Monday, 31 August 2015


So I am back here. Once in a while kind of thing. Perhaps a little update about how life has been.

Ever since my last post, nothing much has happened. Waking up every day is quite a small blessing in itself but I believe I have much more in life that I ought to be achieving.

First off, it was the first time in all the 6 semesters, that I did quite exceptionally bad in my exams. I have to say that I have put a lot of effort into my studies (but not too emotional this time) but I scored a measly GPA of 3.8. Well, my mum did say I did okay. Some friends did, too. However, being a perfectionist (or let's just put it this way, nerdy), naturally made me want to strive for the best and anything short of my expectations are considered as failures. Well, 3.8, to me, is a failure. 3.9 is the lowest I can accept. However, I heard of some friends who did far worse, compared to me. I guess I could allow for it this time and I am reminded yet again, I am only human.

Have been an intern at FRIM for the past 9 weeks, too. This is my third day enjoying post-internship freedom but worse is yet to come. In just less than a week, the next academic term commences and final year project starts with that, too. I do hope all goes well!

How about you peeps out there my dear readers? Talk to me. ;)

With love,


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