Saturday, 30 January 2010


Today. Yesh. The first Chemistry lesson-tutoring session. Tutored Shekinah alone. But I was very satisfied with what I did. I don't know why. It's tiring to run through all the notes. Typing those notes out. Printing the notes, and confirming time with the kids. It seemed like a hassle at first having to rush many things, but at last, I felt very happy with it. Where the hell I got these "I-love-to-teach" genes from. Must have been from Mum. I find it a privilege to be able to pass down skills or knowledge that you have to others. I mean, it's a God-given thing and why keep it when you have so much already. A few friends asked me if I was going to charge a fee for this. Nah. ;D It's something nice to teach others, and it's also better than sitting at home doing nothing while the moss starts making your whole body their lovely, warm home. I really, I really thank God for making me this way. Heck, I am not perfect. But it is all these imperfect stuffs that made me love myself, others and especially God, more.

I do think that in life, giving is always better than to receive. I always find it awkward when people give stuffs to me... ;D It's nice, but weird. I prefer giving stuffs to others instead. ^^ And I had a great time at Youth service today. I do not know for whatever reason I felt that way. It must have been God there.

At McD's, chatted long with the youths. I'm finally able to mix around well here. Wasn't able to do that a while back when I was still a newbie to the bunch. And it's also great to have at least a bunch of friends that you can trust in church, whether it is with your spiritual life or your physical life. It's different.

I have lots more to say, but a short post is enough. Long posts are boring. Short to say, I love you guys and girls out there. Friends, family.

*Victory is for those who trust in God. Put all fears aside and fly! ;D*

=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 28 January 2010


Yes, you may think you're somebody, but when you're in my house, please behave well. Don't come here and act like you are somebody great. Masuk rumah put your stuffs here and there like it's your own house. Heck, you're just being a desperate human and someone has to care for you like a kid. Just in case you don't realise, kid, you got no life and you might just have to go get yourself one.

Learn to be clean, for Paris Hilton's chihuahua sake.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Yes, new piece of art done.

Sunday, 24 January 2010


HMM. Yesterday, my family and I went for a dinner together with FINS (not real name to keep it confidential) family. And then... I got to know few juicy gossips about school. Well, I'm not a person of gossips, but staying too long in the house makes me miss school so much. I now know that:

1. Some people in school appear nice, but in reality, they are so bloody bitchy.
2. Prefects are not what they used to be.
3. I don't think I want to miss school that much anymore.

Fins told me that one her friends were not what he used to be. Well, I think I would refer to him as "HIM". Not that he behaves much like a guy. He kinda' makes use of his friends who are girls and manipulates them to get what he wants. He is a total man-bitch. Well, for instance... He is the VICE-president of a school Student's Counseling Club. He conducts meetings without the consent of the President. No wonder... VICE president. So much for all the vice he's doing.

And... Prefects. I knew they were going to go all messy this year. Totally messy. Form 3 prefects don't really know what they're supposed to do. They love being totem poles. The senior prefects. *sighs* Are just not perfect examples. It's okay to stumble here and there. But from what I heard, this is just a big blunder. BIG MOTHER OF ALL THE EARTH mistake. Once you make it, there's no going back. Luckily I'm no longer in school.

But listening to what Fins had to say was good. At least I know how much people changed. Who I should remember, who are those that are not worth noticing.


HA. Earlier on in church, some youth members asked me why was I having black nail varnish on my fingernails. Nice right? Nope, I'm not gay. I'm just outlandish and flamboyant. Please notice the difference. If not, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! *hysterical laughter*

I don't know. My emotions are so blank right now. Not happy. Not sad. Not angry. Just... straight line with no changes in gradient? m=0............... Other than that, I just miss my buddies A TONNE. REALLY. T-T


*CHIcken WINGs*

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Phew. Another week has passed. Working has been a breeze. Quite a breeze. Three working days a week, decent pay [although much lower, what to expect from 3-days work? =D], and lots of time to laze around. =D Learning stuffs too. Am satisfied thus far. Just missing a few friends that are really dear to me. Missing my little boy right now. Missing Celine, am a little guilty 'cause I can't contact her now. Credit's out. ZZzzZZ. And Hong too. Hmm. Being too sensitive. Hush! Still head-hunting for scholarships. So damned difficult to find. With my SPM results, it's kind of hard to find for now. With A-levels, it makes so much of a difference. Having second thoughts now. Dangerous. =.= But Abba Father will make my way. =D I will just have to stroll down the pathway of life without worries. =D MWAHAHAHA! BTW, Kim Sang Bum is cute. REALLY.

