=CHIcken WINGs=