Saturday, 27 March 2010

OMGawd. I'm drowning in an ocean of blessings.

Okay. The title implies a lot of things here.

Ocean. Drowning. Two very closely-knit words, as if they were couples for the past few eons. And yes, I'm literally drowning in a sea of blessings. Not that I'm complaining about this, but things are happening at such a horrifyingly quick pace that it's an instant when compared to a blink of an eye.

Rushing seems to be the best thing that I can do for now. But then again, what benefit does it bring at all. *Sighs* I'm starting to feel like I'm turning into an artifact. Ancient and old. Probably it's because my back is killing me. Been having recurring back pain since late Form 4. It hasn't got this bad before. Now, I feel it everyday. It sucks, a lot. And there's nothing much I can do about it.

Ah. Let me cut the crap here. Now on to the blessings. Attended prize-giving ceremony in school, due to good results. My wallet ended up being heavier by RM175. I also got two GSC vouchers to be used! Awesome stuff.

But the awesomest thing is that I'm still alive. Really, nothing can beat the blessing in being alive for so long. Heck, I had near-death experiences three times in my life. Beat that. XP I believe God has bigger plans for me. But then again, it annoys me that He makes it so full of suspense. *laughs* Well, that's Him alright. =)

Readers, I wish that you will be blessed abundantly this week. Okay, maybe not this week alone. What about the whole month then? *Does the "Whatever~" hand-gesture*


=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Experiences @ HKL.

Yes, I just got back from Hospital Kuala Lumpur from the Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Sebagai Seorang Doktor. Have been in the hospital for the past 2 days. Approximately. It has been quite a good experience I must say. I met nice people, cocky people, and people with bullet-proof glasses. You get what I mean. All fancies of people. XP

Day 1:
I was at the hospital at 6.20 a.m in the morning. WTH an 18-year old would be doing in the not-so-wee hours in the morning, heck, in a hospital?! Yeah, the Polis Bantuan gave me queer looks. They must be asking "What the eff is this nutcase with a yellow bag doing here in the morning?". I'm too soaked in my own fantasies that I can't give a damn of what they think about me, what more about the people who are going to WTF over my appearance.

It was sad to see NONE of anybody whom I know there. Yes. I was like, *tuut, bored here!*. So there's this Indian girl who came in around 8.20 a.m? Lisa is her name. Yeah, we became impromptu friends then. And I met her friend, Jeremie and another early bird too, Jia Xin. Yeah, and later on we had to break into several groups.

WTF. We got a boring tour, just on the first day of this programme. *laughs* Someone has to suck up the shit, like it or not. XP Orthopedics. Nothing much to see. Just bones, and skeletal related matters. Amputations and the likes of it.

And moving on later, we went to look at the General Surgery department. No, no live surgeries. Only a lecture. Vascular surgeon if I'm not pretty much mistaken. BAI to the hospital after that.

The journey home was awfully fun. Literally. Awful part first. I walked from GH/ HKL all the way down to Jalan TAR. Yes. I was dumb. XP It's my first time here as a student, and ALONE. And I take U11 which takes me back to my house no problem. OK... But then I realise he's going the opposite direction of the way I'm supposed to be following... T-T So, I ended up paying RM1 + RM2 for "passing" to stops. WTF. It's still anytime better than taking the taxi though. Nice part. I never get to view the traffic and sights of KL that often. So, as I walked, I looked at people and all the cartoon stunts that they're trying to imitate. Was fun. Improvised form of fun, so to speak.

Day 2 [Today]:
Today arr... Ermm... Today go to O & G lo. Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Nope, no delivery of babies too. Sad. Nothing much there really. Forensics? Yeah, we only got to see a body getting sanitized. That's all. =.=||| The other groups got to see the post-mortem in action, WTF?! Sighs.

And last session was at the Outpatient Dept. Not really hectic too. What I saw? I saw a head nurse cleaning up a small wound of a diabetic patient. Area of wound roughly 1.5cm X 4cm. Depth of wound approximately 3cm at the deepest point. I was like, "Ugh" not because it gross, but it's because it feels pain. XP

What I really disliked about this programme has got nothing to do with the programme at all, but I really disliked the people that came. How do I put this? HEH. I had thought that A-class students are going to be, from the point of aptitude, be good. PFFT. My foot to that statement now. Some of them, so cocky their heads can't see the ground. Some of them HAVE to talk while the nurses and doctors are briefing. What bitches are they. [No holds barred to that statement. Smart students SHOULD be street-smart too, not book-smart] I mean, coming in as a potential JPA scholar, what is that kind of attitude man? Some reflection please. Yeah. And some of those nuts have to see more "colour-blind" and weirdos like me. Haven't seen a guy with varnished nails and a yellow bag before? Sad for you, you haven't seen the world. Can't handle me? How then, can you handle a whining patient? I KASIHAN BAGI PIHAK YOU. And yeah, for those who are down-to-earth, do expect to see stuck-up students when you join this programme. I was not expecting to see so many pain-in-the-necks, but I stand to my weird styles and principles. Can't handle me? Go get LD50.