There's something in his smile that annoys me. O.o

Blame my fetish for Korean dramas.

[I'm using black nail varnish and I like it]

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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Barrier of professionalism

Being a teacher is definitely fun. But there's this one thing. Once you become a teacher, you will always be a teacher to your students. And anywhere you go, they will never see you as a friend, but a teacher. This is especially hard, especially when you really want to befriend them. Ish. Too bad that I have to maintain a professional vibe with my students. In future, when I do become a doctor, the Hippocrates' Oath will apply, thus binding me to an agreement to maintain a professional attitude as long as I am in the profession. Difficult. God will help me. He will. =D

*For those asking me the question on "Who I like?", cannot bocor laa, mana syiok? ;D

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Friday, 15 January 2010

Random sh*t.

Came back from work. I don't really hate work, but I don't really love it either. I just love the people there, not the work. The kids are especially adorable. [In Kumon centre, I mean]. The work there is tiring and demanding. I'm having backaches from sitting 8 and a half hours. Painful crap. But still, it's a learning experience. ;D

Just dropped by my cuzzie's blog. I so agree that the matter of using the term "A**ah" should not be made up into such a big matter. Why bring up this matter? If adults behave like this, what more about us, our kids, and the generations that are going to inherit our country's so-called multi-racial legacy. Ingat-ingatlah, bagaimana acuan, begitulah kuihnya. You can't reshape your kuih once it is made. Think not twice, not thrice, not quadruple times. Think a million times, for our future's sake. Children nowadays are not dumb, mind you. =D When I was typing this, "Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita" song came up the TV. Featured different cultures. That's more pleasing to the eye than the issue that I mentioned above.

Bzz. I'm saying it again. I LIKE YOU! ;D

Footnote: Politicians should make politics a platform for the country's growth, not a playground. Kids love playgrounds by the way. =D

=CHIcken WINGs=

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Menyampah. Stupid webpages so friggin' confusing. Can't even find the info properly. =.= How am I to find pieces of information if they don't post it up? YER. MENYAMPAH. *continues to search for info* PEOPLE! Have a great week. Anybody college/university/scholarship hunting? Tell me! Am tired of doing it alone. BzzZZ! =D

=CHIcken WINGs=


Hmm. Things have been a little slow-paced for now. Loving it. At least it's not really messing up my life. Working already. Kumon. Tiring work, but it's nice. Different environment everyday, personal opinion. Going to work in 15 hours. Gotta' sleep. I like you! *You know who.* ;D

=CHIcken WINGs=

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Grow up. Stop being a little kid that's sulking over a candy.

Hmm. It's been it's coming to 53 years since Malaysia became independent. Our country has prospered because of the fight our past leaders put up. Their differences they put aside. Their RACE, RELIGION and FAITH they put aside. Their only RACE and RELIGION/FAITH was MALAYA [Then called Malaysia on the 16th September 1963. It was postponed till then because the British government could not approve the proposal to unite Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak as one on the 31 August 1963]. 52 years passed since the historical day. How much we have grown, honestly? To me, Malaysians grow... [to put it politely, which I wished I didn't have to], immature by the day. Take the easiest example. Mat Rempits and Minah Rempits. Why risk your life and virginity? They need brains. Lala kids that are still studying, puffing their lives away on ciggies. Then samsengs. Shouldn't you blame yourself for not studying and working hard enough in school? Yesterday's newspaper report was an example that's more perfect than perfect that really shows the racial tolerance and maturity that our past leaders strived to build for our generation is slowly losing it's influence. Why? People choose to listen to "batu-api"s [Some of which can't learn to shut their damned mouths, even when situations are as bad as it is]. BRAINS PLEASE!

I've mixed well with Chinese, Indians, Malays, Punjabis, and you name it races. I'm no theologist, but as long as I know, ALL religions encourage love and care [If you don't count Satanism. Not something I care about.]. Why fight when win-win situations can be proposed? Isn't that like quarelling with another kid over one creamy dark chocolate cake, when both of you can share. Come on laaaa, live the 1 Malaysia spirit laaaa. If you can't live it, scrap it. Don't be hypocritical. Dislike anything? Be a man and do the right thing. Don't be a chihuahua [Or Paris Hilton].

Thursday, 7 January 2010

JFF. Hell boring.

