Sunday, 30 August 2009

Can't be blogging for almost a month... Trials... Not that I can't go online, Mum doesn't allow me to online so often as the SPM exam is coming... Will blog about Youth Camp- TOUCH Camp 2009 when I'm back later. PICTURES too!

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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I've been dead again. [For almost two weeks]

See the title above and you know that I haven't been blogging for almost two weeks. Must have been busy again. Those old, boring school seminars that's supposed to MAKE us score an "A" for the upcoming SPM and Trials... ? Had replacement class the last Saturday, which is so totally boring. Really. 6 people from my class went to school that day, including me. =.=

Anyways, didn't blog so soon 'cause I needed to study too. Trials. Whatever. Past few days ago, went back to Kuantan for the holidays. Thought it was going to be fun, but then it was pretty so-so. Still, got to eat lotsa' stuff back there. xD Camwhored crazy pics with ma' sister to, which is still better compared to complete mother-of-all-boredom. xD

To all my friends, the Trials are fast approaching. Take care of your health. Don't catch H1N1. It's so irritating. Study hard, too! xD I'll be gone for this week. Don't miss me! xD LOL. Good luck all! ;D

Things I NEED!
*MONEY! [I don't have to list the rest already ;D]

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Saturday, 15 August 2009

I'm back! [Not that I'm dead]

I have been seriously dead for the past few weeks. Blame it on my sickness the past few weeks, about two weeks ago in fact. Had to skip Youth group for that. So horrible... Some friends even got paranoid when I wore mask to church. I think they're paranoid... [I THINK ONLY LA....]. Understood. H1N1 craze. Blah~

And the past week, WOAH! Haven't been all so good to me. I had to suffer the pain of soar throat from Monday until Wednesday... It's bad. And annoying. It's so distracting that tuition seem to be a torture for me. Too hard to focus... xD But thank God that He was here with me, and friends who have prayed for me too. Thanks! xD

This week with friends... So-so ride. Just didn't like some "people" to complain too much, though doing nothing much. Get a life I say [Oh so pimp-ish]. Well nobody likes bad stuff, bad nobody likes... well... People like this too.


Needing a few things right now....

*Need a hoodie!



*New bag... Really

*Belts with BIG BUCKLES!

Oh, my friend introduced to me a pen that is really nice to write with. It's a ballpen. It's RM 4.90. It's tad expensive, but it's GOOD. REALLY! PROMOTE!

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Take care, NOOBS~

Saturday, 8 August 2009

MOTHER, bloody photo uploader.

Wanted to upload pictures to the blog and... WASEH! Uploaded twice and on both occasions during uploading, the internet disconnected! WTHOMGNROFLMAO! So, I decided not to upload on this blog post, save it for the next blog post. Anyways, I don't really have much time to upload, gotta' be going for church in an hour's time.

This week... The beginning of this week is as sucky as it can get. MONDAY! Come on, Monday blues, crazy! All is okay in the morning assembly. After the assembly, we all got to go back to class, eventhough the prefects needed to stay back [we're retired prefects, RETIRED]. Oh it's SO GREAT when the discipline teachers [okay, only a biatchy one wanted us to come down]. Upon coming down, we "kena" sound from the headmistress. Saying that we hadn't attend the "KURSUS KEPIMPINAN PENGAWAS" the last Friday. Well, I have many friends who were non-prefects witnessing that the teacher only said "PENGAWAS TING. 3 & 4 dikehendaki menghadiri kursus kepimpinan di dewan sekolah pada hari ini". Dick Shen [post-head prefect] even asked teacher for confirmation. Really, does the teacher not want to admit her [ahem. clue there already] mistakes and say sorry to us? One of the "ahem" scolded be because I drew some cute things on my mask [H1N1 prevention step for me, which made me think whatever the "ahem" said was bloody BS]. It's okay if you say it nicely, but she had to say "Don't draw anything on your mask, this is not a private school,". You don't have to say "this is not a private school" to me, it's implying that I'm so poor that I do this in a national school. Biatch. Want to take a look at the drawings, head down to my Facebook and take a look. So innocent.

This week itself, too, I had problems with my so-called friends. Don't want to write about it, in case they are readind. They will put all the blame on me even if they are wrong. Freeloaders.

Well, the bad stuff aside. Puan Haslina belanja-ed us the AJKs of Rumah Merah Pizza Hut this week, which is like super the fun. At least made my tummy happy, xD.

Chatted with Joe, revelead a secret about me, OMG! So funny~ Joe, no way I'll tell you who~ xD But thanks for listening~ ^-^

Finally today, SICKED! WTH... Looking forward to getting better, and going back to church later. Been missing church for the past two weeks. OMG xD

TTY soon. =D

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Thursday, 6 August 2009


Haven't been updating my blog. Don't know whether if anybody is even reading my blog... That is not the main thing right now anyways. ;D Wait up for the latest blog post. Sure to make you stun up the wall XD