Monday, 27 April 2009

All nonsense! Weekender post: 25th-27th April 2009

Have been emo-ing those three days. Not really sure why, maybe it's bipolar, or maybe it's the surrounding environment is making me crazy. On Saturday morning, it was all OK. It turned around when I realised the stupid dog that my sister rears at home has bitten my favourite earphone to bits. F*CK! That was one of the better earphones that I have. Damn it! I was pretty pissed and from then I was emo-ing until the 27th. Stupid dog go fly kites!

Went to church in the afternoon. Another week of duty at the LCD. I'm getting, well, pretty tired of doing it almost every week. Kind of ridiculous though for me to do it every week. Rachel has already moved to another church and Ben is kinda' busy so I have to pilot it most of the time. Asked Uncle Mike whether he could get a few extras to handle the LCD. Thank God he told me that there were people to take over. FINALLY. I mean, is it really that hard to control a computer? Or maybe most people see it as an unimportant role thingie. I get weird stares when I make mistakes on the LCD projection, but get no nothing when I do it well. Most people just want to be in the band, or to me I think it's the "IN" thing in church. Well, I'm not bothered anymore.

Came back and gamed the night away. At least a time out for my whole week of exams and all the nonsense in school. Don't want to think so much of the latest happenings. It's not like it matters me. I'm usually not involved in those really "IN" kind of stuff. *Whatever*

Sunday was also another a-la boring day. Sunday church as normal. Then came home. Gamed the afternoon away too. Went out for window shopping at night. SICK OF SEEING BOOKS! At least I was happy. Bro, sis and I walked very slowly in the shopping complex. Made many people turn the heads to look at us.

Today... Not really in mood to describe much. One word, SH*T. That's all I have to say. Planning to go for another 10km+ jog this Friday. Seriously need to punch all the stress outta' my mind.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Friday, 24 April 2009

Exams can be stressing, ridiculous and, FUNNY! Update from 20th to 24th April 09

It is another lame exam week. Just because we're Form 5-ers and this is the last year everybody can torture us, have some humanisme! Well, I didn't bother to study much. OMG bad me, been onlining much during the whole examination week..... EST exam questions were hillarious! Look at the picture above. Oh so LOL! What makes a Swede more prone to suffering from acoustic neuromas? I was giggling the moment I saw the answers... And I guess many were too.

Exam week, really nothing special and happening things going around. Other than not studying for my exams, everything was all normal as usual. Tuition yesterday was another funny experience. XDXDXD (23rd April 09).

It was Physics lesson with Mr. Sai Mun. Being taught how to use right-hand grip rule for determining current and polarity. And then we were also taught the magical and all-powerful Fleming's left-hand rule. For all Physics students, and surely all electrical engineers, you know what I mean. To those who aren't... Can understand-wanlah! The thumb indicates the direction of force, the index finger the field of magnetism and the middle finger the current direction and all the fingers are to be at perpendicular to each other.

Well, the fun came in when we started doing the questions Mr. Sai Mun gave us. You can see amny people turning their fingers all around and about. But the funniest part was... So many people didn't know the usage of each finger, particularly the direction of current (the middle finger), we had to show them the middle finger and yell at them CURRENT! CURRENT! It's better I show you real live, though.

Later going out for a jog with Jia Yi and Co. To Parkcity!!! OMG far jog. Better-la, at least to release all the stress suppressed inside for the whole week. OMG I'm in love~ LOL

=CHIcken WINGs=

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

OMG Birthday Celebration!

Hmmm, on the morning of my birthday I saw a video of a super-"chun" chemical reaction. (Alkali metals) Which is really super-duper HEBAT! Hope the link works~ If not, the URL is embedded too.

Well, whether if it's real or not, I'm not really sure. But the sure
thing is that I'm going to get myself some of those toys~

Well then, the morning of my birthday was pretty like the
normal routine. Wake up, brush teeth, eat breakfast, go take bath and and then
walk to school. But Mum and Dad did gave me some "angpow" for my birthday gift,
bro got me a picture frame (which was pretty cute) and sis got me a decoration
thingie... With the dolphins and swinging deco. Yesterday was also a random day
at school. Had some kind of Minggu Kurikulum, supposedly to improve the
involvement of the students in the school curriculum, which I think did not turn
out well, except for the part where the outside colleges come to our school to
promote themselves. Whatever, ain't going to any of that mojo-filled college
thingie... EXPENSIVE! One of the representative from "TOOT" college was also
albeit unfriendly. Shame on him, no PR skill... SAU PEI LA!

