Tuesday, 7 April 2015


I used to think working with her in a group is quite a pain. Tough. Stressful. I thought she had an attitude problem. Well, I kept mum and I avoided working with her at all costs.

I thought I was wrong about her. Boy, was I really wrong about what I thought was wrong. A course mate of mine had her in the group. She wanted things to be done her way. She wanted to do all the tough and difficult titles. True, as university students, we ought to pursue stuff that's tougher so we all end up learning something. One catch, though. What is the point of choosing the tough titles if we don't end up understanding what we are doing? Some of us cannot even understand the title itself! (well, not me, one of my friend complained to me about this). And today, another friend came to me and she told me working with her is indeed tough. She wants it done her way (see the same pattern?), and the titles she chose for the assignment is way too difficult for an average student to understand (she is a perfectionist after all, even I can't beat her with my level of perfectionism).

Well, how do you cope with a perfectionist-egoist coworker? Tell me. ;)


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