Sunday, 3 May 2015

Weekend combo!


The much needed break.

Life has been a little hectic in university the past month. First, there was the first test of the semester. At the same time, we had to complete a few assignments in a row. And right after tests, we have go on with the remaining assignments. It has been, I must say, a little tiring for me. But again, after all the assignments are complete and having a 4-days-in-a-row break, I am starting to feel refreshed and encouraged.

Test 1 has been good. I scored above average while many of my classmates didn't fare so well. I am thankful all went well for me. At the very least, I still have academia to back me up while I lack in the looks department. (giggles)

Oh, and lately I have this funny experience to share. Have you had the experience that you have to keep working and there are numerous tasks ahead of you. Then you realise that you actually completed most of them and you have totally forgotten about it. Then, you browsed through your document files to find them already completed and you are then reminded that you have done them a long time ago. Feels great, right? I had that experience just a few days ago. I am starting to sound like a full-time workaholic.

This is a slightly more sad experience over the course of a few weeks. Most people have a price tag attached to them nowadays. How you look, what you wear, who you mix with, where you do your grocery shopping and have your meals and the list goes on quite a long way. All these determines your "price tag", your value. Some people already judge you before you even get to say anything. If you keep finding your worth within these pool of people who names your price, you will find your value dwindling to ever-lower values. Stop and know that one is worth much more than people can say. It's just sad that people fail to realise we are all humans. Sad.

Lots of love.