Thursday, 11 June 2015

What?! Has it been a month already?

So, it has been more than a month since I last logged in into this account. Guess stuff like studies can really take your time away!

I have been told many things in life that happens are governed by the choices you make. Sure, I can make a choice to take breaks instead of studying too hard but I think in the short run, the results of my hard work would pay off. And besides, no one is going to work hard for yourself, except you (unless of course, one has a golden spoon in his or her mouth at birth, that's a whole different story altogether).

Oh yes, did I mention that I failed to secure the internship opportunity to Japan. That's quite unfortunate. Perhaps, it may not be my turn to go just yet. Things may be good back here and guess I have to keep an open mind on things.

Finals is just around the corner and right after that will be me, heading to a lovely forest reserve and it will be me, trees and internship. Anything you want to ask, people?

Lots of love.



  1. It does take away a lot of time when you are in studying life.
    How much i miss it.

    1. Perhaps it's a calling for you to get back into studies. :) Not everyone is gifted with the love for knowledge, I think you may be blessed with it. ;)

      A long way for me, planning to do a postgrad, too. You? ^_^


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