Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Courtesy doesn't come with wealth.

Well, we often see in dramas that rich people are often the antagonist and how a helpless protagonist keeps getting bullied by the antagonist, just because the antagonist is rich and consequently, powerful.

Yes, these jerks actually exist in real life and some of them, are unfortunately, uglier than what you see in dramas, both aesthetically and also in terms of attitude. It's pretty obvious that money does not come with courtesy in one package and both are purchased separately. Quite sadly, even Malaysians, who are quite well-known for being courteous, have their reputation marred because of a small group of rich assholes who think they can boss people around.

My experience that led to this conclusion, happened to me just yesterday while doing window-shopping in KLCC. Quite normal for wealthy people to frequent this place to flaunt their wealth. So there's this really ugly couple that's walking around KLCC with their equally annoying bodyguard. This dumb couple doesn't know where they want to walk and this dumb guy who is on his phone holding his idiotic lady can't just stop at one corner and continue his conversation without blocking other shoppers. What's more infuriating is this couple's bodyguard with god-level stupidity, pushed me aside when I was walking. Errr, I didn't know that the couple bought part of the shopping complex and I can't walk in their direction. Please, if you can't survive without being knocked into the shopping complex, stay at home and whine. Don't come out and be a jerk. Even if you are a VIP, that doesn't give you any privilege to do such nasty and rude things to others. VIP? Yes, Very Important Pigs you are. Go back to the sty where you belong, thanks.

One other infuriating issue is that how Malaysians can be so stupid while boarding public transportation. At the same time, their attitude while taking these public transport is downright disgusting. I saw two girls hogging priority seats in the train, reserved for the elderly, disabled and also pregnant ladies. It's fine to take a seat if there aren't any of these people of special needs around. Quite sadly, there was a pregnant lady in the train. And yes, there were two old man in the train too. All they did was sitting down on the seats and tapping away on their phones, ignoring these people that really need the sit more than they do. How disgusting can these people be? I can only wonder.

Nevertheless, the day ended slightly better when I received confirmation on my internship placement. Hoping that all comes out well. More importantly, I do hope my application to Kyoto University is approved in just 3 months to come.

Be nice, people.


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Oh no. No. No. No.

So, it's that time of the month again where I have to be an usher in church again. A bi-monthly affair, actually. Not that I am complaining but there are some things that disturb me.

Plainly, something that I find unsettling is the fact that the most pious of people are usually the ones with the most pathetic and sad personality. Back the to previous round when I was ushering, probably just before Christmas last year, I was quite appalled to see one of my church's senior member did something that didn't really quite agree to the spirit of being a Christian. Although we are all fallen creatures, according to the Scriptures, I don't think that what he did was appropriate. This senior member made a member of the Indonesian congregation (which completed their morning service not long before ours were to start) clean up the church compound which was soiled black from soot, probably coming from people burning offering paper for their deities nearby. It wouldn't hurt just taking the broom to clean up but this had to happen. Totally not cool. Occasionally, I question Christians on their faith. We put so much emphasis on the Word, on Christ and yet we fail to live like servants, like Him. At times, I see people from church are no different from Pharisees. So into the Word but at the same time, so far from it. I have to admit I am not a perfect Christian myself but from a human point-of-view, is this what someone who calls himself or herself Christian should do? I find it a bitter fact to swallow, that many Christians are like that. Partly the reason why I try to avoid joining Christian events. If I am in one, I keep my eyes on Him. It's disturbing to see so many hypocrites in the guise of holy-molies.

That being put aside, life has been pretty smooth, simple and also laid-back ever since finals were over. When my "predicted results" were in, my heart almost fell through the ground, popped up on the other side of Earth and came back to the socket where it belongs. A sharp drop of 0.071 from my previous pointer of 3.957 to 3.886. Statistically, it still puts me in first-class, nothing to be worried about, right? I left the thought for a moment. Enjoyed life nevertheless. Suddenly, this thought came knocking. Unwillingly, I took out my calculator and some paper to do the math (WHO IN THE WORLD DOES MATH ON SEMESTER BREAKS?). Stunned, my calculations show that I scored a measly 3.575. That shocked me for a moment. How? I was always in the dean's list and never have I fell below first-class before. I guess, humans are meant to fail once in a while, no? And there I thought, this is it for this semester. A few days later... Things changed slightly for the better. The pointer increased slightly from 3.886 to 3.956. I couldn't be happier! Guess they were trolling with students, perhaps? I can foresee quite a good Chinese New Year ahead. Who are Monkeys of the Chinese zodiac? Raise your hands and let me hear you holler!

Oh yes. I have not done any shopping for CNY. No new clothes (I wish I had) but as I grow up, I slowly realise that CNY isn't (always) about new clothes, new everythings. You tend to become satisfied and happy just being in the presence of those who you love and care for. (Of course, having Hermes or Gucci for CNY isn't bad, just saying. *winks*) So, in case I am too lazy to blog until who-knows-when, I wish you and your family a warm and blessed Chinese New Year and may prosperity, wealth and love be upon your household throughout this (rather challenging) year ahead and to my non-Chinese readers, happy holidays (or you can always just drop by any Chinese homes and harvest red packers, just pretend like as if you know them!). HUAT A!

Lots of love,


Thursday, 15 January 2015

So much for the enthusiasm. :)

Okay, this post was actually intended for the last day of 2014. However, being New Year's eve, we tend to be a little lazier than usual. Thus, I procrastinated updating my blog up until now. Take that! HIAH!

2014. I wouldn't say it was really an eventful year for me. I turned 22 in 2014. Gone to work as a tuition teacher. Enjoyed a trip to Redang with my former classmates back in Form 6. Pretty much sums up the eventful things that happened the past year.

Rather than being an eventful year, it was more of a year for self-discovery. It felt like every day and every week, there was something new to discover about myself. Like, how patient I have become (no, I am still very impatient, but much better compared to when I was younger). How much a workaholic I am. How much a perfectionist I am. There are many things that I have let go and new insights I have gained. To be honest, I can't recall much at the moment but it's deep inside me. I just have to let you guys know when I come up with another post.

The most important thing that I learned towards the end of the year is: When someone truly loves you, he or she will try his or her best for you. He or she may not succeed but it's the best they'll put in. I tried my best, the other half didn't. I felt upset in the beginning. Why could someone treat me like this. Later on, I realised, my other half didn't really feel anything at all. I was the one imprisoning myself in my own hurt and despair. On the eve of New Year, I finally let go completely. It was tough, gradually letting go throughout November up to the last day of the year.

I also removed many "contacts", especially on Facebook and my phone. It is really just the right time to remove all the clutter and mess from my life. People who don't take the effort to catch up with you don't really need to know what updates you have. As such, my life is made easier. I only see people I love and care for. Chat with those actually care for me and vice versa. 2015, may not be a very smooth sailing year. I am not going to ask 2015 to be nice to me (like some other idiots do). I am just going to grow with the challenges and see where the tides and the winds will bring me.

And those of you who know me personally, wish me luck! I am applying to go to Kyoto for a scholarship program to complete an 8-week research course under a researcher at Kyoto University. Optimistic but not putting too much hope. Let's hope all things fall into place.

Love you peeps.