Saturday, 21 March 2015

Bucket List

So, I have been asked by a friend of mine to compile a list of things that I want to achieve before saying farewell to this realm for good.

It's true that life here is like the wind. Here a moment, gone the next. This Chinese New Year has been quite a depressing one for me. A devout church member, we call her Aunty Helena, has been a very faithful church goer and servant of the Lord. She was brought back to be with Him too soon. Aunty Susan's husband also passed away even before Chinese New Year was over. There, I sat thinking about life. What life means to me. And the past week, I also thought about life. I asked all kinds of questions pertaining to life. What ifs and hows? And my friend couldn't come at a more appropriate time to get me thinking about a bucket list I want to create.

Let's just say this bucket list is a list of all the things I want to achieve in life, hopefully I will be able to at least achieve half of them. I did not classify them but it reflects my short-term, long-term and also my desires.

1. Learn to play the zither or a koto.
2. Learn how to do the butterfly stroke.
3. Learn how to cook from my mother.
4. Write a chemistry textbook.
5. Write a motivational book (WTF?)
6. Write a work of poetry and it must be a hit.
7. Discover a material, substance or reaction mechanism that will revolutionize the world of science.
8. Win a Nobel prize.
9. Complete a PhD.
10. Bungee jump off a high-cliff.
11. Skydive off a flying plane.
12. Have my own boutique.
13. Have a fashion collection paraded down the runway at any one of the world's leading fashion capitals, preferably New York Fashion week, Tokyo would be good, too.
14. Own a house.
15. Own a Hummer.
16. Bring Mum and Dad for a holiday.
17. Get married.
18. Have children.
19. Be featured (even if it was a short, simple role, say, a waiter or a janitor) in a movie.
20. Travel to Japan.
21. Travel to North Korea.
22. Travel to Bhutan.
23. Travel to Nepal.
24. Travel to Bhutan.
25. Travel to Austria.
26. Travel to Poland.
27. Travel to Switzerland.
28. Travel to Sweden.
29. Travel to Romania.
30. Travel to Spain.
31. Travel to Russia.
32. Travel to the United States.
33. Travel to the North Pole.
34. Travel to the South Pole.
35. Scale Mount Kinabalu.
36. Oh yes, learn how to fix cars from dad.

I guess these are the things I want to achieve in life before I go. For now.

What is yours?

Hugs and kisses.

Yours truly,


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