*Aww man, why'd you have to be taken? XP*

=CHIcken WINGs=

And the best thing that happened today? I got two vouchers to GSC for free! XP

LD50-ed for now.

Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Sebagai Doktor- From the eyes and ears of a soon-to-be-hopefully-scholar

I have not blogged in a long time, considering the fact that I call myself a blogger. Yeah, whatever. Haha. Got shortlisted for this programme. [If you're reading this because if you're a hopeful to get this, read on. If you're hoping to hear me rant, wait for the next post. Back-to-back post, no worries] This programme, basically, is to show the soon-to-be-scholars the work and the responsibilities of becoming a doctor. The job of a doctor is indeed a noble job, but it's not as easy as many think it is.

Blah #1:
The life of a doctor is tough. TOUGH. Not simple. But plainly speaking, if you're in for it, because of passion and your aspiration and perspiration and BLA, BLA, BLA, so why not go for it. It's about the experience. Housemanship is tough, too. For the duration of the two years, you'll be spanked, whacked and scolded, not literally. But later on, after housemanship, you'll be much better. Less stress and all. During housemanship, it's all about "spare the rod, spoil the child."

Blah #2:
You are expected to be very ready to sacrifice whatever you may have on you. Don't expect to go home on time, although there is a set working time. You may have to stay back to tend to the patients' needs or to finish up your work for the next day so you'll avoid getting sound left, right, centre and all crevices of your body. Accuracy and punctuality is everything.

Blah #3:
Becoming a doctor is ALL ABOUT SERVICE. Literally. Nothing comes first except your patients. Yes. That's the naked truth. I didn't say it in a somber, dark tone. It's a serious, determined voice. Yes.

Blah #4:

[OKAY, I continued with this like 4 hours later because I lost my train of thoughts. Damn to hell short-term memory problems]

Heck, there's nothing much left to say. But generally, as an aspiring doctor, never let anything drive your will to study medicine unless it's own your own freewill and desire. Heck, never let anybody hold YOUR future. Do what you love to do. What I think about this programme and all? It's a good thing, but in a way it's too short to really see the stress and pressure working as a doctor. My experiences? See the following blogpost, alrighty? XP

Peace out.


=CHIcken WINGs=

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Untitled #3



Stuck at home and not being able to go out to work, nor go online in the morning. It's killing me. I'm so liking someone now, but not in a very ready position to go tackle that special somebody. Sad. Being able to see that person but not being able to say "it" is very hard. SUPER HARD. T-T

And... *sigh* Some friends only bug me when they need something. Not all of them-laaa. I still love and care for my buddies. But then, most of them aren't there for me when I need them. Most of my SMS-es are rejected. Sad case humans.

I did some drawing and sketching. Cheered me up a little. Ha, let me tell you this, if you don't wanna' layan me, my pencil box, sketchbook, A4 papers and God will cheer me up. Don't super-perasan. *bleks*

HMM. Call or don't call? I'm lazy you know?

+CHIcken WINGs+

Castle Age on facebook is fun. Random statement.

Monday, 15 March 2010

OOO. Sothefreakingfrustratinglahalltheseformsyoucantevenfilloneupwithoutahiccupish.

So yeah. Results for SPM was announced like 5 days ago. Getting good results doesn't mean the hassle and rush stops there. Now, with all the scholarships open for registration, OMG the rush to photostat, certifying documents and sending application is just mad.


But am really thankful, really to all those who prayed for me, even some that I might not know that were doing so. So, I want to say a biggie' thanks to you guys. But my utmost feelings of appreciation goes to God. He knows what I desire, and He doesn't hold His blessings back, not even a bit.

FUH. The simplest scholarship to apply so far is the JPA Scholarship, and hopefully I will get it *shivers* Shell and Petronas scholarships are rather troublesome to apply. ISH. But I'mma call them up and bug the phone operators. I'm so getting panicky if I can't get my application through... T-T

Nevertheless, life must go on. Promote promote! Brothers' and Sisters' Day coming real soon. FUH. Publicity is kind of fun! But... Hmm... I'm still unsure. Blah. And the next tutoring session is coming up in two weeks, so whoever friends that are attending, come early-laaa. Joanna requested for an Additional Maths tutoring session... Sad. How to cram together so many sessions? T-T

Advice to my younger peeps, try hard. And don't hope for good things to fall on you. X) Yang pipih tidak datang melayang, yang bulat tidak datang bergolek. =P

=CHIcken WINGs=

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Today's class was a small success. Hoping for more turnouts soon. But then again... More turnouts equates to higher pressure. Hmm. It's okay, nothing too hard. ;D

Turnout was OK. 2 persons. It's rather OK for me, as I'm just considered a rookie teacher. But I love it~ XP

Am a little busy right now. Applying for scholarships. Waiting for the promo video for Brothers' and Sisters' Day plan to be okayed so we can start making it [hope it works though]. Working. Hmm. So far so good. Hoping scholarships can be approved. MWAHAHA! All in God's dear hands.

