Thursday, 26 August 2010

Talk about Mad Hatter.

It's about time school cut down on insanity, especially when students are in the school compound. It makes you wanna' go nuts and start a rampage, first with destroying teachers' car tyres, devouring the exhaust pipes like fries and eating the windshield as if you're crunching on ice. Urgh...

Yes, the pile of homework is as numerous as the number of bacteria on the legs of a cockroach. Yeah, "EEEEWWW" you may go, but that's the way it is. URGH. :D But at least friends and some support from m family members alleviate the stress, at least a little.

Things are starting to get busy. Who in the whole quasar would know that I would be picked as club treasurer. Yeah, WTF I say. *giggles* I can't even remember accounts. I think. Co-curricular activities getting busy, too. Lessons in class complement the already-mounting stress that we face. Ah, euphoria I say. ;)

An what's with so many a-la schizophrenic teachers in school?! GOSH, they freak me out. Makes my butt go out of alignment. *rolls eyes* Ah, the sound and sight of high-school, who could resist the joy it gives us. *self-slaps*

There's still cuties out there waiting to be approached. Should I try? At least for once? *Conscience speaks: Wing, you damn gatal punya budak!*

OOOH, love you readers so much. ;)

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 13 August 2010

AGES and AGES ago. :)

Yesh, I haven't been blogging for ages. Heck, lots of people haven't been touching their blog pages in ages. What in cotton candy's sake are they doing anyways?

Ha, my life has been in an up and down recently. Hmm. Yeah. But life is still awesome as usual. Today's Christian Fellowship club meeting was mind-stimulating. It made me a little happier.

Losing my writing skills. Need to regain those over-the-top hyperbole writing style. Help me will you? *LOVES*