In class, friends sang me a birthday song. (Two actually, but I
didn't really understand the Cantonese version...) But still it was fun as the
whole day was to be for our own~ 'cept for some random singing comp that all the
Form 5 classes are made to participate. The training was a gruelling process.
The teacher made us sing again and again...and again... and again. Almost
sore-throated-ley! That was pretty much another boring day! WALAO!

Was really happy when teacher allowed us to cabut. I
cabut-ted A.S.A.P. Then I remembered that Celine wanted to gimme' something for
my birthday, and she said it was a small treat for my birthday. SMALL. >.<

CELINE:Ei, go to canteen ya, got the treat to give

ME: Huh, oh OK~ Faster,
faster, faster~~

Then we went to the canteen~~~


CELINE: Wait I go take first. You wait arh~

Then she appeared again with a tiny box
containing a little donut, AWWW~~

That was the treat that I thought she was giving me~~
DONUT~~ ^-^

Then she
photographed my reaction... LOL XD

Little did I know what was going to happen...

KOK SIME: Started singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!

I was OMG-ed when they brought a cake. So touched

said it was a Classic Cheese from Secret Recipe, is it~? NICE!

Lagi stun is...

LOL, Blogger got problem. So I continue here-lah~

Lagi stun is that they got me a shirt bearing my own design. Marilyn and Desmond, err, well..... Hahaha~ Ask me why-la when you see me. They went all the way to Central Market to get it done. No service there OMG. They then went all the way to Kota Raya to make it. OMG. Marilyn reloaded RM30 to make calls to Jia Yi... XD... and Desmond got screwed when he reached home late. Desmond, SORRYYYY~!!!! XD


Spent the night with family. Went for a round of pizza~ But didn't get to do any shopping~ Late already~~ Wahahahaha! NICE experience~ Love ya'll~
Thanks for all the birthday wishes too~ Really feel blessed and appreciated~
=CHIcken WING=

Monday, 13 April 2009


Well, it's like another 1 hour 31 minutes to go before it's 14th April... But the funny thing is that I don't really feel all the joy and fun in this. Well, most of my birthday's are like that, but I feel especially depressed this year, and I really don't know much why... OMG.

Mainly because of all these homework, projects, camps, more projects and yaddah-yaddah-yaddah. But still, much of the feeling inside is just plain emptiness and nothing more than that. Honestly speaking too, I don't know what to hope or wish for this birthday, and the passion and motivation to exccel in anything just POOFT, and it dwindled away. I'm so LOST right now... OMGOMGOMG.

Hmm, well I will se what is in store for me tomorrow then. *Sighs* Maybe God has something in store for me, who knows? But for now, my hopes are low, not really hoping much. Birthdays are like other days, just that that specific day is referred as only a "BIRTHday".


I'm thankful that my year (well referring to my birthday as reference or whatever~) went by safely and full of nonsense (good nonsense). So I take this chance to thank people who made me happy and ERR, happier the year before~

To MUM and DAD~ for taking good care of me and loving me~
To SIS and BRO~ for being full of nonsense and making my life more interesting
To CUZZIES~ also for being full of nonsense, but more hebat than my siblings~
To AUNTS and UNCLES~ for giving ANGPOWS, and more~~
To JOASH and MAY~ for being a great cell leader, and belanja-ing, well, me makan a lot~
To JOSEPH @ JOE~ for all the books~ and PHOTOSHOP~~
To BRIAN, ANNA, and AUNTY LINDA~ for all the car rides to church on Saturday and back
To BEN TENG~ for filling up my schedule with the X'mas play so I wasn't bored during the holidays.
To THE WHOLE YOUTH GROUP~ for being what you are, you guys "tahu"-la~
To CELINE @ SSHELLINE~ for listening to my rants about annoying people and all the advice
To CALEB ONG @ CA-LE BONG~ for being a close friend to me
To JIAN~ I want your jelly!
To JIA YI @ FISH~ for help during annual dinner and reading my mind before I say anything.
To MEY EUN @ TAUFU~ for being a cute lil' sister
To DICK SHEN @ ELEPHANT~ for being an elephant? JKJK, for being TAUFU's guy~
To KHAI YEIN~ for being silly and serious at the same time
To CHAN HONG @ AH HONG~ for being the AH HONG that really is friendly
To MARILYN @ MALILYN~ for being so funny and nonsensical, when it comes to me
To DESMOND ANTHONY~ for being tall, and friendly
To ARRON JOSHUA @ ARRON~ for being a long time friend~


Well, for those whom I have not mentioned, sorry~ But if you've been there for me too, really love you too~ XDXD

=CHIcken WING=

Thursday, 9 April 2009

VERY RANDOM STUFFS: Random stuffs to brighten up your days. Smiles~

Looking at my collection of photos... Some of them really made me smile. It's either dumb, or just... dumb. Pictures speak a thousand words, but Chi Wing himself is a non-stop sound machine.

