Monday, 21 May 2012


Okay, so I am here to rant and complain about all my frustrations. Well, this is the whole point of having a blog. It exists partly because of its purpose as a form of media that allows people to vent all their TENSIONNNNN and FRUSTRATIONSSSSS, just to stay sane. Well, most people still remain sane, while most don't after a long time.

This time, my complaints come from my work! I mean, who doesn't complain about their work, much? The only people who don't complain about their work are probably only social workers. Well, this unhappiness that is welled-up inside me came from today's incident.

Let me start off with the marking session of the test papers. 19th May 2012, I fell sick, down with a fever and terrible sore throat. Yes, FML much, a start to the weekend with illness. Perfect date. That did not really stop me from marking the test papers. Honestly, it was a struggle.

20th May 2012, continued to mark them papers. Such a drag, for a sickly nut to mark and be sick. The pain in my throat, driving me nuts. Head throbbing from the headache. ZzZzZzZZ

21st May 2012. I returned them tests papers to the class. As I've expected, there are some who come around complaining about the papers, why aren't their answers accepted, etc. I thought I told them to just follow what I have advised them in class. Students, as you know, don't listen the first time. So, I told them a few times. Unfortunately, some of them decide not to listen even after you nagged your jaws out. For the record, listening is a voluntary action that is primarily detected by the auditory system. So, it was their choice NOT to listen. If you don't listen, you do mistakes and that is just what they have done. They said: "Teacher, if Madam X marks the papers for us, she would have given us marks!". I said: "Who is marking your papers now?". 

What's more upsetting is, I can hear some students saying "I was afraid that HE will mark our papers,". That doesn't sound offensive in English, but it does sound a little insulting when you actually hear them say it in Mandarin instead.

Before returning their papers, I have already prepared my minds to such events, should they ever happen. I would have never expected this from any "good" class, but this was what happened in my class, a so-called "elite" class. Disappointing much.

All these was not a really sour thing to me. Among these students, there are some who are actually happy and appreciative of what I've done. Thanks to these few students, I did not feel that sad after all that has happened.

This Friday is my last day in SMK Raja Abdullah. Certainly, such events inspire me to be a better person in life and has definitely taught me a thing or two about life. Am I sad, really? No. I'm not God and I don't get paid to make anyone happy, I am a teacher.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Yes, a sudden update after a long hiatus.


Things have been pretty busy with school lately. Well, with all the exams going on, you just can't walk around and teach like you used to. You enter the class, the students talk, you tell them to keep quiet, you sit down, they start talking again. Invigilating exams is way more tiring than normal classes, GOSH much.

School politics are so much more real when you're really incorporated into the organisation. Today's issue is about the polco-polco dance. Apparently, Muslims can't dance to it because the dance steps resemble a cross. OKAAAAAAAY... So what say you about kuda kepang, another traditional dance that "summons" the spirit of horses and causes them to possess the bodies of dancers. Syirik, no? Confusing much. Some teachers are planning to do the polco-polco as a farewell treat for the school's principal, until some "pious" teachers went about saying that it is "haram" to Muslims. You can go dance your kuda kepang, nobody will stop you. Pity those teachers who planned everything, only to get their plans scrapped.

I don't know what to say. I'm... SLEEPY.


=CHIcken WINGs=