Thursday, 16 February 2012

When was the last post again?

Okay, it's been almost two weeks since I last posted anything. That is a big sin (an unforgivable one, in fact) if you call yourself a blogger and yet you leave your blog idle for more than 48 hours. The Devil of the Blogs will have your soul tied up in Tartarus for eternity. Pardon me, moi is speaking gibberish.

So, there has been ups and downs and certainly some random yet significant things to rant about. Before I start writing my biography here, my dear readers, can you kindly just post your name and write something random you know about me, in my comment box or just comment on this post. I want to know how many people actually read my blog posts. HAHA, if you don't post your name there (that "where" that I've mentioned in the sentences above), then I shall regard you as a... A... Nevermind. Headcounting purposes.

So, alright, here it goes. Honestly, I cannot recall anything beyond Monday, 13 February 2012. Really, there isn't really anything much worth telling. Earlier this week, I went for an interview (yes, another one) for a job placement at SMK Menjalara as a substitute teacher. YAY, finally. I've been waiting for this job for quite a while. So, YAY!

Now for the sad piece of news. I'm pregnant. XD Nah. Well, my previous blog post did mention something about me working with E Info Network. Well, I contacted my boss to ask about my pay for the month of January. His reply was, the company cannot pay anything to workers who do not achieve their monthly sales target. So basically, I get NOTHING for working like a dog, last month. I'm only going to get my commission in April of only about less than RM 200. Well, with that kind of pay scheme, it's no wonder so many workers are leaving the company. Want me to be a part-timer for that company? No thanks, go to hell. I pray that you will finally realise your mistakes and hopefully it will not be too late for you. (not directing this to my boss, this is for my boss' boss.). Seriously, nothing?! I had to pay my own petrol, parking and toll. No claims. No basic whatsoever? Looks like your employee retainment scheme is nowhere near existence. o0o

Oh, and I hanged-out with Ah Wai, Ah Yu, Wen and Cheng on Valentine's! Looks like it wasn't a damned FA Valentine's after all? Hanging out with them sure did cure a little of my emo-ness. It's not like being rejected numerous times can actually make you immune to the pain of being rejected. Those who claim it can happen go suck on bullshit.

Perhaps it's time to care for the ones that really care for you, not spending precious time on those you care for but they don't give a damn of what is going on with you. PERHAPS SO.

=CHIcken WINGs=

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


So, yesterday was my last day at Great Vision Sdn. Bhd.. No, I did not get fired. Instead, I resigned, mainly because the headquarters is way far from where I am staying and of course the effort and investment I put into this job doesn't bear very great income. So, I quit. (Well, I'm still attached to them but I'm doing it as a part-time job). Well, personally, this job has taught me the know-hows of sales and certainly, I've gained benefits in one way or another from it (one of them being "you must bring face masks if you were to do outdoor sales". Why? People love to smoke and they have no clue what smoke smells like to non-smokers. Obviously, it stinks.)

Last week, while on the job at Sungei Wang, one particular person kept smiling at me, when he walked past my company's kiosk anytime he went to the toilet or went for lunch. I think he works at Andrew Christian. Charming smile! That was something interesting that happened during my stint there. Oh, I picked my nose too and some random lady saw me doing that and her expression turned pale for a moment. I never knew looking at people picking their nose could be so traumatising. I'm gonna' pick my nose more often from now on. (I know I'm disgusting, thanks!)

Oh, did I mention that yesterday was my last day on the job? HAHA. Yes, and in 2 days time, I'm going for another job interview. Maxis it is, this time. I no longer plan to do sales, but let's just see what kind of goodies do they offer their workers. It doesn't hurt to go for the interview, I'm going to laze around at home if I don't go for the interview anyway. :)

Hoping for something random to happen. Make me smile, please. :)

I'm going to get your handphone number. Regretted for not doing so! :(

=CHIcken WINGs=