Thursday, 26 November 2009

Yeah, whatever. [It's time to love | Healing]

Am in the middle of SPM now. Should be facing my book, memorizing every single detail from my Biology book. Yeah, every sadist like me just love to hold and mingle with some lovely prussic acid [It's cyanide gas, layman term]. SPM experience has been really an eye-opening experience for me. No, I don't want to sound like some college student who has just got down from the plane and starts to tell how much he/she missed home. It's just that I did not really take SPM as something very serious [I mean not academically speaking.]. Many things happened after school's done with. Like... Hmmm... Many people actually started realising that this is it. No more school. What about friends? How are things going to be different? What will happen? After all these while of friendship [Some, more than friendship, "foe"ship, "love"ship, whatever ship you call it.], everything that has happened, ended right at the moment the school end. Yeah, sure, many people say that keeping in touch with Facebook, MSN and handphone is still good enough. Well, to me... It's just all that different to me already. This did not hit me until 2 weeks I left school... I started realising who I really missed, who my "real" friends really were. Now, I do treasure more than ever. ;D And yes, SPM and school ending made some relationships heal too. *winks* Not mine, some other classmates punya. *giggles* Why I say so? Desmond smiled to Marilyn before Add. Maths for SPM started. Those who know, sendiri faham-fahamkanlah apa yang I cakapkan ni. And for some relationships, it's into the trash I say. Some people don't really treasure relationships you try to keep with them. So, why keep a big ship of a liability. SINK THE SHIP! WHOOOOO! ;D Many things have happened. But, this is all I have to say.

BTW, God IS great. *winks*

=CHIcken WINGs=

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Mid-SPM Stress Release Post.

SPM. 4 subjects done. I should be revising and sleeping now, since it's like almost 2 in the morning. NO! Have to blog. God has been gracious, especially during SPM. The Saturday before my SPM week, had a minor accident while on the way home from Stadt, Metro Prima [went there for dinner]. There's this lady driver who came out of a junction without looking a she sped out of her lane and WTF she banged Mum's station wagon, from MY side. OK. It didn't occur much to me that it was a blessing to be OK. Mum told me that I was lucky she [the driver who almost made me end up in the hospital] did not speed any faster, or else I might be in the hospital ward taking SPM from a bed. =.= That's not my idea of conducive environment.

Been having problems with SPM too. With all the SPM subjects going on, staying in school till late in the afternoon and all that is making my back ache like crazy. This stupid aching sensation in my back started since early this year. It's very irritating and all. ISH. Need healing from this pain! RAWR!

Today, wasn't really happy. Some people just love to spoil other people's peace and happiness. Well, to the person I'm mentioning, YOU SUCK! And, yes, you're so pathetic you're not even worth mentioning on this post at all. Go get your pacifier and suck it till you're bloated with stupidity. ;D

Hoping to get back to church soon. Missed Youth and Sunday service this week. And, it was weird that I don't miss school at all, not even until now. After every SPM paper, the thing I did was to faster evacuate the school compounds. Hate school, and some people in the school. BLEAUGH! SHOO, SCOOT!

MUAWAHAHAHA! More nonsense as soon as SPM is over. Anyone keen to gila after SPM?

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 20 November 2009

Super mini micro tiny microscopic short post.

Writing this mini post. Will blog soon. SPM should not be a reason not to blog. Will blog soon. As soon as I finish washing the toilets, my shoes and wiping the grilles in my house. People, stay tuned to what I'm going to post on soon. Just for fun~ Have fun people~ HA!

+CHIcken WINGs+

Friday, 13 November 2009

School's done. What now?

Today's the official schooling day. Yes. Can't really believe that 13 years of schooling just ended like that. Whatever. I'm not going to miss school a lot. I've been looking forward to this day for the past 13 years of my schooling life. YES!

I was just having a leisurely time in school today, waiting to get out of that danged sh*t-hole. For the past few weeks, some of my friends were having problems. Mind you it's not really like SPM stress kind of thing. It's more of personal problems and all. Pity them. Today had a prayer session and I'm kind of happy to see that many of my friends are feeling much better. I don't really know how I can actually empathise with them, but hopefully they're feeling much better. If God's for you, what can be against you?

Came home today. Emo. Just thinking what to do, now that school's over and all. Was about to go online when *GASH!* I went like... SH*T! Cut my hand again. With the same book. =.= Is it just me, or I simply don't understand "Once bitten, twice shy.".......

To all my SPM-ers and friends, good luck. Stay healthy, and have adequate rest. God will bless you man~ Love all of you. =.= [What the hell am I saying?]

=CHIcken WINGs=

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Lame week. So lame you can't see that it's lame.

Lame week. Yes. This week hasn't been productive. Short to say, I want to finish SPM, get my scholarship [hopefully], go college/university, get a job, and forget many people who don't matter much to me. That's cruel and selfish... What to do? I can't pity them too much. Whatever for them. Some things have to be mutual. You can't be friends and relatives [etc] if it's only one side trying to hold a relationship tight. If I forget you, maybe you're just not trying hard enough. =.=

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 6 November 2009

Racism is so last century.

I overheard someone saying that entering matriculation college in Malaysia is a waste. Saying that's it more for Malays and it's kind of hopeless. But to my opinion, it's more of who you are. It's totally dumb and racist saying that matriculation college is for Malays. I know of a few people who aren't Malays that entered matriculation college and came out well. See? Furthermore, if you can see nowadays, many people are using racism this, and racism that. It's totally outdated and so last century to use racism to cover up your own weaknesses. It's lame. We're living in Malaysia. Grow up already. To other people out there, Grow into a MALAYSIAN if you call yourselfa Malaysian. Not happy? MIGRATE!

=CHIcken WINGs=