Hoping on God alone.

Aww man, now I'm kinda' missing you again.


=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 11 March 2010

YES! Good riddance sleepless nights, hello sweet dreams.


I made it.




STRAIGHTS! To be honest, I'm more relieved than I'm happy. I did not expect to do so well this time, especially in the Biology and Malay Language paper. But praise be to GOD! I did well.

Bahasa Melayu [A]
Bahasa Inggeris [A+]
Mathematics [A+]
Additional Mathematics [A+]
Sejarah [A+]
Pendidikan Moral [A-]
Biology [A-]
Chemistry [A+]
Physics [A+]
English for Science and Technology [A+]

Yesh, God is that marvelous. Been acing government-based exam from UPSR up until SPM. What other plans He has for me? I don't know. But I'm sure it's gonna' be a fun one, I'm sure. Congrats to my buddies too. Whether you did well, or you did not, it still doesn't change how your friends love you. It's the same always and forever. ;D


Joon, where are you?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Fuh..fuh...fuh....! FOUND IT! [JPA info]

It's so hard to find these kind of crap, especially when they don't really show it in all the public newspapers. These are the important details that you need to note when you are going to apply for Public Services Department scholarships.

General terms and regulations: [translated from the e-sila webpage, pardon my errors]
1. Malaysian citizen [D'oh!]
2. Not exceeding 18 years in age [19 years old for those who were in remove classes before] by the 31st December 2009. [What for? Aren't those who are in remove classes before 18 years in age by the 31st December 2009??]
3. Possessing good health and not suffering from chronic diseases such as hepatitis, Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease [AIDS], etc.

Medicine [United Kingdom, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Russia, Poland and Czech Republic]
Dentistry [Australia, India, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom]
Pharmacy [Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom]

AT LEAST an A- in the 9 of the following subjects:
1. Malay Language
2. History Studies
3. Islamic Studies, As-Sunnah and Al-Quran Studies, Syariah Laws Studies OR Moral Studies
4. Physics
5. Chemistry
6. Biology
7. Mathematics [Modern Mathematics]
8. Additional Mathematics
9. English Language

Veterinary Medical Science [Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada]

AT LEAST an A- in 9 of the following subjects:
1. Malay Language
2. History Studies
3. Islamic Studies, As-Sunnah and Al-Quran Studies, Syariah Laws Studies OR Moral Studies
4. Physics
5. Chemistry
6. Biology
7. Mathematics [Modern Mathematics]/ Additional Mathematics
8. English Language
AND at least an A- in any other subject.

Agricultural Science [United States of America, Australia]

AT LEAST an A- in 6 of the following subjects:
1. Malay Language
2. History Studies
3. Islamic Studies, As-Sunnah and Al-Quran Studies, Syariah Laws Studies OR Moral Studies
4. Biology/ Science/ Additional Science
5. Mathematics/ Addiotional Mathematics
6. English Language
AND at least an A- in the following subjects:
7. Physics/ Chemistry/ Agricultural Sciences/ Agrotechnology Studies/ Geography/ Economics/ Commerce [Perdagangan]/ Principles of Accountancy

Biotechnology [United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada]

AT LEAST an A- in 8 of the following subjects:
1. Malay Language
2. History Studies
3. Islamic Studies, As-Sunnah and Al-Quran Studies, Syariah Laws Studies OR Moral Studies
4. Physics/ Chemistry
5. Biology
6. Mathematics
7. Additional Mathematics
8. English Language
AND at least an A- in any other subject.

Engineering [United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom,
Canada, Germany, France*]

AT LEAST an A- in 8 of the following subjects:
1. Malay Language
2. History Studies
3. Islamic Studies, As-Sunnah and Al-Quran Studies, Syariah Laws Studies OR Moral Studies
4. Physics
5. Chemistry
6. Mathematics
7. Additional Mathematics
8. English Language/ French *(for those who intend to take their course in France)
9. Biology *(for those who intend to take their course in France)
AND at least an A- in any other subject.

Actuarial Science [United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom]

AT LEAST an A- in 8 of the following subjects:
1. Malay Language
2. History Studies
3. Islamic Studies, As-Sunnah and Al-Quran Studies, Syariah Laws Studies OR Moral Studies
4. Additional Mathematics
5. Mathematics
6. English Language
7. Physics/ Science/ Additional Science
8. Chemistry/ Economics/ Commerce/ Principles of Accountancy OR ICT
AND at least an A- in any other subject.

