Saturday, 15 November 2014

Jelly beans. JELLY BEANS!

Now that I have gotten your attention (yes, jelly bean lovers), I can now go on to sharing my post. No, it doesn't really have anything to do with jelly beans, how to make them or how they look like. That is what happens when you no longer have a relevant title to use and you end up putting something really random just to gain some attention.

How's life, you ask?
Life has been pretty good, except for the occasional downs, especially when it comes to the uncertainty involving relationships. Let's just say, I am in a complicated relationship now. It's like not being able to commit to a relationship with each other, but at the same time having a feeling of adoration for each other. It just feels like drowning but you are not really drowning. Or let's take another example: You feel the poo poo coming out but it decides to stay at your rectum or closer to the exit.

Anything interesting lately?
Well, yes! Mum got me a G-SHOCK watch, which I totally love. Been wanting one for quite a while now and you could say I am a happy boy. And of course, with lots of cheap books and Big Bad Wolf is just around the corner, I can't wait to shop 'til my pants drop at the book fair. Furthermore, with the yuletide season just a month away, there's lots of stuff to look at. If you're planning to get me gifts, I dare say you could give me anything with Doraemon, Ultraman, Pokemon or Bleach-themed anime and cartoon gifts. A bag would be great, or some really strange but sophisticated looking garment. Dropping by Pavilion and Fahrenheit 88 the other day really made my wallet drool but thank goodness I was able to hold back... Just for that period of time, though.

What's going to happen in the nearest time to come?
Exams! EXAMS! *pulls hair* No wait I don't have much hair. Yes, finals is just around a jiffy away. Scary. With all the assignments piled up skyscraper-high, combined with finals so near it smells like you could just smell someone's fart, it's going to be really hectic. Like. HECTIC. HAG-TICK. Ooo, ticks.

And you, yes you, a pretty and hot. (whoever that's reading this)