Last sports day of schooling years. Aww man... Feeling awkwardly sad. WAHAHAHA!

Cute lil' rabbits in Bukit Tinggi. See the rabbit pee? Shtinks.

This is one side of Wee Kee you don't see everyday. On a slide? Come on, this is a classic! (Caught on the way t Kem Sahsiah Cemerlang, Melaka)

Someone was playing with my phone and forgotten to delete this photo... Guess it was Jian... Celine, you're on Blogger! Say cheese!

Last Saturday the Youth went to McD Plaza Mont Kiara for dinner. This is the spot where all adults turn to kids. Most of the "adults" weren't caught clearly on camera, mainly because it's a cam on a phone, 3Mp and it's shake-sensitive. Jezreel got great shots, and perhaps he was in the picture too...... XD

Seeing rainbows are a common phenomenon. How often do you see double rainbows then?

Lil' bro playing catch-up while jogging with me~

This cat is what I called the "hum-sup" cat. Peeked into my sister's room. And my room. HUM-SUP!
=CHIcken WING=

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Back in action!

Hmmm, has been a pretty up-and-down the past week. Many incidents have happened and the best thing about it is that most of the teachers attended courses and God knows whatever they are doing.

Hmm, recap of the past week:
*Really can't recall much. Tuition classes were just a bore 'cause most of the topics are not as fun.
*Classes in school were also a bore. Teachers weren't in, and on the other hand I was just doing plain nothing in school. Only got to nap.
*But then on Tuesday, if I recall correctly... The was a quarrel between Celine and Hwee Teong regarding their duties as class monitor and assistant class monitor... Refer to Celine's blog for this~ Well, at least Celine finally had a say, not being bias or anything. there's the link~!
*Stayed over at Joe's house to finish the logo for youth camp in June (if not mistaken). Not properly done yet, hoping for the best to turn out.
*Oh yeah~! Birthday next week... Haven't made a wish list, HEHEHEH~! But still, will any of the things on the wish list come true at all? I'm giving it a 25% chance only...

*Hmm, the simplest one is to celebrate with my friends and family. I mean a REAL close celebration and not a hi-happy birthday-bye kind of celebration... X.x
*Hmm, a Samsung S8300 will be nice~
*Laptop~! WAHAHAHAHAHA! For designing's sake.
*A duffel-cum-tote bag. Especially printed canvas bags OMG HAWT!
*Hmm, a white, large-rimmed retro sunglasses with the not so bling attitude. XD
*Well, a SE W902 could also be a good one!
*A new la-la jacket. (OMG I can't believe I'm saying this!)
*A new watch...!
*A pair of new eyeballs.
*New sneakers~! WOOHOOHOO~!
*A trip to Japan!
It's getting crazier so I'll stop here...

That's rather much for a birthday... But it would be just OK for a wedding gift or something. (No, I'm not getting married). Looking forward to next week. Wanna' see how many people will remember... WAHAHAHAHA! Not hoping much though, those who really treasure friendship will know what to do.

Hmm, Easter is coming up too. Tried to invite 2 friends today but... FAILED! Maybe I'll just have to keep trying... Tried inviting people to church events before but the few reasons they used to turn me down are:~~

*HUH? Is it going to be all solemn and serious? Aww man, no way~
*Ayoh, got tuition-lah. Camner nak pergi?
**Blur for a while, thinking for a reason*... Err...... I busy-la...... *Then goes numb.....*

But tell you what... I'm not stopping there! It takes an awful lot to stop me from convincing someone~! XD I've failed to invite people the previous years, maybe this year God will smile on me, and finally I'll be able to invite someone??? Who knows?

ALAMAK~! My blog kekurangan pictures. Gotta' get more pics uploaded. Pray for me, and 'til next post, see ya~!

*God bless all readers and my friends!*

=CHIcken WING=