Damned bored at home. Was hoping that someone would call me up and say, "HEY b*tch, let's go watch a movie!" [My friends aren't that vulgar. Just some phrase] Totally wanna' watch Ju-on. It's like a must-see! Whatever.*Spits saliva*. Waiting for Alice in the Wonderland remake by the bloody Tim Burton. Some kinda' smart artistic ass to have remade the classical fairytale story and changing it into some kinda' maniacal out-of-this-world movie that's so gothically beautiful. Bulls**t, I must watch it somehow. Cuzzie Ann, if you're reading this, LET'S WATCH IT TOGETHER! But I'm still illegal to enter clubs. So, no clubbing for now. Working already anyways.

Came back from Desa Parkcity not too long ago. Around 3 hours ago? I don't care much about it. ;D Missed the times when we jogged during schooling days. [Yeah! Celine, Kok Sime, Jia Yi, Pak Sheng, Kah Fei and Yan Zheng, you should be reading this!] Coming back late because we walked from Parkcity to Sri Sinar. The sweat. [WTF] The crazy BS stuff we chatted. Then we sat for SPM TOGETHER. Time passed too fast, indeed. Teaches me to love the people dear to me. I gotta' learn to appreciate my church buddies more, too. Previously, had some kinda' "thing" holding me back from getting close with church buddies. This year, it has to change, sh*t or no sh*t. ;D Time for something different. [Church buddies reading this, I LOVE YA'LL! Although I'm a wee bit vulgar. Not in my right and sound mind]

I really wish Mum and Dad will get me something special for birthday this year... I've only celebrated a birthday party of my own once in my life. The second one was a surprise one by my buddies. That makes it two. Whatever. Not counting too much on it, but hopefully it happens. [Chi Wing is an idiot who wishes impossible things to happen. Damn him to eat marshmallows for the rest of his life]

**Place full stop once you have finished typing your post in the space provided below.



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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

What I'd love for birthday this year.

This is some kind of a stupid confession made by a kid that has nothing to do after SPM, while waiting for job interview pretty soon. =.=

Birthdaeee, never really got mojo-bug birthday gifts before, but love to death the people who's given me gifts before. ;D

This year... I'd love to have~:
1. Good SPM results!
2. Panasonic GF-1.
3. Nokia N97.
4. Laptoppie.
5. Snake?
6. Super-duper-out-of-thi-world-unique pencil box.
7. A Coach messenger bag would be nice.
8. Driving license.
9. Being accepted into matriculation college.
10. Changing my handphone number to Maxis.
11. Skin tight jeans
12. Red sneakers
13. New haircut siap colour!
14. More friends.
15. More loving friends.
16. Yellow fedora.
17. Coach-branded pink coloured tie.
18. Suzuki Swift.
19. Trip to Japan.
20. Sony PSP
21. Nintendo DS Lite
22. iPod nano
23. A fatter bank account.
24. A fatter bank account.
25. A fatter bank account.
26. The fattest bank account.

Crossing my fingers that I'd have all these by the end of the year. Most importantly... Even if I do not get all these, time spent with my close relatives and friends is pretty more than enough, too. ;D

=CHIcken WINGs=

EMO songs.

Listening to Korean songs. OST from East of Eden. Emo love songs. Nice. But emo. *Chi Wing, shut up!* =.=

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Friday, 1 January 2010

I foresee a great year ahead. Damn those soothsayers.

Spent 3 days at cuzzie's house in Seremban. COOL! Came down here from Seremban to Bangsar. Went to Mist in Bangsar. Smoky. WTF. Well, finally know what's it like to be in a club. O.o||| But cuzzies and cuzzie's friends made it real fun. =D Clubbing=TIRING. Blah.

Spent New Year's Eve in church. I loved it. I didn't know why, but it certainly lifted my worries that I might have for 2010, and all my past hurts in 2009. It certainly made all the difference spending time in church to usher in the New Year, although I'm not that oh-so-jolly kind of person. To me, celebrations are a waste of time. Period. It certainly was different this year, though. Segambut CG had a road trip to Kuala Selangor on New Year's, to eat beggar chicken. Sometimes, it just fancies me that Malaysians are willing to take a few hours drive, just to have a meal that is supposely great. Malaysians=Food.

I'm teaching Chemistry to my Form 5 friends in church pretty soon. Hopefully I'd do good. ;D I need to find a job badly too. ISH.

I certainly feel that this year is going to be great. 2009 made changes in many people. People grow by time. Some grow wiser, while some others... Grow more... Immature? 2010. Bring on the challenge BABEH!

=CHIcken WINGs=