Accountancy [Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom]

AT LEAST an A- in 7 of the following subjects:
1. Malay Language
2. History Studies
3. Islamic Studies, As-Sunnah and Al-Quran Studies, Syariah Laws Studies OR Moral Studies
4. Mathematics
5. Additional Mathematics/ Science/ Additional Science
6. English Language
7. Physics/ Economics/ Commerce/ Entrepreneurship Studies
AND at least an A- in any other subject.

Law [Australia, United Kingdom]

AT LEAST an A- in 5 of the following subjects:
1. Malay Language
2. History Studies
3. Islamic Studies, As-Sunnah and Al-Quran Studies, Syariah Laws Studies OR Moral Studies
4. English Language
5. Mathematics/ Additional Mathematics
AND at least an A- in any other 4 subjects.

Business Administration [United States of America, United Kingdom]

AT LEAST an A- in 6 of the following subjects:
1. Malay Language
2. History Studies
3. Islamic Studies, As-Sunnah and Al-Quran Studies, Syariah Laws Studies OR Moral Studies
4. Additional Mathematics/ Science/ Additional Science
5. English
6. Commerce/ Principles of Accountancy/ Entrepreneurship Studies
AND at least 3 A-'s in the following subjects:
7. Mathematics/ Economics/ Physics/ Chemistry/ English for Science and Technology/ Geography/ ICT [Information and Communication Technology]

There are a few more that I have not translated because it is not relevant to our school students at all. If you want to check it out [it's in Bahasa Malaysia, though], here's the link ^^

Good luck for tomorrow guys.

I'm bloody nervous, really.


=CHIcken WINGs=

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Just came back from watching Alice in Wonderland. The movie? Was OK to boot. Not very much of a hoo-hah as everybody is saying. To me, it was a major setback, because I expected more from Tim Burton. Well, maybe it's just not up to the mark-lah. Well, I loved the graphics in the movie. Was damn awesome. Character designs and concepts are a bloody good masterpiece. What was good is that there are many random moments in this movie that kills the boredom of the movie.

Not for purists I say. But if you are an avid fan of Burton, or love seeing weird and wonderful graphics, this is the movie to see. I'm missing somebody. That's odd. I hadn't felt like that last week and the week before. Sheesh.


=CHIcken WINGs=

"OOO, spoon!"

Monday, 8 March 2010

Aftermath? What's that?

Checking my blog to see whether everything is OK with it. It goes all nuts sometimes. Adam Lambert's Aftermath is up and playing. It's really meaningful, not his normal "I-love-to-scream-in-my-songs" kind of song.

Suddenly feeling kind of sh*tty. Well, it has got something to do about this afternoon. Blah. It's no use for me to go all EMO about it anymore, 'cause I did no harm to anyone, or by any means try to cause harm to anybody indirectly. Am getting over it pretty well. It's going to be just another week. I hope not. It's a curse to pass through every week as if it was a routine. Yes, I can't let you fool me [random].

Currently thinking about my future. Knowing that God already has my future laid out well, I'm not really fearful, but sometimes a little worried. Human nature. Can't avoid it at all.

Relating to the above stanza, am considering taking up something in the field of medicine as my future profession. Think about it, having M.B.B.S [Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery] qualification. But the competition is stiff, deadly and competitive [why the heck did I say deadly at all?]---------.....

If it's not God's plan for me to do Medicine, hopefully I will be able to pick up Chemical Engineering, if not Chemistry, Biochemistry or Biomedical Science. What about being a pathologist, anyone?

This Thursday decides MOST of what might happen in my near future. But ultimately, God will put everything into place, and I might just have to walk my journey of life that is filled with mad surprises. Bloody mad surprises. XP

Loves, all my buddies and readers.

Till the next post; HUGS~

=CHIcken WINGs=

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Pieces of BLAHS and WOOTS.

Yes, it's less than a week before the results are officially out. It scares the sh*t of many people, especially the ones who are eager to get scholarships. Yes, I want a scholarship. And yes, it scares the shit out of me a little. Talk about constipated results. WTH.

This is so random. I'm watching AI * on 8tv. And WTF? Adam Lambert voter here! And Kara just said, "YOU ARE A ROCK GOD!". BLAH. I love my job. Just got back too long ago. Feeling better at work today than the other days. Work satisfaction perhaps?

The fact that SPM results are coming out soon is so like going to be a life-changing experience. It scares me. A lot. But I know God is up there in heaven, making sure those people holding my results make me get the straights of As. Hopefully A+ too. Hoping too much? Nope. My God is a giver.

"Jealous arh?"



=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 4 March 2010

OMG SPM results!

Results are coming out on the 11th of March. Rumours or what? Not sure. So far, it's true.

Good luck guys!



=CHIcken WINGs=